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Cancer related antibodies

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Fun Fact About Cancer

Orthodox view of cancer as a genetic disease; statistical theory linking gene mutations to carcinogenesis; scientific evidence that this theory is likely wrong.

The orthodox view of the biological development of tumors, which has survived since the 19th century (see e.g., Von Hansemann [1] , Troussel [2] and Zhdanov's monographs) is based on two fundamental assumptions: 1) Cancer results from a failure in regulation of growth control mechanisms within cells, due to heritable changes in cellular genes coding for cell receptors or regulatory proteins - so-called proto-oncogenes, and 2) these acquired molecular defects represent irreversible events that are passed on by cell division throughout subsequent generations of tumor cells forming an established neoplasm. This implies a cascade model with multiple levels where each stage builds upon its predecessor until reaching the final level when all inhibitory controls become ineffective and malignant transformation occurs [3]. In this context it should be emphasized that - as Cairns et al. ([4]) emphasize - cancer is not just one disease, but rather "a genetically heterogeneous group" consisting mainly of many different kinds of tissue malignancies without any common origin derived from entirely different tissues throughout their evolutionary history . According to Weinberg ([5]), who pioneered work in modern genetics in studying human cancers.

Cancer and immuno checkpoints

The immune system has evolved a series of checkpoints that prevent the development of autoimmunity. These checkpoints are also exploited by tumors to evade immune destruction and thus promote tumor growth. Recent studies have shown that cancer cells can induce tolerance through expression of self-antigens or through interaction with dendritic cells (DCs). However, some tumors fail to develop an immuno-tolerant state despite prolonged contact with DCs.

List of Boster Bio's Reagents related to Cancer

Bub1 AAMP AntibodyABCA4 AntibodyP Glycoprotein/ABCB1 AntibodyMRP4/ABCC4 Antibody
SUR1/ABCC8 AntibodyABCE1 AntibodySSH3BP1/ABI1 AntibodyABL2 Antibody
ACAA2 AntibodyACADS/SCAD AntibodyHuman Aggrecan ELISA KitHuman Aggrecan Quick ELISA Kit
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 1/Ace AntibodyHuman ACE2 ELISA KitAcetylcholinesterase/ACHE AntibodyATP citrate lyase ACLY Antibody (monoclonal, 5I2)
ATP citrate lyase/ACLY AntibodyAconitase 2/ACO2 AntibodyActin/ACTA1 AntibodyActivin Receptor Type IIB/ACVR2B Antibody
Mouse ALK-1/ACVRL1 ELISA KitADA AntibodyADA AntibodyADA Antibody (monoclonal, 6D4)
Human ADA/Adenosine Deaminase ELISA KitADAM10 AntibodyMouse ADAM12 ELISA KitADAM17 Antibody
ADAM2 AntibodyAdam28 AntibodyHuman ADAM8/Ms2 ELISA KitADAMTS1 Antibody
Human ADAMTS1 ELISA KitADAMTS4/ADAMTS4 AntibodyADAR1 AntibodyCD97/Adgre5 Antibody
ADH4 AntibodyAdiponectin/ADIPOQ AntibodyHuman Adiponectin Quick ELISA KitRat Adiponectin Quick ELISA Kit
ADK AntibodyADK Antibody (monoclonal, 7F4)alpha 1d Adrenergic Receptor/ADRA1A Antibodybeta 3 Adrenergic Receptor/ADRB3 Antibody
AEBP2 AntibodyAES AntibodyAFG3L2 AntibodyAfm Antibody
Human Afamin ELISA Kitalpha 1 Fetoprotein/AFP AntibodyMouse AFP ELISA KitAgo2/eIF2C2 Antibody
Rat Agrin ELISA KitAGRP AntibodyHuman AGT/Serpin A8 ELISA KitAngiotensin II Type 1 Receptor/AGTR1 Antibody
Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor/AHR AntibodyAryl hydrocarbon Receptor/AHR AntibodyAHA1/AHSA1 AntibodyAHSG Antibody
Fetuin A/AHSG AntibodyHuman Fetuin A / AHSG ELISA KitAIF/AIFM1 Antibody (monoclonal, 2I5)AIM2 Antibody
ARA9/AIP AntibodyARA9/AIP Antibody (monoclonal, 10G8)AIRE AntibodyAKAP12 Antibody
AKR1B1 AntibodyAKR1B10 AntibodyAKR1D1 AntibodyAKT1 Antibody
AKT2 AntibodyAKT2 Antibody (monoclonal, 10C6)Human ALCAM/Cd166 ELISA KitRat ALCAM/Cd166 ELISA Kit
ALDH1A2 AntibodyALDH1B1 AntibodyALDH6A1 AntibodyAldolase/ALDOA Antibody
Aldolase/ALDOA Antibody (monoclonal, 6H8)15 Lipoxygenase 1/ALOX15 AntibodyAlkaline phosphatase/ALPL AntibodyPlacental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP)/ALPP Antibody
Bikunin/AMBP AntibodyAMH AntibodyAMHR2 AntibodyAMOTL2 Antibody
Alpha Amylase 1/AMY1A/AMY1B/AMY1C AntibodyANAPC2 AntibodyApc5/ANAPC5 AntibodyHuman Angiogenin/ANG ELISA Kit
Angiopoietin 1/ANGPT1 AntibodyAngiopoietin-1/ANGPT1 AntibodyHuman Angiopoietin-1 / ANG1 Quick ELISA KitRat Angiopoietin-1 ELISA Kit
Mouse Angiopoietin-2 ELISA KitRat Angiopoietin-2 ELISA KitRat ANGPTL2 ELISA KitANGPTL3 Antibody
Human ANGPTL3 ELISA KitMouse ANGPTL3 ELISA KitHuman ANGPTL4 / Angiopoietin Like 4 / ARP4 ELISA KitHuman ANGPTL6 ELISA Kit
Human ANGPTL7 ELISA KitMouse ANGPTL7 ELISA KitC19orf80/ANGPTL8 AntibodyTMEM16A/ANO1 Antibody
CD13/ANPEP Antibody (monoclonal, 5B9)Mouse ANTXR2 ELISA KitAnnexin A1/ANXA1 AntibodyHuman Annexin A1 ELISA Kit
Annexin A3/ANXA3 AntibodyAnnexin A3/ANXA3 AntibodyAnnexin A3/ANXA3 AntibodyHuman VAP-1/AOC3 ELISA Kit
AP2B1 AntibodyFE65/APBB1 AntibodyMouse SAP/PTX2 ELISA KitMouse SAP/PTX2 Quick ELISA Kit
Rat SAP/PTX2 ELISA KitSerum Amyloid P/APCS AntibodySerum Amyloid P/APCS AntibodyAPE1 APEX1 Antibody (monoclonal, 5C11)
APEX2 AntibodyAPH1a AntibodyApolipoprotein A I/APOA1 AntibodyApolipoprotein A I/APOA1 Antibody
Apolipoprotein A V/APOA5 AntibodyApolipoprotein B/APOB AntibodyPHO1/APOBEC3A AntibodyApolipoprotein CIII/APOC3 Antibody
Apolipoprotein E/APOE AntibodyMouse APOH ELISA KitApolipoprotein L1/APOL1 AntibodyAPP/C99 Antibody
beta Amyloid/APP AntibodyMonkey primate APP ELISA KitAPPL/APPL1 AntibodyAPRT Antibody
AQP11 AntibodyAquaporin 2/AQP2 AntibodyAquaporin 3/Aqp3 AntibodyAquaporin 5/AQP5 Antibody
ARAF AntibodyArc AntibodyAmphiregulin/Areg AntibodyHuman Amphiregulin (AR) / AREG ELISA Kit
Mouse Amphiregulin (AR) ELISA KitARF6 AntibodyARFGAP1 Antibodyliver Arginase/ARG1 Antibody
liver Arginase/ARG1 Antibody (monoclonal, 2B12)ARG2 AntibodyARG2 AntibodyARHGEF1 Antibody
ARID2 AntibodyARID2 AntibodyARP2/3 subunit 1B/ARPC1B AntibodyARSA Antibody
