Atypical chemokine receptor 2 (ACKR2)

Atypical chemokine receptor that controls chemokine levels and localization via high-affinity chemokine binding that is uncoupled from classic ligand-driven signal transduction cascades, resulting instead in chemokine sequestration, degradation, or transcytosis. Also known as interceptor (internalizing receptor) or chemokine-scavenging receptor or chemokine decoy receptor.

Upon active ligand stimulation, activates a beta-arrestin 1 (ARRB1)-dependent, G protein- independent signaling pathway that results in the phosphorylation of the actin-binding protein cofilin (CFL1) via a RAC1-PAK1- LIMK1 signaling pathway. Activation of this pathway results in up- regulation of ACKR2 from endosomal compartment to cell membrane, increasing its efficacy in chemokine uptake and degradation.