Boster is proud to provide an annual scholarship to students with an interest in pursuing or continuing a 4-year academic program related to Biology Technology. The Bosterbio Scholarships for Young Scientists Of Excellence will provide $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school or college students to aid their scientific research in college.

Bosterbio Scholarships

Boster Scholarships

  • Scholarship Awards

     Two scholarships of $1000 USD will be awarded annually

  • Requirements

    1. Applicants must provide proof that they have been accepted into a research position in biology or medical-related lab on a full-time or substantial part-time basis (minimum 9 credit hours worth of research work for the next two semesters). For the high school candidates it is acceptable to prove a proof of significant interest in biomedical research. This interest can be supported by a history of volunteering or internship in area biology and medicine.

  • 2. Candidates must obtain and submit a letter of recommendation – either from a teacher/ mentor/ tutor/ or lecturer who knows them well or from an employer in a relevant healthcare services niche (must be signed and on letterhead to be accepted).

  • 3. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.60 on a 4.0 scale.

  • 4. Deadline to submit an application is December 31, 2020, We will announce the winner on Jan 30th, 2021 and send funds by check

  • Application

    Certain additional materials are required for your application to be considered.

    1. A response (at least 500 words) to this essay question: Explain your reason(s) for applying for a scholarship and why you feel you should receive one, and the type of career in the healthcare or biomedical related industry you plan to pursue and your future goals.

  • 2. You may upload the following items when completing your online application:

    a. A copy of your current college or high school transcript. If you are a graduating senior, your transcript must include grades for your senior year. Unofficial copies are acceptable; report cards are not.

  • b. You must also include a letter of acceptance from the healthcare or biomedical related post-secondary program you will attend.

    c. Optionally, you can submit an abstract of your research. Those with meritorious research subjects and are currently engaging in research will be considered first.

  • How to Submit

    Please submit your material to [email protected]

  • For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • Privacy Policy

    Bosterbio has a Privacy Policy for all applicant submissions. These submissions will NOT be shared and are for Bosterbio’s use only. No third party will be granted access to any information that we collect during this process. At the time of the submission deadline, we will evaluate all submissions and individually contact the winning applicant. Award is sent directly to the financial aid office at the student’s school of choice.

Boster Scholarship Recipients 2020

Celine D. Nguyen

B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major - Rice University Class of 2022 - Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness College Representative

"Congratulations to Celine Nyugen for receiving the Boster Scholarship of 2020. On behalf of the scholarship committee, I have to admit that this was a difficult choice as there are so many glaring applications from candidates who are, without a doubt, exceptional individuals. 

Most candidates have demonstrated amazing characters and aspirations in their applications. Celine, however, stood out from her peers with her actions. The amount of academic research and medical/psychiatry shadowing she has done is impressive for someone who just graduated from highschool. The glaring recommendations from the colleagues she has worked with drew us a vivid personna imagery of talent, grit and maturity. All these merits suggest that Celine will likely achieve her goals in life, in addition to talking about them passionately. We are glad to have witnessed her achievements in life. We are honored to get the chance to propel her trajectory, even though just by a little bit. 

Again, congratulations to Celine and best luck to her pursuit at RICE University. "

CJ Xia | VP of Marketing and Sales