Cell Lines and tissue Lysates

Boster Bio offer hundreds of popular cell lines and tissue lysates from human, mouse, rat, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, bat and cow. These samples are available for our Western blotting and antibody validation services.

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Cell lysates for Western blotting and antibody validation

These lysates will get you results fast and stretch your budget. As an antibody manufacturer, we routinely culture a large collection of cell lines for antibody quality control.

We offer hundreds of popular cell lines and tissue types, with high quality and lot-to-lot consistency. Each lysate is prepared with our RIPA Lysis Buffer and supplied in SDS-PAGE sample buffer under ISO9001.

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Some are available for sale and some are only available for use in Western blot assay services.

NameSKUTypeSpeciesCell/tissue of origin
HeLa Cell Lysate (Whole Cell)LYSATE0001Cell line lysateHumanHela Cell line
Rat Brain Tissue LysateLYSATE0002Primary tissue lysateRatBrain
Rat Liver Tissue LysateLYSATE0003Primary tissue lysateRatLiver
Rat Lung Tissue LysateLYSATE0004Primary tissue lysateRatLung
Rat Testis Tissue LysateLYSATE0005Primary tissue lysateRatTestis
Rat Kidney Tissue LysateLYSATE0006Primary tissue lysateRatKidney
Rat Spleen Tissue LysateLYSATE0007Primary tissue lysateRatSpleen
Rat Thymus Tissue LysateLYSATE0008Primary tissue lysateRatThymus
Rat Heart Tissue LysateLYSATE0009Primary tissue lysateRatHeart
Rat Skeletal Muscle Tissue LysateLYSATE0010Primary tissue lysateRatSkeletal Muscle
Rat Ovary Tissue LysateLYSATE0011Primary tissue lysateRatOvary
Mouse Brain Tissue LysateLYSATE0012Primary tissue lysateMouseBrain
Mouse Liver Tissue LysateLYSATE0013Primary tissue lysateMouseLiver
Mouse Testis Tissue LysateLYSATE0014Primary tissue lysateMouseTestis
Mouse Ovary Tissue LysateLYSATE0015Primary tissue lysateMouseOvary
Mouse Kidney Tissue LysateLYSATE0016Primary tissue lysateMouseKidney
Mouse Spleen Tissue LysateLYSATE0017Primary tissue lysateMouseSpleen
Mouse Lung Tissue LysateLYSATE0018Primary tissue lysateMouseLung
Mouse Thymus Tissue LysateLYSATE0019Primary tissue lysateMouseThymus
Mouse Heart Tissue LysateLYSATE0020Primary tissue lysateMouseHeart
Mouse Skeletal Muscle Tissue LysateLYSATE0021Primary tissue lysateMouseSkeletal Muscle
Human Placenta Tissue LysateLYSATE0022Primary tissue lysateHumanPlacenta
Human Hela Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0023Cell line lysateHumanHela Cell line
Human Mcf-7 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0024Cell line lysateHumanMcf-7 Cell line
Human A549 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0025Cell line lysateHumanA549 Cell line
Human Colo320 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0026Cell line lysateHumanColo320 Cell line
Human Jurkat Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0027Cell line lysateHumanJurkat Cell line
Human SW620 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0028Cell line lysateHumanSW620 Cell line
Human HepG2 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0029Cell line lysateHumanHepG2 Cell line
Human Smmc-7721 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0030Cell line lysateHumanSmmc-7721 Cell line
Human K562 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0031Cell line lysateHumanK562 Cell line
Human 293T Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0032Cell line lysateHuman293T Cell line
Human 22RV1 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0033Cell line lysateHuman22RV1 Cell line
