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SKU AR0008
Pack size 12 mL(for 240 assays)
Applications Counterstain in IHC (BCIP/NBT chromogenic reaction)


Product Name Nuclear Fast Red
SKU/Catalog Number AR0008
Pack Size 12 mL(for 240 assays)
Form Supplied Solution
Format Ready-to-Use
Concentration 0.1% Nuclear Fast Red in distilled water
Appearance Red
Storage Upon receipt store at 4°C for one year.
Application Counterstain in IHC (BCIP/NBT chromogenic reaction)
Equivalent Vector Labs (Product No. H-3403), Millipore Sigma (Product No. N 8002)
Description Boster’s Nuclear Fast Red is a rapid staining solution which is a popular alternative to hematoxylin and typically stains nuclei in five minutes.
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Chemical structures

Molecular formula: C14H8NNaO7S

Molecular weight: 357.28

CAS Number: 6409-77-4


Nuclear Fast Red is suitable for the determination of calcium. It is suitable for use in prussian blue staining in neural progenitor cells. It may be employed as highly sensitive "off/on" fluorescent probe for the determination of guanine. Nuclear fast red (2-anthracenesulfonic acid, 4-amino-9,10-dihydro-1,3-dihydroxy-9,10-dioxo-, monosodium salt) may be used as selective complexing agent for the simultaneous determination of copper and bismuth by adsorptive stripping voltammetry.
Boster’s Nuclear Fast Red is an optimized nuclear counterstain solution that produces an intense nuclear stain. It is an anionic dye used in conjunction with an aluminium salt as a mordant. In contrast to hematoxylin, Nuclear Fast Red is a rapid staining procedure, which requires only step and stains nucleus in five minutes. It is an excellent alternative in multiple labeling when hematoxylin would otherwise obscure the substrate colors.


1. Rinse sections in distilled water.

2. Add 50 μl Nuclear Fast Red directly onto the tissue section and incubate for 5 minutes.

3. Wash with distilled water for 1 minute.

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Nuclear Fast Red
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