ARSA Antibody (monoclonal, 4C10)Human ARSA ELISA KitHuman ARSB ELISA KitMouse Artemin ELISA Kit
ASIC1 AntibodyACCN1/ASIC2 AntibodyAspartate beta hydroxylase/ASPH AntibodyASS1 Antibody
ASS1 Antibody (monoclonal, 7I9)ASXL1 AntibodyASXL1 Antibody (monoclonal, 11I4)ATF1 Antibody (monoclonal, 7F8)
ATF2 AntibodyATF6 AntibodyApg3/ATG3 AntibodyATG4A Antibody
Apg7/ATG7 AntibodyATG7 AntibodyATG7 AntibodyMATH1/HATH1/ATOH1 Antibody
ATP11C Antibodyalpha 1 Sodium Potassium ATPase/ATP1A1 AntibodyATP5H AntibodyATP5G1,2,3/ATP5MC1,2,3 Antibody
ATP5F1,2,3/ATP5MC1,2,3 Antibody (monoclonal, 12E9)Ataxin 1/ATXN1 AntibodyATX2/ATXN2 AntibodyAVPR1A/V1aR Antibody
Human AXL ELISA KitBeta 2 Microglobulin B2M Antibody (monoclonal, 2H10)B3GNT8 AntibodyHuman B4GALT1 ELISA Kit
BAT3/BAG6 AntibodyBAK/BAK1 Antibody (monoclonal, 4C2)BAMBI/NMA AntibodyBAP1 Antibody
CD239/BCAM Antibody Human BCAM/Cd239 ELISA KitHuman Brevican ELISA KitBCAR3 Antibody
Human BCHE/Butyrylcholinesterase ELISA KitBcl10 AntibodyBcl-2/BCL2 AntibodyBCL6 Antibody
Bcr AntibodyBDH1 AntibodyBDKRB2 AntibodyDog Canine BDNF ELISA Kit
Human BDNF ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitMouse BDNF ELISA KitPig porcine BDNF ELISA KitRabbit BDNF ELISA Kit
Beclin 1/BECN1 AntibodyBestrophin/BEST1 AntibodyOsteocalcin/BGLAP AntibodyOsteocalcin/BGLAP Antibody
Human Biglycan ELISA KitBHMT AntibodyBik AntibodycIAP2/BIRC3 Antibody
Human Survivin ELISA KitMonkey primate Survivin ELISA KitBmi1 AntibodyHuman BMP-10 ELISA Kit
Rat BMP-10 ELISA KitBMP15 AntibodyBovine BMP-2 ELISA KitHuman BMP-2 Quick ELISA Kit
Mouse BMP-2 Quick ELISA KitMouse BMP-2 Quick ELISA KitRat BMP-2 Quick ELISA KitBMP4 Antibody
Human BMP-4 ELISA KitMouse BMP-4 ELISA KitHorse equine BMP-5 ELISA KitMonkey primate BMP-5 ELISA Kit
Pig porcine BMP-5 ELISA KitRat BMP-6 ELISA KitChinese Hamster BMP-7 ELISA KitMouse BMP-7 ELISA Kit
Human BMPER ELISA KitMouse BMPER ELISA KitBMPR1B AntibodyBNIP3 Antibody
BRCA1 AntibodyBRD7 AntibodyBRMS1 AntibodyCD147/BSG Antibody
CD147/Emmprin/BSG AntibodyBetacellulin/Btc AntibodyMouse Betacellulin/BTC ELISA KitCD272/BTLA Antibody
BubR1/BUB1B Antibody (monoclonal, 5I7)Mouse C1R ELISA KitHuman C1S ELISA KitC5/C5a Antibody
C5a-R/C5ar1 AntibodyComplement C7 AntibodyC9ORF72 AntibodyCarbonic Anhydrase I/CA1 Antibody (monoclonal, 2B5)
Carbonic Anhydrase I?/CA1 AntibodyCarbonic anhydrase 10/CA10 AntibodyCA2 Antibody (monoclonal, 10E11)Carbonic Anhydrase II/CA2 Antibody
Human CA2 / Carbonic Anhydrase 2 ELISA KitCarbonic Anhydrase III/CA3 AntibodyHuman CA3 ELISA KitHuman CA4 ELISA Kit
Mouse CA4 ELISA KitHuman CA9/Ca Ix ELISA KitCACNA1S AntibodyCACNA2D2 Antibody
Calretinin/CALB2 AntibodyCalcitonin/CALCA AntibodyCaldesmon/CALD1 AntibodyCalreticulin/CALR Antibody
CaMKII alpha/CAMK2A AntibodyCaMKII alpha/CAMK2A AntibodyCalpain 2 CAPN2 Antibody (monoclonal, 8I6)CARS Antibody
Caspase-2/CASP2 AntibodyCaspase-3 Antibody (monoclonal, 15G8)Caspase-3/CASP3 AntibodyCaspase 4/CASP4 Antibody
Caspase-5/CASP5 AntibodyCaspase-6/CASP6 AntibodyCaspase-7/CASP7 AntibodyCaspase-7/CASP7 Antibody
Caspase 8/CASP8 AntibodyHuman Caspase 8 ELISA KitCaspase-9 p35/Casp9 AntibodyCaveolin-1/CAV1 Antibody
Caveolin-1/CAV1 Antibody (monoclonal, 12C7)Caveolin-3/CAV3 AntibodyCBL AntibodyHP1 alpha/CBX5 Antibody
Cbx8 AntibodyCCDC36 AntibodyCCDC6 AntibodyHuman URB/CCDC80 ELISA Kit
CCKBR AntibodyHuman CCL1/I 309 ELISA KitEotaxin/CCL11 AntibodyHuman Eotaxin / CCL11 ELISA Kit
Mouse Eotaxin-1 ELISA KitMouse CCL12/MCP5 ELISA KitHuman CCL13/MCP4 ELISA KitHuman CCL15/Mip 1 Delta ELISA Kit
Human CCL17/TARC ELISA KitMouse CCL17/TARC ELISA KitTARC/CCL17 AntibodyAAMP CCL18 Antibody
Mouse CCL19/MIP-3 beta ELISA KitCCL2 AntibodyHuman MCP-1 / CCL2 ELISA KitMouse MCP-1 Quick ELISA Kit
Rat MCP-1 ELISA KitHuman MIP-3 Alpha / CCL20 / MIP3a ELISA KitMouse MIP-3 Alpha/CCL20 ELISA KitHuman CCL21 / 6Ckine / Exodus 2 ELISA Kit
Mouse CCL21 / 6Ckine / Ccl21c ELISA KitHuman CCL24/Eotaxin-2 ELISA KitMouse CCL25/TECK ELISA KitMouse CCL27/CTACK ELISA Kit
Mouse CCL28 ELISA KitMouse MIP-1Alpha/CCL3 ELISA KitRat MIP-1Alpha/CCL3 ELISA KitMacrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 beta/CCL4 Antibody
Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 beta?/CCL4 AntibodyRat CCL4/MIP-1 Beta ELISA KitHuman Rantes Quick ELISA KitMouse Rantes ELISA Kit
RANTES/CCL5 AntibodyCCL6 AntibodyRat CCL7/MCP-3 ELISA KitHuman CCL8/MCP-2 ELISA Kit
Mouse CCL8/MCP-2 ELISA KitMouse CCL9/Mip 1 Gamma Quick ELISA KitCyclin A1/CCNA1 AntibodyCyclin B2/CCNB2 Antibody
Cyclin E1/CCNE1 AntibodyCyclin T1/CCNT1 AntibodyCP110/CCP110 AntibodyCCR1 Antibody
GPR2/CCR10 AntibodyCCR2 AntibodyCCR3 AntibodyCCR6 Antibody
Superoxide Dismutase 4/CCS AntibodyTCP1 beta/CCT2 AntibodyCCT3 AntibodyTCP1 epsilon/CCT5 Antibody
TCP1 eta/CCT7 AntibodyCD14 AntibodyCD151 AntibodyHuman CD163 / M130 ELISA Kit
Human CD163 / M130 Quick ELISA KitMouse CD163 ELISA KitCD19 AntibodyCd2 Antibody
Human CD200 ELISA KitMouse CD200R1 ELISA KitDC-SIGN/CD209 AntibodyCD22 Antibody (monoclonal, 5E7)
CD226 Antibody2B4/Cd244 AntibodyHuman TNFRSF7/CD27 ELISA KitMouse TNFRSF7/CD27 ELISA Kit
PD-L1/B7-H1/CD274 AntibodyHuman CD28 ELISA KitCD2AP Antibody (monoclonal, 5F8)Human CD300A ELISA Kit
Human CD300C ELISA KitMouse CD300b ELISA KitHuman CD320 / 8D6A / TCblR ELISA KitCD33 Antibody
CD36 AntibodyMouse CD36/SR-B3 ELISA KitCD38 AntibodyCD3 epsilon/Cd3e Antibody
CD4 AntibodyCD40 AntibodyCD40 AntibodyMouse CD40/TNFRSF5 ELISA Kit
CD40L/CD40LG AntibodyHuman sCD40L ELISA KitMouse sCD40L ELISA KitTRAP/CD40L/CD40LG Antibody
CD44 AntibodyCD44 AntibodyCD44 Antibody (monoclonal, 7H7)Rat CD44 Quick ELISA Kit
CD46 AntibodyCD46 AntibodyCD48 AntibodyHuman CD48/Slamf2 ELISA Kit
CD5 AntibodyCD5 AntibodyCD5 Antibody (monoclonal, 4E2)Human CD55 ELISA Kit
Mouse CD55 ELISA KitCd59 AntibodyCD59/Cd59a AntibodyHuman CD5L / CT 2 ELISA Kit
Human CD5L / CT 2 Quick ELISA KitMouse CD5L / CT 2 Quick ELISA KitMouse soluble CD6 ELISA KitCD68 Antibody
Mouse CD69 ELISA KitCD72 AntibodyCD79a AntibodyCD79a Antibody (monoclonal, 4G4)
