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Boster Bio is a trustworthy antibody company with over 28 years of history. We proudly serve the biology research community and support brilliant scientific minds.

Boster Bio In The Bay Area

Boster Bio Is A Proud Member Of The San Francisco Bay Area Biotech Community

The universities that are strong in biology research in the Bay Area and surrounding areas, such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UCSF, produce a continuous stream of passionate and talented life scientists with exceptional knowledge and R&D know-how for the local biotech industry. Boster Biological Technology, Inc. aka Boster Bio, is a local antibody company in the Bay Area and a proud member if the San Francisco Bay Area biotech community. We are devoted to design, development and production of high quality antibodies that perform excellently in a variety of assays, including WB, IHC, IF, ICC, flow cytometry, and ELISA.

From The Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the undisputed technology center of the world despite fierce competition from rapid rising tech hubs in China and Russia. Aside from Information Technology, the San Francisco area is also the second largest Biotechnology hub in the United States, after Boston, Massachusetts (debatably, alternative data indicates San Diego is the second and San Francisco is the third). A comprehensive ecosystem for biotechnology companies exists in the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas, including antibody companies, contract research organizations, device companies, clinical biotech, consumer biotech and other types of biotech companies.


As Your Local Antibody Company?

As your neighborhood friendly antibody company, here at Boster, we strive to offer the highest quality antibody related products and services with convenience to you. You can expect the following when you let us be your antibody company of choice and help fulfill your antibody needs.


As a Bay Area biotech company, we pride ourselves on clear digital communication. We painstakingly validate all of our antibodies on WB, IHC, and a variety of other applications. All validation images are available on our website in HD and the assay conditions are well-documented. We ensure that you will have the high quality antibodies you need to accelerate you discoveries and publish more. Ever since 1993, we have been serving the scientific community and have been cited in over 23,000 publications. We cherish this trust from our peer life scientists and continue to work hard to produce and validate our antibodies with the strictest standards.


Boster offers custom antibody production services. Our special promotion for “$600 rare species custom antibody production” is very popular--if you work with model organisms other than human, mouse or rat, you should check it out today. In addition to the flexible and affordable polyclonal antibody production services, we offer custom monoclonal antibody hybridoma generation in mouse and custom rabbit monoclonal antibody recombinant generation service. Our custom antibody production process starts with inoculation of antigen (recombinant proteins, cells, native proteins etc.) into in vivo systems/hosts and in response, the hosts produce an in vivo humoral response, generating antibodies specific to the antigen. As a veteran antibody company, we have the in-house technical capacity to obtain the resulting antibody in one of three ways:

  1. Purifying it from serum
  2. Fusing matured B cells in spleen with immortalized cell lines and forming antibody producing hybridoma cells, which secretes monoclonal antibodies
  3. Sequencing mature plasma cells with high affinity to the target of interest and form, recombinantly, immortalized cell lines that secretes monoclonal antibodies. We can also produce humanized monoclonal antibodies this way.

We have over 25 years of experience in designing antibodies and have developed in-house predictive software to aid our antibody design, with more proficiency than typical public available antigenicity and homology predicting tools such as BLAST. We will customize production by modifying host, antigen or both. All of our antibody work are customizable, to ensure the best fulfillment of your projects’ specific needs.

Simplicity And Speed

Ordering from us is easy. We can take email, fax, call, snail mail and in-store pick up. Our customer support team has biology research backgrounds, and we're friendly and fast. You can expect fast service turnaround time from Boster because we are both local and a manufacturing antibody company (as opposed to resellers who have to source products from antibody companies like us and delay your lead time). For custom work, we have dedicated project managers to ensure smooth communication with you and keep you updated on the progress of your projects. Choosing a local Silicon Valley antibody company with a customer-centered philosophy (that’s us) will provide you best quality antibodies and best user experience at the same time.


Created by pathologists and tested by over 2 decades of market survival and flourishing, Boster has perfected its craft as an antibody company. Our experience with antibody production, ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry and Flow Cytometry allows us to fulfill the demands for both biotech business and academic research. This expertise is reflected in our customers’ love for us, and in the 23,000+ publications that cite our products. We also have an ebook series for educating our customers on these subject matters, on how to become experts in these experiments. Check out our "How to Become an Expert" ebook series, get a copy or share with your colleagues today.

Product Lines

  1. Boster as an antibody company is very application focused. In addition to primary antibodies we offer all reagents needed for doing
    • Western Blotting
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Immunocytochemistry
    • Immunofluorescence
    • Flow Cytometry
    • Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
    • Other common lab experiments such as BCA, cell counting, purification and cell culturing.
  2. Our product lines range from primary/secondary antibodies and ELISA kits, to filter papers and PBS buffers. Anything you need to perform the above assays, we've got them, usually at 50% or lower cost than that of our competitors. For a full price comparison on common reagents such as PFA, DAPI, BCA kits, RIPA buffer, proteinase K, etc., visit for more information.
  3. In addition to our singleplex sandwich ELISA kits, we offer a multiplex ELISA kit option. With this platform you can measure up to 16 analytes in one assay and using as low as 50ul of sample. The generated data will also be more robust because they are collected together on one plate. For more information check out our multiplex ELISA kits page.


  1. Boster’s main service capacity revolve around antibodies. We can produce custom antibodies for you, validate your antibodies on various samples and lysates that we provide in-house, generate recombinant proteins for you and test your samples using our multiplex ELISA platform.
  2. Choosing Boster as your antibody company of choice will empower your team to have a powerhouse of antibody solutions at your fingertips, because we are the antibody experts and our expertise is at your service.