Human U2OS Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0034Cell line lysateHumanU2OS Cell line
Human Panc-1 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0035Cell line lysateHumanPanc-1 Cell line
Rat RH35 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0036Cell line lysateRatRH35 Cell line
Rat PC12 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0037Cell line lysateRatPC12 Cell line
Mouse Hepa1-6 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0038Cell line lysateMouseHepa1-6 Cell line
Mouse NIH/3T3 Whole Cell LysateLYSATE0039Cell line lysateMouseNIH/3T3 Cell line
Human U87 Cell LysateLYSATE0041Cell line lysateHumanU87 Cell line
Human Embryonic Kidney CellsCX0001Assay service only, not for saleHuman293T cell line
Human Lung Cancer CellsCX0002Assay service only, not for saleHumanA549 cell line
Human Cervical Cancer CellCX0003Assay service only, not for saleHumanHela cell line
Human Hepatoma CellsCX0004Assay service only, not for saleHumanHepG2 cell line
Human T-lymphoblastic leukemia cellsCX0005Assay service only, not for saleHumanJurkat cell line
Human Ovarian Cancer CellCX0006Assay service only, not for saleHumanSK-OV-3 cell line
Human Colon Cancer CellCX0007Assay service only, not for saleHumanSW620 cell line
Human Brain Astroblastoma CellsCX0008Assay service only, not for saleHumanU-87 MG cell line
Human Breast Cancer CellsCX0009Assay service only, not for saleHumanMCF-7 cell line
Rat Glioma CellsCX0010Assay service only, not for saleRatC6 cell line
Human Glioma CellsCX0011Assay service only, not for saleHumanU251 cell line
Human Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia T LymphocytesCX0012Assay service only, not for saleHumanCCRF-CEM cell line
Rat Kidney CellsCX0013Assay service only, not for saleRatNRK cell line
Rat adrenal pheochromocytoma cells (well differentiated)CX0014Assay service only, not for saleRatPC-12 (well differentiated) cell line
Rat Hepatoma CellsCX0015Assay service only, not for saleRatRH-35 cell line
Human Epidermal Cancer CellCX0016Assay service only, not for saleHumanA431 cell line
Human Prostate Cancer CellCX0017Assay service only, not for saleHumanPC-3 cell line
Mouse MacrophageCX0018Assay service only, not for saleMouseAna-1 cell line
Mouse Hepatoma CellsCX0019Assay service only, not for saleMouseHepa 1-6 cell line
Mouse Brain Neuroma CellsCX0020Assay service only, not for saleMouseNeuro-2a[N2a; Neuro-2a] cell line
Mouse Embryonic FibroblastsCX0021Assay service only, not for saleMouseNIH/3T3 cell line
Mouse mononuclear macrophage leukemia cellsCX0022Assay service only, not for saleMouseRAW264.7 cell line
Mouse FibroblastsCX0023Assay service only, not for saleMouseL929 cell line
Mouse Myeloma CellsCX0024Assay service only, not for saleMouseSP2/0 cell line
Human malignant melanoma cellsCX0025Assay service only, not for saleHumanA-375[A375] cell line
Human Pancreatic Cancer CellCX0026Assay service only, not for saleHumanPANC-1 cell line
Human Immortalized KeratinocytesCX0027Assay service only, not for saleHumanHacat cell line
Human Erythroleukemia CellsCX0028Assay service only, not for saleHumanHEL cell line
human chronic myelogenous leukemia cellsCX0029Assay service only, not for salehumanK-562 [K562] cell line
Human Osteosarcoma CellsCX0030Assay service only, not for saleHumanU-2 OS [U2OS] cell line
Human cervical squamous cell carcinoma cellCX0031Assay service only, not for saleHumanSiHa cell line
Human Burkitt's Lymphoma CellsCX0032Assay service only, not for saleHumanRaji cell line
Human B lymphoblastoidCX0033Assay service only, not for saleHumanHMy2.CIR cell line
Human myelocytic leukemia cellsCX0034Assay service only, not for saleHumanHL-60 cell line