CD79b AntibodyCD79b Antibody (monoclonal, 6H11)CD80 AntibodyHuman B7-1/CD80 Quick ELISA Kit
Human B7-1/CD80 Quick ELISA KitMouse B7-1/CD80 ELISA KitTAPA1/CD81 AntibodyCD82 Antibody
Mouse CD86/B7-2 ELISA KitRat CD86/B7-2 ELISA KitCD8 alpha/Cd8a AntibodyCD9 Antibody
Mouse CD99 ELISA KitMouse CD99L2 ELISA KitCdc20 AntibodyCDC27 Antibody
CDC42 AntibodyCDC45L AntibodyCDCP1 AntibodyHuman CDCP1 ELISA Kit
E Cadherin 1/CDH1 AntibodyHuman E-Cadherin 1 ELISA KitMouse E-Cadherin 1 ELISA KitOB Cadherin/CDH11 Antibody
Mouse LI-Cadherin-17 CDH17 ELISA KitDog N-Cadherin-2 CDH2 CD325 ELISA KitHuman N-Cadherin-2 CDH2 CD325 ELISA KitHuman P-Cadherin-3 CDH3 ELISA Kit
P-Cadherin-3 CDH3-Antibody (monoclonal, 3C9)Rat P-Cadherin-3 CDH3 ELISA KitMouse R-Cadherin-4 Cdh4 ELISA KitR-Cadherin-4 CDH4-Antibody
Human VE-Cadherin-5 CDH5 ELISA KitMouse VE-Cadherin-5 Cdh5 ELISA KitVE-Cadherin-5 Cdh5-AntibodyVE-Cadherin-5 CDH5-Antibody
Rat K-Cadherin-6 Cdh6 ELISA KitCDK1 AntibodyCDK5 AntibodyCDK5 Antibody
Cdk6 AntibodyCdk6 AntibodyCdk7 AntibodyCDK8 Antibody
p57 Kip2/CDKN1C AntibodyCDR2 AntibodyCDR2 AntibodyHuman CEACAM1/Cd66A ELISA Kit
Human CEA / Carcino Embryonic Antigen ELISA KitCEBP Beta/CEBPB AntibodyCEBP Delta/CEBPD AntibodyCEP68 Antibody
Liver Carboxylesterase 1/CES1 AntibodyMouse CES3 ELISA KitRat CES3 ELISA KitCETP Antibody
Human CFD/Adipsin ELISA KitFactor H/Cfh AntibodyHuman Complement H/CFH ELISA KitFactor I/CFI Antibody
Cofilin 2/CFL2 Antibody (monoclonal, 8C13)FLIP/CFLAR AntibodyCFP AntibodyCholine Acetyltransferase/Chat Antibody
Choline Acetyltransferase/CHAT AntibodyCholine Acetyltransferase/CHAT AntibodyCHD2 AntibodyMouse CHI3L3 ELISA Kit
Human CHIT1 ELISA KitMouse CHIT1 ELISA KitCHM AntibodyHuman CHRDL1 ELISA Kit
Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor 2/CHRM2 AntibodyNicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor alpha 3/CHRNA3 AntibodyNicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor alpha 5/CHRNA5 AntibodyIKK alpha/CHUK Antibody
CIC AntibodyCIITA AntibodyHuman CILP ELISA KitCINP Antibody
p90 Autoantigen/KIAA1524 CIP2A AntibodyCISD2 AntibodyCKAP4 Antibodych TOG/CKAP5 Antibody (monoclonal, 3C13)
Creatine Kinase MM/CKM AntibodyClaudin 3/CLDN3 AntibodyClaudin 3/CLDN3 AntibodyClaudin 7/CLDN-7 Antibody
Claudin 7/CLDN-7 AntibodyHuman CLEC10A ELISA KitHuman CLEC11A ELISA KitHuman CLEC1B ELISA Kit
Mouse CLEC4F ELISA KitMouse CLEC7A ELISA KitCLEC9A AntibodyCLPB Antibody
Clathrin heavy chain/CLTC AntibodyMouse Clusterin / Apolipoprotein J ELISA KitRat Clusterin ELISA KitLOC134147/CMBL Antibody
CNPase AntibodyCannabinoid Receptor I/CNR1 AntibodyCNTF AntibodyCNTF Antibody
CNTF AntibodyHuman Contactin-1 ELISA KitRat Contactin-1 ELISA KitHuman Contactin-4 ELISA Kit
Collagen XVII/COL17A1 AntibodyHuman Endostatin ELISA KitCollagen I/COL1A1 AntibodyCollagen II/COL2A1 Antibody
Collagen III/COL3A1 Antibody (monoclonal, 9H9)Collagen VII/COL7A1 AntibodyCOMP AntibodyHuman COMP/Thrombospondin 5 ELISA Kit
COMT AntibodyCOMT Antibody (monoclonal, 15C10)Human COMT ELISA KitCOPE Antibody
COPE Antibody (monoclonal, 9B6)JAB1/COPS5 AntibodyHuman Corin ELISA KitCoronin 1a/TACO/CORO1A Antibody
COX IV COX4I1 Antibody (monoclonal, 4G11)Cox6a2 AntibodyCOX8A AntibodyCarboxypeptidase A/CPA1 Antibody
Human CPA1 ELISA KitCarboxypeptidase B2/CPB2 AntibodyHuman TAFI/CPB2 ELISA KitHuman CPE ELISA Kit
Mouse CPE ELISA KitRat CPE ELISA KitCarboxypeptidase M/CPM AntibodyCPN1 Antibody
CD35/CR1 AntibodyHuman CD21/CR2 ELISA KitCRB1 AntibodyCRB1 Antibody
Crk p38 AntibodyCRLF2 AntibodyHuman CRLF2/TSLP R ELISA KitC Reactive Protein/CRP Antibody
C Reactive Protein/Crp AntibodyC Reactive Protein/Crp AntibodyMouse CRP / C Reactive Protein / PTX1 ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitMouse CRP / C Reactive Protein / PTX1 ELISA Kit Quick ELISA Kit
Rat CRP/C Reactive Protein ELISA KitHuman CRTAC1 ELISA KitTORC1/CRTC1 AntibodyHuman M-CSF ELISA Kit
G-CSF/CSF3 AntibodyHuman G-CSF ELISA KitHuman CSF3R/G-CSF R ELISA KitCsk Antibody
Cystatin C/CST3 Antibody (monoclonal, 4H8)Cystatin C/CST3 Biotinylated Antibody (monoclonal, 8D1)Human Cystatin C ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitHuman Cystatin C ELISA Kit Quick ELISA Kit
Mouse Cystatin C ELISA KitRat Cystatin C ELISA KitCtBP1 AntibodyCystathionase/CTH Antibody
CTHRC1 Antibodyalpha 1 Catenin/CTNNA1 Antibody (monoclonal, 10I2)beta Catenin CTNNB1 Antibody (monoclonal, 1F6)beta Catenin/CTNNB1 Antibody
Human CTRC ELISA KitCathepsin D/CTSD AntibodyCathepsin D/CTSD AntibodyCathepsin D/Ctsd Antibody
Human Cathepsin D ELISA KitMouse Cathepsin D ELISA KitCathepsin G/CTSG AntibodyHuman Cathepsin L ELISA Kit
Cortactin/CTTN AntibodyCullin 1/CUL1 AntibodyCUL2 AntibodyCullin 4a/CUL4A Antibody
Rat Fractalkine/CX3CL1 ELISA KitRat CXADR ELISA KitRat CXCL1/Gro Alpha ELISA KitHuman CXCL10/IP-10 ELISA Kit
IP10/CXCL10 AntibodyMouse CXCL10/IP-10 ELISA KitCXCL12 AntibodyCXCL12 Antibody
BCA1/CXCL13 AntibodyBCA1/CXCL13 AntibodyHuman CXCL13 / BLC / BCA1 ELISA KitBovine CXCL14 ELISA Kit
Horse equine CXCL14 ELISA KitHuman CXCL14/Brak ELISA KitMonkey primate CXCL14/Brak ELISA KitHuman CXCL16 ELISA Kit
CXCL2 AntibodyMouse CXCL3 / GRO gamma ELISA KitMouse CXCL5 / LIX / ENA-78 / GCP 2 ELISA KitMouse CXCL5 / LIX / ENA-78 / GCP 2 Quick ELISA Kit
Human CXCL9/Mig ELISA KitMIG/CXCL9 AntibodyMouse CXCL9/Mig ELISA KitCXCR2 Antibody
CXCR3 AntibodyCXCR4 AntibodyNOX2/gp91phox/CYBB AntibodyCytochrome C CYCS Antibody (monoclonal, 15F10)
Cytochrome C/Cycs AntibodyCYLD AntibodyCYP11B1/C11B2/CYP11B2 AntibodyCytochrome P450 17A1/Cyp17a1 Antibody
Cytochrome P450 1A1/CYP1A1 AntibodyCytochrome P450 1A2/Cyp1a2 AntibodyCYP24A1 AntibodyCytochrome P450 2A6/CYP2A6 Antibody
Cytochrome p450 2C19/CYP2C19 Antibody (monoclonal, 10G5)Cytochrome P450 2E1/CYP2E1 AntibodyCytochrome P450 2E1/CYP2E1 AntibodyCytochrome P450 3A4/CYP3A4 Antibody
CYP51A1/CYP51 AntibodyCYP7A1 AntibodyCCN1/CYR61 AntibodyHuman DAND5/COCO ELISA Kit
DAZAP1 AntibodyDopamine beta Hydroxylase/DBH AntibodyDiazepam Binding Inhibitor/DBI AntibodyVPRBP/DCAF1 Antibody
