Fully customizable Gene Expression Analysis

Gene Expression Analysis Services

From Nucleic Acid purification to a comprehensive bioinformatic analysis report, Boster’s Gene Expression Analysis services can cover all of your NGS requirements. Explore differentially expressed genes, functions or pathways in your samples under any specific developmental stages or conditions.

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Gene Expression Analysis Service Overview

Boster Bio offers a complete Gene Expression Analysis Service to turn your samples into insight.

We support your entire project, or any specific part, by covering every aspect of the gene expression analysis workflow, from nucleic acid extraction to bioinformatics analysis. Our expert scientists utilize the latest technologies in conjunction with decades of experience to deliver high-quality gene expression profiling solutions.

Our Services include:

  • Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • MicroRNA capture and isolation
  • cDNA synthesis and library generation
  • Target enrichment or depletion
  • Sequencing by Synthesis
  • Bioinformatic analysis and reporting

What is Gene Expression and why is it important?

Gene expression is the process by which information encoded in a gene is transcribed into a functional gene product such as proteins or functional RNA’s, causing a phenotypic effect or expression within the system. Gene expression can be regulated at various levels of transcription, mRNA development and translation forming the basis of cell development and differentiation.

Gene expression analysis can be used to distinguish between different disease states, discover the genes or pathways involved in disease development, or to investigate the functional capabilities of a new therapeutic drug. It can uncover new molecular reporters and novel drug targets, predict a patient’s disease classification, and help optimize treatments.

How to Order Boster’s Gene Expression Analysis Service

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3. Receive a Comprehensive Analysis Report

Gene Expression Analysis Services Overview

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Extract genomic and/or plasmid DNA from your sample without worry. Our cutting-edge technologies are used to purify your sample from contaminants and reduce the probability of errors.

  • High throughput sample processing for biopharma research
  • High yield, high purity DNA and RNA isolation
  • Safe, stable sample collection for pathogen inactivation


  • RNA or DNA
  • Purity Report

Total DNA or RNA Sequencing Service

Boster Bio’s RNA-seq service provides an end-to-end solution for all your DNA or RNA sequencing requirements. From nucleic acid purification, library preparation, sequencing and analysis we have your sequencing needs covered.

  • Compatible with all samples including low input and FFPE samples
  • Workflow compatible with any organism type
  • Unbiased gene expression data with probe-free technology
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics gene expression analysis report


  • Sample Distance Matrix (PCA/heatmap)
  • Differential gene expression
  • Scatter plot
  • MA plot
  • Gene set enrichment

miRNA Sequencing

microRNA (miRNA) are small non-coding RNAs that are very short in length (17-25nt) which are highly conserved and expressed in a tissue specific manner. miRNA’s are important in transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene relation and have been found to be instrumental in some specific cancer progression and hereditary diseases.

Boster Bio offer an efficient microRNA capture and detection solution generating more reads.

  • Compatible with cfRNA from plasma and serum samples
  • Isolation followed by cfRNA-seq library prep
  • microRNA expression data analysis report

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Q1. What kind of samples can be used with this service?

Boster Bio’s Gene Expression service can be used for any sample and organism type. For more information on the types of samples and species see this link

Q2. How do we prepare our samples for NGS sequencing?

Our Project Concierge will work with you to determine what is required for your NGS service. Samples can be prepared and sent following our Sample Preparation Guide.

Q3. What is Transcriptome analysis?

Transcriptome analysis is the method of analysing RNA via RNA-seq to enable researchers to characterize transcriptional activity. Whole transcriptome analysis detects both coding and non-coding RNA and allows the researcher to focus on a subset of relevant target genes and transcripts, or profile thousands of genes at once to create a global picture of cell function.