Control Cell Lysates

Boster Bio cell and tissue lysates are easy-to-use controls for Western blotting experiments. The cell lysates include lines from human, mouse, and rats.

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Quality Guaranteed Cell Lines & Tissue Extracts

We perform whole cell protein extraction from human, mouse, rat tissues & cell lines

Boster Bio provides whole cell and tissue lysates commonly used in research as standalone controls for SDS-PAGE or with antibodies for western blot. Our cell lysates are prepared from human, mouse, and rat cell lines such as HeLa, A549, 293T, NIH/3T3, Hepa1-6, PC12, RH35, and several more. In addition, we offer tissue extracts from various mouse and rat organs, including brain, liver, lung, kidney, heart, etc. Each lysate is prepared with our RIPA Lysis Buffer and supplied in SDS-PAGE sample buffer.

We're confident these lysates will work well for you. Since our lab uses them every day to test our primary antibodies for quality control, we ensure that the cell and tissue lysates maintain high quality and lot-to-lot reproducibility. You can check out the results of these lysates in western blot experiments by browsing our WB-validated primary antibodies. We also offer the full set of reagents needed to perform cell lysis and protein extraction. For more details, check out our range of Western Blot reagents.

Table of all lysates

Below are our cell lysates and tissue lysates for human, mouse, and rat.

HeLa Cell Lysate (Whole Cell) (LYSATE0001) Rat Ovary Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0011) Mouse Skeletal Muscle Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0021) Human K562 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0031)
Rat Brain Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0002) Mouse Brain Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0012) Human Placenta Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0022) Human 293T Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0032)
Rat Liver Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0003) Mouse Liver Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0013) Human Hela Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0023) Human 22RV1 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0033)
Rat Lung Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0004) Mouse Testis Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0014) Human Mcf-7 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0024) Human U2OS Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0034)
Rat Testis Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0005) Mouse Ovary Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0015) Human A549 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0025) Human Panc-1 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0035)
Rat Kidney Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0006) Mouse Kidney Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0016) Human Colo320 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0026) Rat RH35 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0036)
Rat Spleen Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0007) Mouse Spleen Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0017) Human Jurkat Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0027) Rat PC12 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0037)
Rat Thymus Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0008) Mouse Lung Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0018) Human SW620 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0028) Mouse Hepa1-6 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0038)
Rat Heart Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0009) Mouse Thymus Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0019) Human HepG2 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0029) Mouse NIH/3T3 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0039)
Rat Skeletal Muscle Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0010) Mouse Heart Tissue Lysate (LYSATE0020) Human Smmc-7721 Whole Cell Lysate (LYSATE0030) Human U87 Cell Lysate (LYSATE0041)