Human Decorin / DCN ELISA KitHuman Decorin / DCN Quick ELISA KitDoublecortin/DCX AntibodyDDAH1 Antibody
DDAH2 AntibodyDDB1 AntibodyDDIT3 AntibodyDDX1 Antibody (monoclonal, 11E5)
DDX1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3I10)DDX3/DDX3X AntibodyDDX4/MVH AntibodyHuman alpha-defensin/DEFA1 ELISA Kit
Desmin AntibodyDesmin Antibody (monoclonal, 2B5)DFFA/ICAD AntibodyDGAT1 Antibody
DGCR8 AntibodyDGKZ/DGK-zeta AntibodyDHFR Antibody (monoclonal, 3C8)DHX15/prp43 Antibody
Smac/Diablo AntibodyDIO1 AntibodyDKK1 AntibodyHuman DKK-1 / Dickkopf 1 ELISA Kit
Rat DKK-1 ELISA KitDKK2 AntibodyHuman DKK-3 ELISA KitHuman DKK-4 / Dickkopf 4 ELISA Kit
Lipoamide Dehydrogenase/DLD AntibodySAP102/DLG3 AntibodyPSD95/DLG4 AntibodyDLL1 Antibody
Human DLL1 ELISA KitMouse DLL4 ELISA KitMouse DNER ELISA KitDynamin 1/DNM1 Antibody
DRP1/DNM1L AntibodyDOK7 AntibodyHuman CD26/DPP4 ELISA KitDPYD Antibody
DRD4 AntibodyDUSP3 AntibodyDishevelled 3/DVL3 AntibodyDYNLL1/PIN Antibody
DYRK1A AntibodyECE1 AntibodyEDA AntibodyBovine Endothelin ELISA Kit
Human Endothelin 1 ELISA KitMouse Endothelin 1 ELISA KitRabbit Endothelin ELISA KitEndothelin B Receptor/EDNRB Antibody
EED AntibodyHuman Fibulin-3/EFEMP1 ELISA KitMouse EFEMP1 ELISA KitEGF Antibody
EGF AntibodyEGF AntibodyMouse EGF ELISA KitRat EGF ELISA Kit
EGFL6 AntibodyEGFR AntibodyEGFR AntibodyEGFR Antibody
EGFR AntibodyHuman soluble EGFR ELISA KitMouse EGFR ELISA KitEHD1 Antibody
PKR/EIF2AK2 AntibodyPERK/EIF2AK3 AntibodyEIF2AK4 AntibodyEIF4A1/2/3 Antibody
eIF4A2 AntibodyEIF6 Antibody (monoclonal, 2I11)integrin beta 4 binding protein/EIF6 AntibodyHuman Elastase/ELANE/ELA2 ELISA Kit
Neutrophil Elastase/ELANE AntibodyE74 like factor 1/ELF1 AntibodyKAT9/ELP3 AntibodyEmerin/EMD Antibody
EME1 AntibodyCD105/Eng AntibodyHuman CD105 Quick ELISA KitNSE/ENO2 Antibody
Human Autotaxin ELISA KitMouse CD39/ENTPD1 ELISA KitTBR2/Eomes AntibodyEpCAM Antibody
EpCAM AntibodyHuman EPCAM/Trop1 Quick ELISA KitEpigen/Epgn AntibodyEpigen/EPGN Antibody
Eph receptor A2/EPHA2 AntibodyMouse EphA4 ELISA KitRat EphA4 ELISA KitEph receptor A5/EPHA5 Antibody
Eph receptor B2/EPHB2 AntibodyEPO AntibodyRat EPO/Erythropoietin ELISA KitRat EPO/Erythropoietin Quick ELISA Kit
EPO Receptor/Epor AntibodyEPO Receptor/EPOR AntibodyEPRS1/PARS AntibodyHuman ERBB3/Her3 ELISA Kit
ERCC1 AntibodyXPB/ERCC3 AntibodyCSB/ERCC6 AntibodyEREG Antibody
Monkey primate Epiregulin ELISA KitMouse Epiregulin / EREG ELISA KitPig porcine Epiregulin ELISA KitHuman ESM1/Endocan ELISA Kit
Mouse ESM1/Endocan ELISA KitEstrogen Receptor/ESR1 AntibodyeRF1/ETF1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3E5)ERM/Etv5 Antibody
ETV6/Tel AntibodyEWSR1 AntibodyEWSR1 Antibody (monoclonal, 4B4)Exonuclease 1/EXO1 Antibody
KMT6/EZH2 AntibodyPAR1/Thrombin Receptor/F2r AntibodyHuman Tissue Factor/F3 ELISA KitMouse Tissue Factor/F3 ELISA Kit
Tissue Factor/F3 AntibodyTissue Factor/F3 Antibodyliver FABP/FABP1 AntibodyIntestinal FABP/FABP2 Antibody
Cardiac FABP/FABP3 AntibodyCardiac FABP/Fabp3 AntibodyFABP4 AntibodyHuman FABP4/A Fabp ELISA Kit
FADD AntibodyFibroblast activation protein, alpha/FAP AntibodyFas AntibodyHuman FAS/Cd95 ELISA Kit
Mouse FASL ELISA KitRat FASL ELISA KitCD23/FCER2 AntibodyCD23/FCER2 Antibody
FCGR1A AntibodyMouse CD32/FCGR2b/c ELISA KitFCGR2A AntibodyCD16/Fcgr3 Antibody
CD16/FCGR3A AntibodyMouse FCRN/FCGRT ELISA KitHuman Ficolin-1 / FCN1 / M Ficolin ELISA KitHuman Ficolin-2 ELISA Kit
Human Ficolin-3 ELISA KitHuman Ficolin-3 Quick ELISA KitHuman FCRL1 ELISA KitHuman FCRL5 ELISA Kit
FDPS/FPS AntibodyFEN1 AntibodyFES AntibodyHuman Fetuin B ELISA Kit
Fibrinogen beta chain/FGB AntibodyHorse equine FGF1 ELISA KitHuman FGF1/Fgf Acidic ELISA KitMonkey primate FGF1/Fgf Acidic ELISA Kit
Rat FGF1/Fgf Acidic ELISA KitFGF10 AntibodyFGF19 AntibodyHuman FGF19 ELISA Kit
FGF2 AntibodyFGF2 AntibodyFGF21 AntibodyMouse FGF21 ELISA Kit
Rat FGF21 ELISA KitFGF23 AntibodyFGF23 AntibodyKGF/FGF7 Antibody
FGF8 AntibodyBovine FGF9 ELISA KitFGF9 AntibodyPig porcine FGF9 ELISA Kit
Rabbit FGF9 ELISA KitFGFR1 AntibodyMouse FGFR4 ELISA KitFGR Antibody
FH AntibodyFHIT AntibodyFHIT Antibody (monoclonal, 26H7)FHL FHL1 Antibody
FHL3 AntibodyFilaggrin/FLG AntibodyFLI1 AntibodyFilamin A/FLNA Antibody
Flotillin 2/FLOT2 AntibodyHuman FLRT2 ELISA KitRat FLRT2 ELISA KitHuman FLRT3 ELISA Kit
Mouse FLT1/VEGFR1 ELISA KitVEGF Receptor 1/FLT1 AntibodyHuman FLT3/FLK2 ELISA KitFlt3 ligand/Flt3lg Antibody
Mouse Flt-3ligand ELISA KitHuman FLT4/VEGFR3 ELISA KitRat VEGFR3/FLT4 ELISA KitVEGF Receptor 3/FLT4 Antibody
VEGF Receptor 3/FLT4 AntibodyFMN1 AntibodyFMO3 AntibodyFibronectin/FN1 Antibody
Mouse Fibronectin Quick ELISA KitRat Fibronectin Quick ELISA KitFNDC5 AntibodyHuman FOLR1/Alpha Fr ELISA Kit
Mouse FOLR1/Alpha Fr ELISA Kitc-Fos/FOS AntibodyFRA1/FOSL1 AntibodyFOXA1 Antibody
FOXA2 AntibodyFOXF1 AntibodyFOXK1/MNF AntibodyFOXN1 Antibody
FOXO3A AntibodyFOXP1 AntibodyFOXP2 AntibodyFPRL1/FPR2 Antibody
FRZB AntibodyFRZB AntibodyFascin 2/FSCN2 AntibodyFSH Receptor/FSHR Antibody
Follistatin/FST AntibodyTLS/FUS AntibodyFXYD1 AntibodyFrizzled homolog 1/FZD1 Antibody
FZD3 AntibodyGAA AntibodyGAA Antibody (monoclonal, 2G7)GAB1 Antibody
GABARAP AntibodyGABA A Receptor beta 3/GABRB3 AntibodyGABA A Receptor gamma 2/GABRG2 AntibodyGAD67/GAD1 Antibody
GAD65/GAD2 Antibody (monoclonal, 4E12)GADD45G AntibodyGalanin AntibodyGALNS Antibody
GAPDH AntibodyMouse GAS1 ELISA KitGAS 6/GAS6 AntibodyGATA2 Antibody
GATA3 AntibodyGATA3 AntibodyMouse Vitamin DBP ELISA KitVitamin D Binding protein/Gc Antibody
Grancalcin/GCA AntibodyGCHFR AntibodyGlucokinase/GCK AntibodyGCLC Antibody
GDA AntibodyGDF15 AntibodyHuman GDF-15 Quick ELISA KitMouse GDF-15 ELISA Kit
Rat GDF-15 ELISA KitHuman BMP-9 ELISA KitChicken GDF5 ELISA KitMonkey primate GDF5/Bmp 14 ELISA Kit
GDNF AntibodyHuman GDNF / Glial Derived Neurotrophic Factor Quick ELISA KitMouse GDNF ELISA KitMouse GDNF Quick ELISA Kit
Rat GDNF ELISA KitRat GDNF Quick ELISA KitGFI1 AntibodyHuman GFRA1 ELISA Kit
Human GFRA2 ELISA KitRat GFRA2 ELISA KitHuman GFRA3 ELISA KitGrowth hormone receptor/GHR Antibody
