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All Products Covered Under The Santa Cruz Replace Program Are Guaranteed To Perform Equivalent To If Not Better Than The Corresponding Santa Cruz Antibodies, In The Applications That These Antibodies Are Validated.

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Santa Cruz Product Code Boster Alternative Target Applications Reactivity
sc-56182 PB9790 RAB13 IHC-P; WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-7333 RP1112 AZIN2 IHC-P; WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-14841 PB9960 SLC2A5 IHC-P; WB Human; Rat
sc-19750 PB9684 APBB1 IHC-P; WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-87483 PA2010 TRAM1 IHC-P; IHC-F; ICC; WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-20115 PA1559 DSG2 IHC-P; WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-133280 PA1866 TGFBR2 WB Human; Mouse; Rat
sc-109369 A16880 OR2Y1 ELISA Human
sc-83490 A14574 MRGPRX3 WB Human
sc-5609 A06055 SOCS7 WB Human