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6 Helpful Tips FACS Multicolor Panel Design

October 27, 2017

Keywords: flow cytometry, FACS antibodies, multicolor panels, CD antibodies, resources, fluorophores

Planning to design multicolor panels for FACS antibodies? Boster presents 6 helpful tips to keep in mind when designing multicolor flow cytometry panels! Don’t miss the FACS resources and recommendations we’ve compiled in this newsletter!

What are FMO controls? 3 recommendations...

September 26, 2017

Keywords: flow cytometry experimental controls, fluorescence minus one staining control, FACS analysis tips and tricks, technical recommendations and complete downloadable ebook, immunology, cell biology products catalog, virtual event

There are 3 situations when an FMO control is highly recommended! The Fluorescence Minus One (FMO controls) are staining controls that contain all the antibodies of a panel minus 1 of them. It measures the spillover of all those other fluorophores in the channel of the missing antibody, and is used to identify and gate cells in the context of data spread due to the multiple fluorophores. It is a stronger negative control than the regular unstained control as it takes into account how the other stains in the panel impact the channel that is left out. Read on for technical tips and tricks when it comes to flow cytometry (FACS).

The Why’s and How’s of Counting Cells for FACS

June 30, 2017

Keywords: Flow cytometry tips, counting cells principle explanation, FACS protocol cell count, how to count cells, hemocytometer

Counting cells before the staining procedure and the analysis/live sort is not up for debate! Cell numbers affect the staining quality, the FACS instrument reading, as well as the efficacy of any downstream assay, in case the cells are live sorted. Furthermore, cells are steadily lost during the staining procedure and it is therefore imperative that enough cells are available at the start of the experiment to compensate for the inevitable losses. There are various methods available for counting cells which are explained in this technical newsletter.

5 Ingredients to Consider in FACS Buffer

May 12, 2017

Keywords: check list, recipe, FACS buffer ingredients, Flow cytometry, cell sorting preparation

If you perform flow cytometry, these recipe tips for FACS Buffers may assist you! We recommend these ingredients to improve your cell sorting process.

3 Guidelines for Using Secondary Antibodies

Apr 16, 2017

Keywords: secondary antibody, technical tips, troubleshooting, Flow cytometry antibodies

The purpose of using a secondary antibody is to amplify the primary antibody and antigen interactions signals. If you need secondary antibodies for your experiment, then you probably know there are many elements to consider when choosing the right antibody such as species reactivity. Dr. Booster has a few guidelines for you to keep in mind about secondary antibodies. Be sure to take a look and confirm everything is good to go.

Mini Guide to FACS Staining Controls

Mar 31, 2017

Keywords: table of controls, technical tips, FACS, Flow cytometry, cell sorting preparation, recommended experimental controls

With today's selection of fluorochromes, FACS panels can become quite complex. Working with multiple colors and antibodies will require the appropriate experimental controls in order to properly interpret the data results. Check to make sure you have included all the appropriate controls before your cell sorting experiment! This convenient mini guide to FACS staining controls by Dr. Booster should be a helpful reference tool.

FACS Sorting Preparation Checklist

Mar 20, 2017

Keywords: check list, technical tips, FACS, Flow cytometry, cell sorting preparation

Are you preparing for a FACS experiment? Here’s a 10 point checklist to help you get ready prior to cell sorting. We suggest going through this checklist beforehand, as your cell sorting process may go more quickly and efficiently if you read the following tips.

Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshooting Guides

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