GIP AntibodyConnexin 37/GJA4 AntibodyConnexin 45/GJA7/GJC1 AntibodyConnexin 45/GJA7/GJC1 Antibody
GJC2 AntibodyGlycerol kinase/GK AntibodyGalactosidase alpha/Gla AntibodyGalactosidase alpha/Gla Antibody
GLB1/Beta-galactosidase AntibodyGLB1/Beta-galactosidase AntibodyGli1 AntibodyGLO1 Antibody
TXNL2/GLRX3 AntibodyGlutaminase/GLS AntibodyGMPS AntibodyGNAQ Antibody (monoclonal, 13H4)
RACK1 GNB2L1 AntibodyGNG4 AntibodyGNG7 AntibodyHuman Granulysin ELISA Kit
Human Granulysin Quick ELISA KitHuman Granulysin Quick ELISA KitGNS AntibodyGM130 GOLGA2 Antibody (monoclonal, 4G3)
GP2 AntibodyMouse GPC2 ELISA KitGlucose 6 phosphate isomerase/GPI AntibodyGPNMB/Gpnmb Antibody
GRB10 AntibodyGRB10 Antibody (monoclonal, 5H7)GRB7 AntibodyHuman GREM2/Prdc ELISA Kit
Monkey primate GREM2/Prdc ELISA KitIonotropic Glutamate receptor 2/GRIA2 AntibodyIonotropic Glutamate receptor 4/GRIA4 AntibodyGRIK1 Antibody
NMDAR2B/GRIN2B AntibodyGRK6 AntibodymGluR1/GRM1 AntibodyHuman Progranulin ELISA Kit
Mouse Progranulin ELISA KitGRSF1 AntibodyGSK3 alpha/GSK3A AntibodyGSTA1/A2/A3/A4/A5 Antibody
GSTA1/GSTA2/GSTA3/GSTA4/GSTA5 AntibodyGsta3 AntibodyGSTM1 Antibody (monoclonal, 11F2)GSTM3 Antibody
Glycophorin A/GYPA AntibodyGranzyme A/GZMA AntibodyHuman Granzyme A ELISA KitHuman Granzyme B ELISA Kit
Mouse Granzyme B ELISA KitHistone H1.0/H1F0 AntibodyHAP1 AntibodyHyaluronan synthase 1/HAS1 Antibody
Human HBEGF ELISA KitHCN1 AntibodyHCN2 AntibodyHDAC10 Antibody
HDAC11 AntibodyHDAC7 AntibodyHDAC9 AntibodyHECTD3 Antibody
HERC5 AntibodyHEXA AntibodyHEXB AntibodyMouse Hemojuvelin/RGM-C ELISA Kit
HIF-1 alpha/HIF1A AntibodyHIF-1 alpha/HIF1A AntibodyHIF1 beta/ARNT AntibodyHIF-1-alpha/HIF1A Antibody
Hexokinase 1/HK1 Antibody (monoclonal, 4B7)HKDC1 AntibodyHLA-B AntibodyHLA-DR/HLA-DRA Antibody
HLA Class II DRB1/HLA-DRB1 AntibodyHLF AntibodyHLTF AntibodyHMBS Antibody
HMG4 Antibody (monoclonal, 7G13)HMGB1 AntibodyHMGB2 AntibodyHMGN2 Antibody
CD168/HMMR AntibodyHeme oxygenase 2/HMOX2 AntibodyhnRNP D/AUF1/HNRNPD AntibodyHnRNP F/HNRNPF Antibody
HnRNP H/HNRNPH1 AntibodyHNRNPH3 AntibodyHnRNP L/HNRNPL AntibodyHOMER3 Antibody
HOOK2 AntibodyHOXA10 AntibodyHOXA5 AntibodyHOXA9 Antibody
HOXC10 AntibodyHOXC8 AntibodyHaptoglobin/HP AntibodyHPRT/HPRT1 Antibody
Heparanase 1/Hpse AntibodyHuman Hemopexin ELISA KitGTPase HRAS AntibodyHRG Antibody
Mouse HRG ELISA KitHSD17B1 AntibodyHSF2 AntibodyHsp90 alpha/HSP90AA1 Antibody
GRP94/HSP90B1 AntibodyHsp70/HSPA1A/HSPA1B AntibodyHSPA2 AntibodyGRP78 BiP/HSPA5 Antibody
Grp75/HSPA9 AntibodyHsp27/Hspb1 AntibodyHSPB8/Hsp22 AntibodyHuman Endorepellin/HSPG2 ELISA Kit
Hsp105/HSPH1 AntibodyHsp105/HSPH1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3D10)5HT2B Receptor/HTR2B AntibodyHYAL1 Antibody
IBSP AntibodyICA1 AntibodyHuman ICAM-1 / CD54 ELISA KitICAM1 Antibody
ICAM1 AntibodyIcam1 AntibodyMouse ICAM-1 / CD54 ELISA KitHuman ICAM5 ELISA Kit
ICOS AntibodyID2 AntibodyInsulin degrading enzyme/IDE AntibodyIDH1 Antibody (monoclonal, 16H7)
IDH2 Antibody (monoclonal, 2H4)Mouse IDS/Iduronate 2 Sulfatase ELISA KitGILT/IFI30 AntibodyIFITM1 Antibody
IFNAR1 AntibodyMouse IFNAR1 ELISA KitIFNAR2 AntibodyHuman IFN Gamma ELISA Kit
Interferon gamma Ifng AntibodyMouse IFN Gamma / IFNG / Interferon gamma ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitIFNGR1 AntibodyIFN gamma Receptor beta/AF-1/Ifngr2 Antibody
Human IL-29 ELISA KitHuman IL-28A ELISA KitBovine IGF-1 ELISA KitChinese Hamster IGF-1 ELISA Kit
Horse equine IGF-1 ELISA KitHuman IGF-1 ELISA KitIGF1 AntibodyRabbit IGF-1 ELISA Kit
Human IGF1R/Igf1 Receptor ELISA KitI-309/CCL1 IGF1R AntibodyMonkey primate IGF-2 ELISA KitRat IGF-2 ELISA Kit
IGF2-AS AntibodyMannose 6 Phosphate Receptor (Cation independent)/IGF2R AntibodyMannose 6 Phosphate Receptor/Igf2r AntibodyHuman IGFBP-1 ELISA Kit
IGFBP1 AntibodyIGFBP1 AntibodyMouse IGFBP-1 ELISA KitHuman IGFBP2 ELISA Kit
IGFBP2 AntibodyIGFBP2 AntibodyMouse IGFBP2 ELISA KitIGFBP3 Antibody
IGFBP5 AntibodyHuman IGFBP6 ELISA KitMonkey primate IGFBP7/Igfbp Rp1 ELISA KitIKK beta/IKBKB Antibody
IKKi/IKKe/IKBKE AntibodyIKK gamma/IKBKG AntibodyIkaros/IKZF1 AntibodyZNFN1A2/HELIOS/IKZF2 Antibody
Human IL-10 ELISA KitIL10 AntibodyMouse IL-10 ELISA KitRat IL-10 ELISA Kit
Human IL-12 (p70) ELISA KitMouse IL-12 (p70) ELISA KitRat IL-12 (P70) ELISA KitIL12B Antibody
IL12B AntibodyMouse IL-12 (p40) ELISA KitIL12RB1 AntibodyHuman IL-13 ELISA Kit
Mouse IL-13 ELISA KitRat IL-13 ELISA KitHuman IL-15 Quick ELISA KitIL15 Antibody
IL15 AntibodyIL15RA AntibodyMouse IL15RA ELISA KitHuman IL-16 ELISA Kit
IL16 AntibodyHuman IL-17/IL-17A ELISA KitIL17/Il17a AntibodyMouse IL-17/IL-17A ELISA Kit
IL17B AntibodyIL17C AntibodyMouse IL-17D ELISA KitIL17F Antibody
Mouse IL-17F ELISA KitHuman IL-17RA ELISA KitHuman IL-17RC ELISA KitHuman IL-17RD ELISA Kit
IL18 AntibodyRat IL-18 ELISA KitHuman IL-19 ELISA KitMouse IL-1 Alpha ELISA Kit
IL1 beta/IL1B AntibodyIL-1 beta/IL1B AntibodyRat IL-1 Beta ELISA KitHuman IL-38/IL1F10 ELISA Kit
IL1F10 AntibodyIL1F10 AntibodyHuman IL1R2/Il 1 Rii ELISA KitHuman IL-1RAcP/IL-1R3/IL1RAP ELISA Kit
Human IL-1 RL1 / ST2 ELISA KitIL1RA/Il1rn AntibodyIL1RA/Il1rn AntibodyIL1RA/IL1RN Antibody
Human IL-2 ELISA KitIL2 AntibodyMouse IL-2 Quick ELISA KitHuman IL-20 ELISA Kit
IL-21/Il21 AntibodyIL22 AntibodyIL22 Antibody (monoclonal, 7F2)IL-22/IL22 Antibody
Mouse IL-24 ELISA KitIL27 AntibodyIL27 AntibodyMouse IL-27/IL-30 p28 ELISA Kit
Human CD25/IL-2sR Alpha ELISA KitHuman CD25/IL-2sR Alpha Quick ELISA KitIL2 Receptor beta/IL2RB AntibodyIL2 Receptor gamma/IL2RG Antibody
Mouse IL-3 ELISA KitHuman IL-31 ELISA KitIL-31 AntibodyHuman IL-32 ELISA Kit
IL32 AntibodyHuman IL-33 ELISA KitIL33 AntibodyMouse IL-34 ELISA Kit
IL36 alpha/IL36A AntibodyIL36 alpha/IL36A AntibodyIL3RA/CD123 AntibodyHuman IL-4 ELISA Kit
Rat IL-4 ELISA KitHuman IL4R ELISA KitHuman IL-5 ELISA KitHuman IL-5 Quick ELISA Kit
Human IL-5 Quick ELISA KitMouse IL-5 ELISA Kithuman IL6 Antibody (monoclonal, 7D12)Mouse IL-6 ELISA Kit
Mouse IL-6 ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitIL6R AntibodyMouse Gp130/IL6ST ELISA KitMouse Gp130/IL6ST Quick ELISA Kit
