C-C motif chemokine 20 (CCL20)

Signals through binding and activation of CCR6 and induces a strong chemotactic response and mobilization of intracellular calcium ions (PubMed:11352563, PubMed:11035086, PubMed:20068036). The ligand-receptor pair CCL20-CCR6 is responsible for the chemotaxis of dendritic cells (DC), effector/memory T-cells and B- cells and plays an important role at skin and mucosal surfaces under homeostatic and inflammatory conditions, as well as in pathology, including cancer and various autoimmune diseases (PubMed:21376174).

CCL20 functions as a chemotactic factor that attracts lymphocytes and, marginally, neutrophils, but not monocytes (PubMed:9038201, PubMed:11352563). Involved in the recruitment of the proinflammatory IL17 producing helper T-cells (Th17) and the regulatory T-cells (Treg) to sites of inflammation.