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Download your Nanog Mammalian ESC Pluripotency Pathway and Alzheimer's Disease Pathway Maps below. Globally there are millions of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, learn more about this devastating illness today. Click the images below to download your pathway maps.

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Alzheimers Disease Brain

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Alzheimer's Disease Pathway

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder that progressively worsens and disables cognitive ability. Amyloid precursor protein (APP), presenilin 1 (PS1), presenilin 2 (PS2), and apolipoprotein (ApoE) are associated with autosomal dominant or familial early onset AD (FAD).

When APP is produced, it is channeled through non-amyloidogenic or amyloidogenic pathways. Amyloid beta fibrils form a major component of senile plaques. They are known to trigger membrane lipid peroxidation and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production.

Alzheimers Disease Pathway

Nanog Mammalian ESC Pluripotency Pathway

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) possess the special abilities for unlimited self-renewal and pluripotency. These properties are regulated by Nanog, Oct4, SOX2, and several other transcriptional factors. The Nanog protein is composed of 3 domains - the N-terminal, the homeodomain, and the C-terminal. Nanog expression only occurs in pluripotent cells where it promotes self-renewal after Oct4 and SOX2 bind to the Nanog promoter.

Nanog is also regulated by multiple pathways and pluripotent factors, such as FoxD3, the LIF/STAT pathway, WNT pathway, BMP pathway, PI3K/Akt pathway, and GRB2/SOS/Ras/ERK pathway. The exact mechanism of Nanog regulation and function is not fully understood yet.

Nanog Mammalian ESC Pluripotency Pathway

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