Human IL-7 ELISA KitIL7 AntibodyIL7R alpha AntibodyMouse IL7R/CD127 ELISA Kit
Integrin linked ILK AntibodyING1 AntibodyMonkey primate Activin A ELISA KitRat Activin A ELISA Kit
INPPL1 AntibodyINPPL1 Antibody (monoclonal, 8C13)Insig1 AntibodyInsulin Receptor/INSR Antibody
IQGAP1 AntibodyIQGAP1 AntibodyIRAK-1/IRAK1 AntibodyIRAK2 Antibody
IRF3 AntibodyIRF3 AntibodyIRF3 Antibody (monoclonal, 3B4)Interferon regulatory factor 9/IRF9 Antibody
ISG15 AntibodyISG15 AntibodyIslet 1/ISL1 AntibodyCD41/Integrin alpha 2b/ITGA2B Antibody
Integrin alpha 3/ITGA3 AntibodyIntegrin alpha 5/ITGA5 AntibodyIntegrin alpha 5/ITGA5 AntibodyIntegrin alpha 6/ITGA6 Antibody
Integrin alpha 6/ITGA6 AntibodyCD11a/ITGAL AntibodyCD11b/ITGAM AntibodyIntegrin alpha V/ITGAV Antibody
CD11c/Itgax AntibodyCD11c/ITGAX AntibodyIntegrin beta 1/ITGB1 AntibodyCD18 ITGB2 Antibody (monoclonal, 1A3/2A10)
CD18/ITGB2 AntibodyIntegrin beta 4/ITGB4 AntibodyIntegrin beta 5/ITGB5 AntibodyITPR3 Antibody
Involucrin/IVL AntibodyHuman JAM-B/JAM2 ELISA KitHuman JAM-C ELISA KitMouse JAM-C/JAM3 ELISA Kit
Rat JAM-C ELISA KitJRK AntibodyJRK AntibodyJunB Antibody
KAT2A/GCN5 AntibodyKBTBD2 AntibodyKv1.1 potassium channel/KCNA1 AntibodyKv1.1 potassium channel/KCNA1 Antibody
KCNA3 AntibodyKCND1 AntibodyKv4.3/KCND3 AntibodyKCNH1 Antibody
KCNJ1 AntibodyKCNN4 AntibodyFBXL11/KDM2A AntibodyHuman VEGFR2 / KDR / VEGF Receptor 2 ELISA Kit
Mouse VEGFR2/KDR ELISA KitVEGF Receptor 2/KDR AntibodyKeap1 AntibodyKeratocan Antibody
MPP1/KIF20B Antibodyc-Kit Antibodyc-Kit/Kit AntibodyHuman KIT / SCFR / CD117 / c Kit ELISA Kit
Human Klotho beta ELISA KitKallikrein 1/KLK1 AntibodyHuman KLK12/Klk L5 ELISA KitHuman Kallikrein 3 ELISA Kit
Kallikrein 4/KLK4 AntibodyHuman KLK5/Kallikrein 5 ELISA KitHuman Kallikrein-6 / KLK6 ELISA KitHuman KLK8/Kallikrein-8 ELISA Kit
Kallikrein 8/KLK8 AntibodyMouse KLKB1 ELISA KitNKG2D/KLRK1 AntibodyKininogen 1/KNG1 Antibody
Kininogen 1/KNG1 AntibodySRP1/KPNA1 AntibodyKPNA2 AntibodyKRIT1 Antibody
Cytokeratin 14/KRT14 AntibodyCytokeratin 19 KRT19 Antibody (monoclonal, 3D4)Cytokeratin 20/Krt20 AntibodyCytokeratin 5/KRT5 Antibody
Human LAIR1 ELISA KitHuman LAIR1 ELISA KitRat Laminin ELISA KitLaminin Lamc1 Antibody
Laminin/Lamc1/Lamc2/Lamc3 AntibodyHuman LBP ELISA KitLBP AntibodyLCAT Antibody
Lck AntibodyHuman Lipocalin-2/NGAL ELISA KitLipocalin 2/LCN2 AntibodyLipocalin 2/LCN2 Antibody
Mouse Lipocalin-2/NGAL ELISA KitMouse Lipocalin-2/NGAL ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitRat Lipocalin-2/NGAL ELISA KitPlastin L/LCP1 Antibody
Human Leptin ELISA KitLeptin AntibodyLeptin AntibodyLeptin Antibody
Mouse Leptin Receptor ELISA KitGalectin 1/LGALS1 AntibodyGalectin 1/LGALS1 AntibodyGalectin 1/Lgals1 Antibody
Rat Galectin-1 ELISA KitGalectin 2/LGALS2 AntibodyHuman Galectin-2 ELISA KitGalectin 3/LGALS3 Antibody
Galectin 3/LGALS3 Antibody (monoclonal, 12B12)Human Galectin-3/LGALS3 ELISA KitMouse Galectin-3/LGALS3 ELISA KitHuman Galectin-7 ELISA Kit
Mouse Galectin-7 ELISA KitGalectin 8/LGALS8 AntibodyHuman Galectin-9 / Gal 9 ELISA KitLgi1/EPT/LGI1 Antibody
Mouse Legumain (total) ELISA KitLIF AntibodyMouse LIF ELISA KitHuman LIFR/Lif R Alpha ELISA Kit
Human LILRA3 ELISA KitHuman LILRB5 ELISA KitLIMK1 AntibodyLIM kinase 2/LIMK2 Antibody
Lin28/LIN28A AntibodyLMAN1 AntibodyLamin A+C/LMNA AntibodyLamin B1/LMNB1 Antibody
LMO1 AntibodyLMO2 AntibodyLMTK3 AntibodyLONP1/Lon Antibody
LONP1/Lon AntibodyLOX AntibodyHuman LOXL2/Lysyl Oxidase Like 2 ELISA KitLOXL2 Antibody
P2RY5/LPAR6 AntibodyHuman LRIG3 ELISA KitLRRC32 AntibodyLRRK2 Antibody
LSM8 AntibodyHuman TNF Beta ELISA KitMouse LTBR ELISA KitLactoferrin/LTF Antibody
Human Lumican ELISA KitLumican AntibodyLY6E/SCA-2 AntibodyCD229/LY9 Antibody
MAdCAM1 AntibodyMAG Antibody (monoclonal, 2G11)MAK AntibodyMAL Antibody
Monoamine Oxidase A/MAOA AntibodyMAP1LC3A AntibodyMEK2/MAP2K2 Antibody (monoclonal, 2H4)MEK6/MAP2K6 Antibody
MEK7/MAP2K7 AntibodyMEKK2/MAP3K2 AntibodyMAP3K20 AntibodyTAK1/MAP3K7 Antibody
MAP3K8 AntibodyMAP4K1/HPK1 AntibodyMAPK11 AntibodyMAPK6 Antibody
ERK5/MAPK7 AntibodyHuman Matrilin-3 ELISA KitMouse Matrilin-3 ELISA KitRat Matrilin-3 ELISA Kit
Mouse Matrilin-4 ELISA KitRat Matrilin-4 ELISA KitMAVS AntibodyMBD1 Antibody
MBD4/MED1 AntibodyHuman MBL2/MPB-C ELISA KitMBL2 AntibodyMouse MBL2/MPB-C ELISA Kit
MBNL1 AntibodyMC2 receptor/MC2R AntibodyMC3 Receptor/MC3R AntibodyCD146/MCAM Antibody (monoclonal, 2H12)
Human MCAM/CD146 ELISA KitMCM2 AntibodyMCM2 Antibody (monoclonal, 11C4)MCM5 Antibody
MCM6 Antibody (monoclonal, 10I9)MCM7 AntibodyMDC1 AntibodyMouse Midkine ELISA Kit
MDM2 AntibodyMDMX/MDM4 AntibodyME2 AntibodyMECP2 Antibody
MED13 AntibodyMED15 Antibody (monoclonal, 6F4)MED4 AntibodyMED6 Antibody
MED9 AntibodyMEF2A AntibodyMEFV AntibodyMesp2 Antibody
Human C-MET/HGFR ELISA KitMet (c-Met) AntibodyMouse Meteorin/METRN ELISA KitMouse Meteorin-like/METRNL ELISA Kit
METTL1 AntibodyMETTL3/METTL3 AntibodyMETTL3 AntibodyHuman MFGE8/Lactadherin ELISA Kit
Mouse MFGE8 / Lactadherin / Milk Fat Globule 1 ELISA KitMitofusin 1 MFN1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3H3)MGA AntibodyMGP Antibody
Mib1/Mindbomb AntibodyMICA AntibodyHuman MICB ELISA KitMICB Antibody
MID1 AntibodyMIEF1 AntibodyHuman MIF ELISA KitMonkey primate MIF ELISA Kit
MLC1 AntibodyMLH1 AntibodyCD10/MME AntibodyMouse CD10/Neprilysin ELISA Kit
MMP1 AntibodyHuman MMP10 ELISA KitMMP10 AntibodyMMP13 Antibody
MMP13 AntibodyMMP2 AntibodyRat MMP-2 ELISA KitMMP3 Antibody
Mouse MMP-3 ELISA KitMMP7 AntibodyHuman MMP-8 ELISA KitMMP8 Antibody
MMP8 AntibodyRat MMP-8 ELISA KitMMP9 AntibodyMMP9 Antibody
MNAT1 AntibodyMannose Phosphate Isomerase/MPI AntibodyHuman MPO/Myeloperoxidase ELISA KitMouse MPO/Myeloperoxidase ELISA Kit
Myeloperoxidase/MPO AntibodyMPP2 AntibodyMyelin Protein Zero/MPZ AntibodyHuman CD206/CLEC13D ELISA Kit
Mannose Receptor/MRC1 AntibodyMouse CD206/CLEC13D ELISA KitMRE11/MRE11 AntibodyCD20/MS4A1 Antibody
Musashi 1/Msi1 AntibodyHuman Mesothelin ELISA KitMesothelin/MSLN AntibodyMesothelin/MSLN Antibody
Human PSP94 ELISA KitMST1 AntibodyRat Myostatin/GDF8 ELISA KitNADH2/Mtnd2 Antibody
