Complement receptor type 1 (CR1)

Membrane immune adherence receptor which plays a vital role in the capture and clearance of complement-opsonized pathogens by erythrocytes and monocytes/macrophages (PubMed:2963069). Mediates the binding by these cells of particles and immune complexes which have activated complement to remove them from the flow (PubMed:2963069).

Acts also in the inhibition of spontaneous complement activation by impairing the formation and function of the alternative and classical pathway C3/C5 convertases, and by serving as a cofactor for the cleavage by factor I of C3b to iC3b, C3c and C3d,g, and of C4b to C4c and C4d (PubMed:2972794, PubMed:8175757). Plays also a role in immune regulation by contributing, upon ligand binding, to the generation of regulatory T cells from activated helper T cells (PubMed:25742728).