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Pack Size:100μg/vial
Validated Species:Human
Clone Number:CA-8
Application:Flow Cytometry, IHC, ICC
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Product Name Anti-CD8 Antibody (Monoclonal, CA-8)
SKU/Catalog Number MA1017
Description Mouse IgG monoclonal antibody for CD8, CD8a molecule; CD8b molecule (CD8A; CD8B) detection. Tested with IHC-F, ICC, FCM in Human. No cross reactivity with other proteins.
Cite This Product Anti-CD8 Antibody (Monoclonal, CA-8) CA-8 (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # MA1017)
Replacement Item This antibody may replace the following items: sc-1141|sc-1143|sc-1144|sc-1177|sc-1181|sc-19994|sc-25277|sc-51735|sc-53212|sc-70791|sc-70794|sc-7188|sc-7970|sc-9147 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.
Host Mouse
Validated Species Human
Application Flow Cytometry, IHC, ICC

*Our Boster Guarantee covers the use of this product in the above tested applications.

**For positive and negative control design, consult "Tissue specificity" under Protein Target Info.

Recommended Detection Systems Boster recommends HRP Conjugated anti-Mouse IgG Super Vision Assay Kit (SV0001-1) for IHC(F) and ICC.
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Immunogen Human thymocytes followed by peripheral blood T cells.
Cross Reactivity No cross reactivity with other proteins
Pack Size 100μg/vial


Clonality Monoclonal
Clone Number CA-8
Form Lyophilized
Contents Mouse ascites fluid, 1.2% sodium acetate, 2mg BSA, with 0.01mg NaN3 as preservative.
Concentration Add 1ml of PBS buffer will yield a concentration of 100ug/ml.
Storage At -20°C for one year. After reconstitution, at 4°C for one month. It can also be aliquotted and stored frozen at -20°C for a longer time.Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Purification Ascites
Isotype Mouse IgG2a

Protein Target Info (Source:

You can check the tissue specificity below for information on selecting positive and negative control.

Gene Name Cd8b
Protein Name T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 alpha chain; T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 beta chain
Molecular Weight 23400 MW
Protein Function Identifies cytotoxic/suppressor T-cells that interact with MHC class I bearing targets. CD8 is thought to play a role in the process of T-cell mediated killing.
Sequence Similarities Contains 1 Ig-like V-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain.
Subcellular Localization Membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein.
Uniprot ID P05541
Alternative Names T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 beta chain;CD8 antigen 37 kDa chain;OX-8 membrane antigen;CD8b;Cd8b;Cd8b1;
Research Areas CD8A|CD8B|
*if product is indicated to react with multiple species, protein info is based on the human gene.

Background for T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 alpha chain; T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 beta chain

The human lymphocyte differentiation antigen CD8 is encoded by a single gene that gives rise to a 33- to 34-kDa glycoprotein expressed on the cell surface as a dimer and in higher molecular mass forms.

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Anti-CD8 Antibody (Monoclonal, CA-8)
Figure 1. Flow Cytometry analysis of human PBMC cells using anti-CD8 antibody (MA1017).
Overlay histogram showing human PBMC cells stained with MA1017 (Blue line).The cells were blocked with 10% normal goat serum. And then incubated with mouse anti-CD8 Antibody (MA1017,1μg/1x106 cells) for 30 min at 20°C. DyLight®488 conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG (BA1126, 5-10μg/1x106 cells) was used as secondary antibody for 30 minutes at 20°C. Isotype control antibody (Green line) was mouse IgG (1μg/1x106) used under the same conditions. Unlabelled sample (Red line) was also used as a control.
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Customer Q&As

Q: What would be the approximate optimal dilution for this antibody? Can we also use this antibody on paraffin embedded sections? Keyword: protocol, applications
A: The antibodies are lyophilized, and the recommended working concentration is 1μg/ml. This antibody can only be used on frozen section.
Q: Is your western blot protocol provided from the website applicable for all your antibodies? Keyword: applications, WB
A: The protocol is applicable for all our antibodies in WB, the NC Membrane(0.45μm or 0.22μm) and transfer time(70 mins or 50 mins) depends on the protein molecular weight, details can be found in included protocol.
Q: Can I conjugate markers to this antibody? Can I link custom conjugates to this antibody? Keyword: conjugation
A: The antibody is stored with BSA and cannot be conjugated with markers. Carrier free antibodies are available upon request. Please contact
Q: Can you provide monoclonal antibodies carrier free?
A: We cannot.
Q: What are some alternative names that could be used to describe this product?
A: One other very common name is cd86 antibody