mTOR/MTOR AntibodyMTUS1 AntibodyMUC2 AntibodyMUC20 Antibody
Mucin 5AC/MUC5AC AntibodyMUC7 AntibodyMethylmalonyl Coenzyme A mutase AntibodyMethylmalonyl Coenzyme A mutase Antibody (monoclonal, 2D6)
MVD AntibodyMVP Antibody (monoclonal, 8B12)v-Myb/MYBL1 AntibodyHuman MyD88 ELISA Kit
MyD88 AntibodyMyf5 Antibodynon-muscle Myosin IIB/MYH10 AntibodyNARG1/NAA15 Antibody
APPBP1/NAE1 AntibodyNanog AntibodyHuman DAN/NBL1 ELISA KitMouse DAN/NBL1 ELISA Kit
p95 NBS1/NBN AntibodyHuman CD56/NCAM-1 ELISA KitNeurocan/NCAN AntibodyNOXA2/p67phox/NCF2 Antibody
Nucleolin/NCL AntibodyNCOA4 AntibodyNCR1 AntibodyNDRG1 Antibody
NDUFB10 AntibodyNDUFB2 AntibodyNDUFB3 AntibodyHuman Nectin-3/CD113 ELISA Kit
Nectin 3/NECTIN3 AntibodyNEDD8 AntibodyHEF1/NEDD9 AntibodyNefh Antibody
NEFL/NF-L AntibodyNeurofibromin/NF1 AntibodyNFAT2/NFATC1 AntibodyNFAT2/NFATC1 Antibody
NFAT1/NFATC2 AntibodyNFE2L2 AntibodyNfe2l3 AntibodyNFIA Antibody (monoclonal, 16H11)
NFIC/CTF AntibodyNFkB p105/p50/NFKB1 AntibodyIKB alpha/NFKBIA AntibodyHuman Beta Nerve Growth Factor / NGF Beta / NGFB ELISA Kit
Monkey primate NGF/NGF Beta ELISA KitMouse NGF/NGF Beta ELISA KitNGF AntibodyNGF/NGF Beta Antibody
Human TNFRSF16 / NGFR / CD271 ELISA KitHuman Nidogen-1 / Entactin / NID-1 / NID1 ELISA KitCARD12/NLRC4 AntibodyNALP2/NLRP2 Antibody
N myc interactor/NMI AntibodyNMI Antibody (monoclonal, 2F3)Noggin Antibodynmt55 p54nrb NONO Antibody (monoclonal, 11E2)
nmt55/p54nrb/NONO AntibodynNOS (neuronal)/NOS1 AntibodyeNOS/NOS3 AntibodyHuman NOTCH1 / TAN 1 ELISA Kit
Notch1 AntibodyNOTCH2 AntibodyMouse NOV/CCN3 ELISA KitNova1 Antibody
NOVA2 AntibodyNOX5 AntibodyNOX5 AntibodyNPAS2 Antibody
Niemann Pick C2/NPC2 AntibodyHuman Nephrin ELISA KitNephrin/NPHS1 AntibodyANP/NPPA Antibody
ANP/Nppa AntibodyHuman NT-proANP/NPPA ELISA KitBNP/NPPB AntibodyNatriuretic Peptide Receptor A/GC-A/NPR1 Antibody
Neuropeptide S/NPS AntibodyNQO1 AntibodyLXR beta/NER/NR1H2 AntibodyNR2F6 Antibody
Human NRCAM ELISA KitNRF1 Antibody (monoclonal, 2G4)Human Neuregulin-1/NRG1-Beta1 ELISA KitNRG1 Antibody
Mouse Neuropilin-1 ELISA KitRat Neuropilin-1 ELISA KitMouse Neuropilin-2 ELISA KitNSF Antibody
NSF AntibodyCD73/Nt5e AntibodyChicken Neurotrophin-3 ELISA KitHuman Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit
Mouse Neurotrophin-3 ELISA KitRabbit Neurotrophin-3 ELISA KitRat Neurotrophin-3 ELISA KitHuman TrkA ELISA Kit
Rat TrkA ELISA KitHuman TrkB ELISA KitTrkB/NTRK2 AntibodyHuman TRKC ELISA Kit
Mouse TRKC ELISA KitHuman Nesfatin-1 ELISA KitNUP214 AntibodyNUP98 Antibody
OAS3 AntibodyOccludin/OCLN AntibodyHuman Oncomodulin ELISA KitOFD1 Antibody
Ogg1 AntibodyOLFM4 AntibodyOlig1 AntibodyHuman LOX-1/OLR1 ELISA Kit
LOX 1/Olr1 AntibodyMouse Osteoadherin ELISA KitOligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein/OMG AntibodyOlfactory Marker Protein/OMP Antibody
ONECUT2 AntibodyOrai2 AntibodyAlpha 1 Acid Glycoprotein/ORM1 AntibodyHuman AGP1/alpha 1 acid glycoprotein ELISA Kit
Human OSM/Oncostatin M ELISA KitMouse OSM/Oncostatin M ELISA KitOncostatin M/Osm AntibodyOrnithine Carbamoyltransferase/OTC Antibody
OTULIN AntibodyOtx2 AntibodyP2X2/P2RX2 AntibodyP2RX7 Antibody
Human P4HB ELISA KitP4HB AntibodyEBP1/PA2G4 AntibodyPAF1/PD2 Antibody
PAK3 AntibodyPAK5/PAK7 AntibodyPannexin 2/PANX2 AntibodyPAPP A/PAPPA Antibody
PARK7/DJ1 AntibodyPARK7/DJ1 AntibodyPARN AntibodyPARP Antibody (monoclonal, 10E11)
PARP Antibody (monoclonal, 10G9)PARP2 AntibodyPARP9 AntibodyParvin alpha/PARVA Antibody
PAR4/Pawr AntibodyPAX1 AntibodyPAX5 AntibodyPAX6 Antibody
PBK AntibodyPCK2 Antibody (monoclonal, 3F7)PCNA AntibodyHuman PCOLCE ELISA Kit
Mouse PCSK9/Proprotein Convertase 9 ELISA KitPCSK9 AntibodyPCSK9 AntibodyRat PCSK9 ELISA Kit
Human PD-1 ELISA KitPDCD10 AntibodyALIX/PDCD6IP Antibody (monoclonal, 14D10)PDE10A Antibody
PDE4D AntibodyPDE6 alpha/PDE6A AntibodyPDE6 beta/PDE6B AntibodyHuman PDGF-AB ELISA Kit
Human PDGF-DD ELISA KitPDGF Receptor alpha/PDGFRA AntibodyPDGF Receptor beta/PDGFRB AntibodyERp57/PDIA3 Antibody
PDIA6 AntibodyMitochondrial Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1/PDK1 AntibodyPDK4 AntibodyPDPK1 Antibody
CD31/Pecam1 AntibodyMouse PECAM-1 / CD31 / PECAM1 ELISA KitPER2 AntibodyPER3 Antibody
Human CXCL4/PF4 ELISA KitMouse CXCL4/PF4 ELISA KitPF4 AntibodyProfilin 1/PFN1 Antibody
PGK1 AntibodyMouse PGLYRP1/Pgrps ELISA KitProgesterone Receptor/PGR AntibodyProhibitin/PHB Antibody
REA/PHB2 AntibodyPHEX AntibodySCOP/PHLPP1 AntibodyPI-16/PI16 Antibody
Elafin/Skalp PI3 Antibody (monoclonal, C7)Human Elafin/PI3 ELISA KitPI3 Kinase p110 beta/PIK3CB AntibodyPI 3 Kinase p85 beta/PIK3R2 Antibody
PITX2/RGS AntibodyPhospholipase A2/PLA2G4A AntibodycPLA2 beta/PLA2G4B AntibodyHuman PLA2G7/Lp-PLA2 ELISA Kit
PAFAH/PLA2G7 AntibodyHuman PLAT/TPA ELISA KitTPA Tissue Plasminogen Activator/PLAT AntibodyPLAU Antibody
Human uPAR / URKR / uPA Receptor ELISA KitMouse uPAR / uPA Receptor ELISA KitPhospholipase C beta 1/PLCB1 AntibodyPhospholipase D1/PLD1 Antibody
PLD2 AntibodyPlectin AntibodyHuman Angiostatin K1-3 ELISA KitHuman Angiostatin K1-3 Quick ELISA Kit
Human Angiostatin K1-3 Quick ELISA KitPerilipin A/PLIN1 AntibodyPLK2 AntibodyPhospholamban/PLN Antibody
Scramblase 1/Plscr1 AntibodyPLTP AntibodyHuman Plexin B2 ELISA KitMouse Plexin B2 ELISA Kit
Human Plexin B3 ELISA KitPML Protein AntibodyNucleoside phosphorylase/PNP AntibodyPNP Antibody (monoclonal, 7G5)
PODXL AntibodyDNA polymerase eta/POLH AntibodyDNA Polymerase iota/POLI AntibodyRNA polymerase II/POLR2A Antibody
ACTH/POMC AntibodyPOMT2 AntibodyHuman PON1/Paraoxonase 1 ELISA KitPON1 Antibody
PON1 AntibodyPON1 Antibody (monoclonal, 11H2)PON1 Antibody (monoclonal, 9D3)PON2 Antibody
Cytochrome P450 Reductase/POR AntibodyHuman Periostin/OSF2 ELISA KitPeriostin/Postn AntibodyBRN3A/POU4F1 Antibody
PPA2 AntibodyPPAR gamma/PPARG AntibodyPGC1 beta/PPARGC1B AntibodyHuman CXCL7/NAP-2 ELISA Kit
NAP2/Ppbp AntibodyNAP2/Ppbp Biotinylated AntibodyRat PPBP/CXCL7 ELISA KitPPCS Antibody (monoclonal, 7G13)
Cyclophilin A/PPIA AntibodyCyclophilin B PPIB Antibody (monoclonal, 11C11)PPID Antibody (monoclonal, 5A6)Cyclophilin E/PPIE Antibody
