ATP-dependent RNA helicase A (DHX9)

Multifunctional ATP-dependent nucleic acid helicase that unwinds DNA and RNA in a 3' to 5' direction and that plays important roles in many processes, such as DNA replication, transcriptional activation, post-transcriptional RNA regulation, mRNA translation and RNA-mediated gene silencing (PubMed:9111062, PubMed:11416126, PubMed:12711669, PubMed:15355351, PubMed:16680162, PubMed:17531811, PubMed:20669935, PubMed:21561811, PubMed:24049074, PubMed:25062910, PubMed:24990949, PubMed:28221134). Requires a 3'-single-stranded tail as entrance site for acid nuclei unwinding activities in addition to the binding and hydrolyzing of some of the four ribo- or deoxyribo- nucleotide triphosphates (NTPs) (PubMed:1537828).

Unwinds numerous nucleic acid substrates like double-stranded (ds) DNA and RNA, DNA:RNA hybrids, DNA and RNA forks composed of partially complementary DNA duplexes or DNA:RNA hybrids, respectively, and also DNA and RNA displacement loops (D- and R-loops), triplex- helical DNA (H-DNA) structure and DNA and RNA-based G-quadruplexes (PubMed:20669935, PubMed:21561811, PubMed:24049074). Binds dsDNA, single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), dsRNA, ssRNA and poly(A)-containing RNA (PubMed:9111062, PubMed:10198287).