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Are you preparing for a FACS experiment? Here’s a 10 point checklist to help you prepare for your FACS sorting experiment:

  • Perform a cell viability count using the trypan blue exclusion method.
  • Remove any existing clumps in the cell suspension by sieving cells through a nylon mesh.
  • Adjust the cell concentration to 107-108 per ml.
  • Ensure that all staining controls are included in the panel.
  • Check that the correct nozzle is installed.
  • Check that the sheath fluid levels are adequate.
  • Ensure that the collection media had serum and HEPES buffer added to it.
  • Check that the collection tubes are protein pre-coated ones.
  • Make sure all the lasers and filters are functioning properly.
  • Adjust the threshold level of the instrument as required.

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Buy Primary Antibody Get Secondary FREE

Buy Primary Antibody Get Secondary FREE

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Anti-GRP94 Antibody (PA1340)

Review : "This is an excellent antibody to endoplasmin in HC11 cells. Clean, reliable detection with very little if any background. Great antibody for Westerns. Could probably be optimized for 1 hour primary incubation."

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