Human Bladder Transitional Cell Papilloma CellsCX0035Assay service only, not for saleHumanRT4 cell line
Human Blood Leukemia CellsCX0036Assay service only, not for saleHumanTF-1 cell line
Human Histiocytic Lymphoma CellsCX0037Assay service only, not for saleHumanU-937 cell line
Human fibrosarcoma cellsCX0038Assay service only, not for saleHumanHT-1080 [HT1080] cell line
Human Colorectal Adenocarcinoma CellsCX0039Assay service only, not for saleHumanCOLO 320DM cell line
Human Breast Cancer CellsCX0040Assay service only, not for saleHumanMDA-MB-453 cell line
Human Prostate Cancer CellCX0041Assay service only, not for saleHuman22RV1 cell line
Human Monocytic LeukemiaCX0042Assay service only, not for saleHumanTHP-1 cell line
Human Squamous Thyroid Cancer CellCX0043Assay service only, not for saleHumanSW579 [SW 579; SW-579] cell line
Human renal cortical proximal tubule epithelial cellsCX0044Assay service only, not for saleHumanHK-2 cell line
Human Hepatocholangiocarcinoma CellCX0045Assay service only, not for saleHumanRBE cell line
Human Breast Cancer CellsCX0046Assay service only, not for saleHumanMDA-MB-231 cell line
Human Esophageal Cancer CellCX0047Assay service only, not for saleHumanTE-1 cell line
Mouse embryonic fibroblastsCX0048Assay service only, not for saleMouseBALB/3T3 clone A31 cell line
Mouse Myeloma CellsCX0049Assay service only, not for saleMouseP3/NSI/1-Ag4-1 [NS-1] cell line
Mouse FibroblastsCX0050Assay service only, not for saleMousePA317 cell line
Mouse Prostate Cancer CellCX0051Assay service only, not for saleMouseRM-1 cell line
Mouse embryonic fibroblastsCX0052Assay service only, not for saleMouse3T6-Swiss albino cell line
Human Embryonic Lung CellsCX0053Assay service only, not for saleHumanMRC-5 cell line
Human Hepatic Stellate CellsCX0054Assay service only, not for saleHumanLX-2 cell line
Mouse Melanoma CellsCX0055Assay service only, not for saleMouseB16 cell line
Mouse Lung Cancer CellsCX0056Assay service only, not for saleMouseLLC [LL/2; LLC1] cell line
Mouse mast cell tumor cellsCX0057Assay service only, not for saleMouseP815 cell line
Rat Schwann CellsCX0058Assay service only, not for saleRatRSC96 cell line
Cat Kidney CellsCX0059Assay service only, not for saleCatCRFK cell line
hamster ovary cell substrainCX0060Assay service only, not for salehamsterCHO-K1 cell line
hamster kidney fibroblastsCX0061Assay service only, not for salehamsterBHK-21 [C-13] cell line
Rat adrenal pheochromocytoma cells (undifferentiated)CX0062Assay service only, not for saleRatPC-12 (undifferentiated) cell line
Rat myoblastsCX0063Assay service only, not for saleRatL6 cell line
Human Colon Cancer CellCX0064Assay service only, not for saleHumanHCT 116 cell line
Human gastric adenocarcinoma cellsCX0065Assay service only, not for saleHumanAGS cell line
Human renal clear cell adenocarcinoma cellCX0066Assay service only, not for salehuman786-O [786-0] cell line
Bat lung cellsCX0067Assay service only, not for saleBatTb 1 Lu cell line
Human Breast Duct Cancer CellsCX0068Assay service only, not for saleHumanBT-549 cell line
Human Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma Skin Metastasis CellsCX0069Assay service only, not for saleHumanCaki-1 cell line
Canine Kidney CellsCX0070Assay service only, not for saleCanineMDCK[NBL-2] cell line
Cat Kidney CellsCX0071Assay service only, not for saleCatF81 cell line
African Green Monkey Kidney CellsCX0072Assay service only, not for saleMonkeyVero cell line
Bovine Kidney CellsCX0073Assay service only, not for saleBovineMDBK[NBL-1] cell line
Human gastric cancer cells (undifferentiated)CX0074Assay service only, not for saleHumanHGC-27 cell line
Human Colon Cancer CellCX0075Assay service only, not for saleHumanHT-29 cell line
