SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Kits and Reagents



Once your protein sample has been extracted, prepared, and quantified, it is time to perform gel electrophoresis. With proper preparation and execution, gel electrophoresis will cleanly separate the proteins by size, allowing you to measure not only your protein’s presence, but it’s relative size as well. Boster provides SDS-PAGE Gel Preparation kits and other high-quality reagents so you can get the most out of your samples.


To prepare your sample for electrophoresis, mix the sample with Boster dual color protein loading buffer and denature the resulting mixture in a 100°C water bath. Once your sample is ready, fill your electrophoresis chamber with enough Boster electrophoresis buffer to cover the gel. Carefully pipette your sample into the wells, using enough volume to ensure consistent amounts of protein, and making sure not to poke the pipette tip into the gel. Connect your electrophoresis chamber to the power supply of your choice, and run the gel for enough time to adequately separate your protein sample.

After your gel has run for an appropriate amount of time, us one of Boster’s protein visualization reagents to verify the success and quality of your electrophoresis experiment.

For a detailed protocol for gel electrophoresis, see our Western blot handbook.


  1. For better results, optimize the gel concentration, SDS concentration, and run time and temperature prior to running the gel
  2. Ensure that each well has the same amount of protein before running the gel
  3. If you encounter streaked, distorted, or smile bands, check your electrophoresis parameters. See our troubleshooting guides for more information

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    Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer 4X (AR1142)

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    AR11421mL X 6 (sufficient to make 24mL of protein solution)15
    AR1142-201mL X 20 (sufficient to make 80mL of protein solution)35

    SDS-PAGE Protein Loading Buffer 5X (Reducing) (AR1112)

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    SDS-PAGE Protein Loading Buffer 2X (Reducing) (AR0131-20)

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    SKU AR0131-20
    Pack size 20mL

    Tricine SDS Sample Buffer 2X (AR1143-20)

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    SKU AR1143-20
    Pack size 20mL (20*1mL)

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