Western blot
master guide

Everything you need to know about WB in one book.

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What Is In The Ebook?

  • Western Blot Principle

    Having a solid understanding of how Western blot works significantly increases your success rate. We have everything you need to know from sample preparation to data interpretation.

  • Optimized Protocol

    Western blot is complex and tricky in many ways. Our step-by-step protocol will guide you to generate reproducible, high quality data.

  • 100+ Troubleshooting Advice

    Having our comprehensive troubleshooting tips right on your bench side can save you a lot of precious time and headache.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn from your peers’ experiences can bring you novel perspectives and help you avoid common mistakes.

Western blot service

For both traditional Western Blotting & 2D-Western Blotting protein characterization

Boster offer the best and affordable Western Blot custom services. Get custom services including extraction of total proteins from tissues, construction of premade Western blots, immunostaining blots with any antibody, quantitative analysis of immunostaining, and sending high quality digital images.

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