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Pack Size:100μg/vial
Validated Species:Human, Mouse, Rat
Application:IHC, WB
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Product Name Anti-NSE Antibody
SKU/Catalog Number PA1061
Description Rabbit IgG polyclonal antibody for Gamma-enolase(ENO2) detection. Tested with WB, IHC-P in Human;Mouse;Rat.
Cite This Product Anti-NSE Antibody (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # PA1061)
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Host Rabbit
Isotype N/A
Validated Species Human, Mouse, Rat
Predicted Species Hamster

*This antibody is predicted to react with the above species based on antigen sequence similarities. Our Boster Guarantee covers the use of this product with the above species.

Application IHC, WB

*Our Boster Guarantee covers the use of this product in the above tested applications.

**For positive and negative control design, consult "Tissue specificity" under Protein Target Info.

Recommended Detection Systems Boster recommends Enhanced Chemiluminescent Kit with anti-Rabbit IgG (EK1002) for Western blot, and HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG Super Vision Assay Kit (SV0002-1) for IHC(P).
*Blocking peptide can be purchased at $50. Contact us for more information
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Immunogen A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence at the C-terminus of human NSE(420-434aa EARFAGHNFRNPSVL), identical to the related mouse and rat sequences.
Cross Reactivity No cross reactivity with other proteins
Pack Size 100μg/vial


Clonality Polyclonal
Form Lyophilized
Contents Each vial contains 5mg BSA, 0.9mg NaCl, 0.2mg Na2HPO4, 0.05mg Thimerosal, 0.05mg NaN3.
*carrier free antibody available upon request.
Concentration Add 0.2ml of distilled water will yield a concentration of 500ug/ml.
Storage At -20°C for one year. After reconstitution, at 4°C for one month. It can also be aliquotted and stored frozen at -20°C for a longer time.Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Purification Immunogen affinity purified.
Isotype N/A

Protein Target Info (Source:

You can check the tissue specificity below for information on selecting positive and negative control.

Gene Name ENO2
Protein Name Gamma-enolase
Molecular Weight 47269 MW
Protein Function Has neurotrophic and neuroprotective properties on a broad spectrum of central nervous system (CNS) neurons. Binds, in a calcium-dependent manner, to cultured neocortical neurons and promotes cell survival (By similarity). .
Tissue Specificity The alpha/alpha homodimer is expressed in embryo and in most adult tissues. The alpha/beta heterodimer and the beta/beta homodimer are found in striated muscle, and the alpha/gamma heterodimer and the gamma/gamma homodimer in neurons.
Sequence Similarities Belongs to the enolase family.
Subcellular Localization Cytoplasm . Cell membrane . Can translocate to the plasma membrane in either the homodimeric (alpha/alpha) or heterodimeric (alpha/gamma) form. .
Uniprot ID P09104
Alternative Names Gamma-enolase;;2-phospho-D-glycerate hydro-lyase;Enolase 2;Neural enolase;Neuron-specific enolase;NSE;ENO2;
Research Areas |signal transduction|metabolism|energy metabolism| epigenetics and nuclear signaling|transcription|other factors| cancer|tumor biomarkers|enzymes|neuron specific enolase|cancer metabolism|metabolic signaling pathway|metabolism of carbohydrates| metabolism|pathways and processes|metabolic signaling pathways|carbohydrate metabolism|energy transfer pathways|
*if product is indicated to react with multiple species, protein info is based on the human gene.

Background for Gamma-enolase

NSE(neuron specific enolase), also known as Enolase 2(ENO2), is found in elevated concentrations in plasma in certain neoplasias. The enolases catalyze the interconversion of 2-phosphoglycerate to phosphoenolpyruvate in the glycolytic pathway. ENO2 gene contains 12 exons distributed over 9,213 nucleotides. Human neurone-specific enolase is mapped to chromosome 12p13.

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Anti-NSE Antibody
Anti-NSE antibody, PA1061, Western blotting
WB: Rat Brain Tissue Lysate
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Customer Q&As

Q: Do you offer BSA-free antibodies? Keyword: Bovine serum albumin, carrier protein, conjugation
A: Yes, please contact us at for more information about BSA-free antibodies and availability. The new BSA-free formula uses trehalose as a replacement to BSA. We have tested many alternative chemicals and found that trehalose protects the antibodies the best.
Q: Is your western blot protocol provided from the website applicable for all your antibodies? Keyword: applications, WB
A: The protocol is applicable for all our antibodies in WB, the NC Membrane(0.45μm or 0.22μm) and transfer time(70 mins or 50 mins) depends on the protein molecular weight, details can be found in included protocol.
Q: Can I conjugate markers to this antibody? Can I link custom conjugates to this antibody? Keyword: conjugation
A: The antibody is stored with BSA and cannot be conjugated with markers. Carrier free antibodies are available upon request. Please contact
Q: What should I use for negative control?
A: Please contact us for negative control suggestions. You can also check expression databases such as genecards, uniprot etc. Due to logistic reasons, we do not sell serum or lysates that we use internally for positive or negative control.
Q: Where can I find troubleshooting information? What should I do if I have unexpected bands, high background, no signal, weak signal
A: You can find Boster's troubleshoot guides under tech support tab. Please contact us for further assistance on troubleshooting your experiment.
Q: What is the immunogen sequence of this antibody? Is this antibody polyclonal or monoclonal?
A: You can find the immunogen sequence under "Immunogen" and clonality in the product name.
Q: What is the expected band size? Why is it different than the observed band size?
A: The expected band size is predicted on the size of the protein. The actual band size may be affected by a few other factors including but not limited to:
1. Post-translational modification:phosphorylation, methylation, glycosylation etc. These modifications prevent SDS molecules from binding to the target protein and thus make the band size appear larger than expected
2. Post-translational cleavage: this can cause smaller bands and or multiple bands

3. Alternative splicing: the same gene can have alternative splicing patterns generating different size proteins, all with reactivities to the antibody.

4. Amino Acid R chain charge: SDS binds to positive charges. The different size and charge of the Amino Acid side chains can affect the amount of SDS binding and thus affect the observed band size.
5. Multimers: Multimers are usually broken up in reducing conditions. However if the interactions between the multimers are strong, the band may appear higher.,
Q: What is the suggested dilution ratio for Western Blot (WB), Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and or ELISA standards? What is the optimal pH for the sample?
A: Check the datasheet for the product for details on dilution ratios for different experiments. You can find the datasheet button on the right side of the product page.
Q: What is the protocol you used for your Western blotting (WB) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC)?
A: Check our protocols under the tech support tab.
Q: What are some alternative names that could be used to describe this product?
A: Some common names include but are not limited to neuron specific enolase antibody, neuron-specific enolase antibody, nse antibody