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How are traditional ELISA kits and Multiplex ELISA kits different? We’ve put together for you some of the similarities & differences between traditional & multiplex ELISA kits:

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Features Traditional ELISA Kit Multiplex ELISA kit
Sample per Well 100-200ul 25ul
Cost per Data Point $5 $1.50
Data points per Test 96 data points Up to 1,920 data points
Product Availability Wide range of products Growing menu of available products
Time 4 hours for 96 data points 3 hours for up to 1,920 data points
Sensitivity Similar Similar
Detection System TMB Chemiluminescent

We've partnered with Quansys Biosciences to provide Q-Plex™ Multiplex ELISA kits that allow for concurrent measurement of multiple biomarkers. Each kit contains a 96-well plate of the relevant biomarker panel and includes all required reagents to perform testing. Using just 50 µl of sample per well, up to 80 samples can be assayed for all markers in the panel within 2.5 hours.

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If you prefer to try a sample kit first, for limited amount of time, we're offering $99 Multiplex ELISA demo kits, limited to one per lab. Submit a request & claim your demo kit before this promotion ends!

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Free Troubleshooting Guides

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