Human Embryonic Kidney CellsCX0076Assay service only, not for saleHumanAAV-293 cell line
Human mammary epithelial cells with integrated SV40 geneCX0077Assay service only, not for saleHumanHBL-100 cell line
Human endometrial adenocarcinoma cellCX0078Assay service only, not for saleHumanHEC-1-B cell line
Human uterine squamous cell carcinoma (well differentiated)CX0079Assay service only, not for saleHumanHCC 94 [HCC941122] cell line
Human gastric mucosal cellsCX0080Assay service only, not for saleHumanGES-1 cell line
Human Hepatoma CellsCX0081Assay service only, not for saleHumanHUH-7 cell line
Human Osteosarcoma CellsCX0082Assay service only, not for saleHumanSaos-2 cell line
Human Colon Adenocarcinoma CellsCX0083Assay service only, not for saleHumanRKO cell line
Human Osteosarcoma CellsCX0084Assay service only, not for saleHumanMG-63 cell line
Human Burkitt's Lymphoma CellsCX0085Assay service only, not for saleHumanNAMALWA cell line
Human lung cancer cells (lymph node metastasis)CX0086Assay service only, not for saleHumanNCI-H292 cell line
Human bladder transitional cell carcinoma cellCX0087Assay service only, not for saleHumanT24 [T-24] cell line
Mouse MyoblastsCX0088Assay service only, not for saleMouseC2C12 cell line
Human Burkitt's Lymphoma CellsCX0089Assay service only, not for saleHumanDaudi cell line
Human Renal Cancer CellCX0090Assay service only, not for saleHumanOS-RC-2 cell line
Human choriocarcinoma cellCX0091Assay service only, not for saleHumanJEG-3 cell line
Human Neuroblastoma CellsCX0092Assay service only, not for saleHumanSH-SY5Y [SHSY-5Y] cell line
Human ileocecal carcinoma cellsCX0093Assay service only, not for saleHumanHCT-8 [HRT-18] cell line
Human Colorectal Adenocarcinoma CellsCX0094Assay service only, not for saleHumanCaco-2 cell line
Human Prostate Cancer CellCX0095Assay service only, not for saleHumanLncap cell line
Mouse Lymphoma CellsCX0096Assay service only, not for saleMouseEL-4 cell line
African Green Monkey SV40 Transformed Kidney CellsCX0097Assay service only, not for saleAfrican Green MonkeyCOS-7 cell line
Human Hepatoma CellsCX0098Assay service only, not for saleHumanHep 3B2.1-7 cell line
Human Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia CellsCX0099Assay service only, not for saleHumanMOLT-4 cell line
human T-cell leukemia cellsCX0100Assay service only, not for salehuman6T-CEM cell line
Human Lung Cancer CellsCX0102Assay service only, not for saleHumanPC-9 cell line
Mouse MicrogliaCX0103Assay service only, not for saleMouseBV2 cell line
Human endometrial adenocarcinoma cellCX0105Assay service only, not for saleHumanHEC-1-A cell line
Human gastric cancer cellsCX0106Assay service only, not for saleHumanMKN-45 cell line
Human lung adenocarcinoma cell (pleural effusion)CX0107Assay service only, not for saleHumanCalu-3 cell line

Tissue & Cell Catalogs for IHC-P

Human SamplesMouse SamplesRat Samples
Lung CancerBlood/PlasmaBlood/Plasma
Mammary CancerBoneBone
Intestinal CancerHeartHeart
Colon CancerLiverLiver
Rectal CancerSpleenSpleen
Placenta TissueLungLung
Renal CancerBrainBrain
Oesophagus Squama CancerColonColon
Gastric CancerRectumRectum
Thyroid CancerStomachStomach
Prostatic CancerCardiaCardia
Pancreatic CancerPylorusPylorus
Liver CancerThymusThymus
MelanomaAdrenal GlandAdrenal Gland
Ambulant AdenocarcinomaSkeletal MuscleSkeletal Muscle
Endometrial CarcinomaOvaryOvary
Ovarian CancerLymph NodeLymph Node
Adrenal CarcinomaEye BallEye Ball
SarcomaCardiac MuscleCardiac Muscle
B Lymphocytic TumorSkinSkin
Skin CancerTracheaTrachea
Skeletal Muscle TissueSpinal CordSpinal Cord

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