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Compatible With The SarsCov2/COVID-19 Assays, Viral RNA Detection

The Azure Biosystems™ Cielo™ 3 and 6 real-time PCR Systems are designed to offer smart protocols, high quality data, robust durability and an intuitive user experience. Our novel fiber optic detection system allows for enhanced sensitivity and speed. 3 or 6 standard channels let you analyze a variety of commercially available dyes, already in your workflow. Onboard software operated by a 10.2″ touchscreen minimizes footprint and saves you bench space. Easily connect to your Cielo via Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB or LAN. Get notified after each completed run and even remotely access protocols and files.

QPCR Thermo Cycler Real Time PCR System, Azure Cielo™ 3 And 6

  • • Flexibility—Engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications, with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • • Intelligent workflow—Our user interface allows simple touch screen assay setup. Saved protocols make assay set up easy and reproducible
  • • Reliability—Cielo’s optics and thermal block are designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility over at least 1000 qPCR experiments, giving you confidence in the reliability of the instrument
  • • Connectivity—No external PC is required to run the instrument
  • • Data can be transferred via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB
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SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader

The SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader, models BOSI009 (MR9600) and BOSI009-T (MR9600-T) are welcome additions to any lab that is routinely measuring concentration or absorbance in 96 well plates. The 7 inch touch screen, intuitive software and graphical interface make these instruments easy to use as a standalone reader (a separate computer and additional software is not required).

SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader

  • • Intuitive, 7 inch color touch screen control panel
  • • Filter based system with wavelength range from 340 to 750nm
  • • Operates as a stand alone system, with USB flash drive drive for data transfer
  • • Absorbance range: 0.0 to 4.000 Abs
  • • BOSI009-T features temperature controlled plate incubation
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