PCR master mix and reagents

Boster offers the full range of reagents one needs for performing PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR. From extraction and purification of DNA and RNA, to polymerase chain reaction and reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR), Boster provides convenient solutions to save your time and maximize reproducibility. Our popular miniprep kits for DNA/RNA purification and PCR master mix kits provide simple, time-saving protocols, and reduces contamination by minimizing the number of steps for PCR set up. Amplify DNA from any template efficiently and accurately, with the assurance that every product is covered by the Boster Guarantee.

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What is PCR master mix

PCR reaction requires multiple components to run. Some of these components are not sample-specific. A PCR mastermix is a premixed solution (and Boster offers it as both solution and lyophilized, pellet-in-PCR-tube, format) with all such components mixed in and ready to use. The exact components include DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, and some additives in a buffer optimized for PCR. The same goes for RT-PCR and qPCR. To use a master mix for your PCR experiment, simply add template, primers, probes (if being used), and purified free water if needed. In real-time or quatitative PCR (qPCR), one or more dyes are added for quantitative measurement of mRNA.

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    Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit (MB2003)

    Price: $353
    Size: 25 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests
    Application: PCR

    qPCR PreMix Kit (MB1001-2)

    Price: $276
    Size: 1 Kit
    Application: PCR

    Miniprep Kit For Plasmid DNA Extraction And Purification (MB1005)

    Price: $60
    Size: 50, 100, 250 Reactions
    Application: DNA Isolation DNA Purification

    One Step RT PCR Kit (cDNA Synthesis + PCR In One Reaction) (MB1003)

    Price: $600
    Size: 100 Reactions
    Application: cDNA Synthesis PCR

    Reverse Transcriptase RT PCR Master Mix (5X) (MB1002)

    Price: $400
    Size: 25 Reactions, 100 Reactions, 200 Reactions
    Application: cDNA Synthesis

Displaying Items 1-10 of 11