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With 27 years of experience, Boster provides PicoKine™ ELISA kits powered by proprietary signal-enhancing blocking technology. These ELISA kits can detect antigens in the pg/ml range with low background. We thoroughly validate each lot to ensure lot-to-lot consistency, reproducibility, and cross-reactivity.

Upon request, our lab can custom test our products for you. We guarantee our products will work as stated not only in our internal QC tests, but for your applications – or your money back!

Choose from 1,000 pre-coated ELISAs that have been cited by over 6,000 publications worldwide.

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EZ Set™ ELISA kit -- Your ideal low cost ELISA solution

EZ Set™ ELISAs are an economical alternative to the pre-coated Picokine™ ELISA kits and are ideal for experienced ELISA users on a budget and great for exploratory work.

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Boster takes great measures to ensure product quality and to provide our customers with comprehensive data upfront. Our antibodies are validated using WB, IHC, and flow cytometry against a panel of over 250 tissues and un-transfected cell lines to ensure high affinity and crystal-clear IHC stains. In addition, we also validate our antibodies in a quantitative fashion by testing them on known quantities of recombinant proteins so that you know what to expect (e.g. if there is 1ng, 2.5ng or 5ng of the target protein in the sample). Every product is covered by the Boster Quality Guarantee. Click below to learn more.

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