Periplakin/PPL AntibodyPPM1D/WIP1 AntibodyPPM1E AntibodyCPI17 alpha/PPP1R14A Antibody
DARPP32/PPP1R1B AntibodyPP2A-alpha/PPP2CA Antibody (monoclonal, 3B6)PRC1 AntibodyPRDM5 Antibody
Peroxiredoxin 3/PRDX3 AntibodyPeroxiredoxin 5/PRDX5 AntibodyPREB AntibodyAMPK alpha 1/PRKAA1 Antibody
AMPK beta 2 PRKAB2 Antibody (monoclonal, 6G1)PKC alpha/PRKCA AntibodyPKC beta 1/PRKCB AntibodyPKC eta/PRKCH Antibody
cGKI/PRKG1 AntibodyParkin/PRKN AntibodyMouse Prolactin ELISA KitProlactin/PRL Antibody
Prolactin Receptor/PRLR AntibodyPRMT8 AntibodyHuman EPCR ELISA KitProkineticin 1/PROK1 Antibody
PROM1 AntibodyPROM1/CD133 Antibody (monoclonal, 8B6)Human Marapsin/Pancresin ELISA KitMouse Marapsin/Pancresin ELISA Kit
Human Pan Trypsin (PRSS1/2/3) ELISA KitHuman Prostasin ELISA KitPRX AntibodyPSD Antibody
Human PSG1 ELISA KitProteasome 20S C2/PSMA1 AntibodyProteasome 20S alpha 2/PSMA2 AntibodyPSMA4 Antibody
PSMB5/MB1 AntibodyHuman Persephin ELISA KitMouse Persephin ELISA KitPTBP1 Antibody
PTBP2 AntibodyPTBP2 Antibody (monoclonal, 8F11)Patched/PTCH1 AntibodyPTCH2 Antibody
PTEN AntibodyProstaglandin E Receptor EP2/PTGER2 AntibodyProstaglandin E Receptor EP4/PTGER4 Antibodyp23/PTGES3 Antibody
COX1/Cyclooxygenase 1/PTGS1 AntibodyMUC1 PTGS2 AntibodyFAK/PTK2 AntibodyPTP4A2 Antibody
SHP2/PTPN11 AntibodySHP1/PTPN6 AntibodyCD45/PTPRC AntibodyCD45/PTPRC Antibody
Human PTX3/Pentraxin 3 ELISA KitMouse PTX3/Pentraxin 3 ELISA KitPoliovirus Receptor/PVR AntibodyHuman PZP ELISA Kit
Rab11A AntibodyRAB11B Antibody (monoclonal, 6C5)RAB13 AntibodyRAB1B Antibody
RAB27A Antibody (monoclonal, 2F5)Rab3A AntibodyRAB3GAP2 AntibodyRab5/RAB5A Antibody
RAB6A AntibodyRac1 AntibodyRad9/Rad9a AntibodyRad9b Antibody
RAG2 AntibodyRALA AntibodyRALBP1 AntibodyRan Antibody
RanBP1 AntibodyRAP1A AntibodyHuman Chemerin/RARRES2 ELISA KitMouse Chemerin/RARRES2 ELISA Kit
RASA1 AntibodyRbAp48/RBBP4 AntibodyFox2/RBM9/RBFOX2 AntibodyRBM47 Antibody
RBMS3 AntibodyHuman RBP4/Retinol Binding Protein 4 ELISA KitHuman RBP4/Retinol Binding Protein 4 Quick ELISA KitMouse RBP4/Retinol Binding Protein 4 ELISA Kit
RBP4 AntibodyRCC1 AntibodyREC8 AntibodyRECK Antibody
Human REG1A ELISA KitHuman REG-4 ELISA Kitc-Rel AntibodyHuman Renin / Prorenin ELISA Kit
Mouse Renin 1 ELISA KitHuman Resistin ELISA KitMouse Resistin ELISA KitMouse Resistin Quick ELISA Kit
DRAGON/RGMB AntibodyRHOB AntibodyRHOF AntibodyRICTOR Antibody
RIOK1/RIO1 AntibodyHuman Relaxin 1 ELISA KitRelaxin 1/RLN1 AntibodyRND1 Antibody
RNF168 AntibodyRNF169 AntibodyRNF186 AntibodyRNF31/HOIP Antibody
RNF8 AntibodyHuman ROBO1 ELISA KitROBO1 AntibodyROCK2 Antibody
RP2 AntibodyRPA70/RPA1 AntibodyMPS1/RPS27 AntibodyRPS3 Antibody
RPS6 Antibody (monoclonal, 2H7)Rsk 2/MAPKAP Kinase 1b/RPS6KA3 AntibodyRaptor/RPTOR AntibodyRRBP1 Antibody
Human R-Spondin-1 ELISA KitMouse R-Spondin-3 ELISA KitHuman R-Spondin-4 ELISA KitRTCD1/RTCA Antibody
RTEL1 AntibodyRTL10 AntibodyRUNX1T1/ETO AntibodyRUNX3 Antibody
GPCR LGR8/RXFP2 AntibodyRetinoid X Receptor alpha/RXRA AntibodyHepatitis B Virus AntibodyS100A11 Antibody
Human S100A12/En Rage ELISA KitMouse S100A13 ELISA KitPsoriasin/S100A7 AntibodyMRP8/S100A8 Antibody
Human SAA/SAA1 ELISA KitMouse SAA/SAA1 ELISA KitSacsin AntibodySAFB Antibody
Retinal S antigen/SAG AntibodySAMHD1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3B9)SCEL AntibodyHuman SCGB1A1/uteroglobin ELISA Kit
Mouse SCGB1A1/uteroglobin ELISA KitRat SCGB1A1/uteroglobin ELISA KitSCN11A AntibodyScn1a Antibody
Scn2a AntibodySCRIBBLE AntibodyHuman SDC1 / Syndecan-1 / CD138 ELISA KitSyndecan-1/SDC1 Antibody
Human Syndecan-3/SDC3 ELISA KitSyntenin/SDCBP AntibodySyntenin/SDCBP AntibodySDHA Antibody
SDHA AntibodySDHB Antibody (monoclonal, 2I3)SEC14L3/TAP2 AntibodySEC23A Antibody
Mouse sE-Selectin Quick ELISA KitRat sE-Selectin ELISA KitRat sE-Selectin Quick ELISA KitMouse sL-Selectin ELISA Kit
Mouse sL-Selectin Quick ELISA KitCD62P/SELP AntibodyHuman P-Selectin / CD62P ELISA KitHuman P-Selectin / CD62P Quick ELISA Kit
Human P-Selectin / CD62P Quick ELISA KitMouse P-Selectin / CD62P ELISA KitPSGL-1/Selplg AntibodySemaphorin 3A/SEMA3A Antibody
Semaphorin 3B/SEMA3B AntibodySemaphorin 3E/SEMA3E AntibodyMouse SEMA4G ELISA KitRat SEMA6A ELISA Kit
Mouse SEMA6C ELISA KitHuman SEMA6D ELISA KitSENP6 Antibodyalpha 1 Antitrypsin/SERPINA1 Antibody
Human Serpin A1/AAT ELISA KitRat Serpin A12 ELISA KitHuman Kallistatin/Serpina4 ELISA KitProtein C inhibitor/SERPINA5 Antibody
Human Serpin A6 ELISA KitSerpinB2 AntibodyHuman Serpin C1/Antithrombin-III Quick ELISA KitHuman Serpin C1/Antithrombin-III Quick ELISA Kit
Mouse Serpin D1 ELISA KitRat Serpin D1 ELISA KitHuman PEDF/SerpinF1 ELISA KitHuman SerpinF2 ELISA Kit
Human Serpin G1 ELISA KitHsp47/SERPINH1 AntibodyhSET1/SET1/SETD1A AntibodyCLLD8/SETDB2 Antibody
Rat SEZ6L ELISA Kitsplicing factor 1/SF1 AntibodySF3B4 Antibody14-3-3 sigma/SFN Antibody
SFRP2 AntibodySFRP2 AntibodyRabbit SFRP5 ELISA KitProsurfactant Protein C/SFTPC Antibody
Mouse SP-D ELISA Kitalpha Sarcoglycan/SGCA AntibodySHANK3 AntibodySex Hormone Binding Globulin/SHBG Antibody
SHMT1 AntibodySI AntibodyHuman CD169/SIGLEC-1 ELISA KitMouse CD169/SIGLEC-1 ELISA Kit
Human Siglec5/Cd170 ELISA KitHuman Siglec-7/CD328 ELISA KitSIRT1 AntibodySIRT1 Antibody
SIRT3 AntibodySIRT4 AntibodySIRT6 AntibodySix3 Antibody
SKA2 AntibodySKAP55/SKAP1 AntibodySKP2 AntibodyMouse SLAMF7 ELISA Kit
SLBP AntibodySLC10A1/NTCP1 AntibodySLC10A1/NTCP1 AntibodyVesicular Acetylcholine Transporter/SLC18A3 Antibody
SLC19A1 AntibodySLC22A2 AntibodySLC22A3 AntibodyGlucose Transporter GLUT1/SLC2A1 Antibody
Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5/SLC2A5 AntibodyGLUT9/SLC2A9 AntibodyGLUT9/SLC2A9 AntibodySLC31A1/CTR1 Antibody
SLC34A2 AntibodySLC34A2 AntibodySLC44A2 AntibodySGLT2/SLC5A2 Antibody
Smad3 AntibodySMAD5 AntibodyMADH7/SMAD7 AntibodySMARCA2/BRM Antibody
SMARCA2/BRM AntibodySMARCA2/BRM Antibody (monoclonal, 3G3)SMARCAD1 AntibodySMC3 Antibody
SMN1/2 AntibodySMOX AntibodyHuman SMPD1 ELISA KitSmoothelin/SMTN Antibody
SMURF1 AntibodySNAP25 AntibodySND1 AntibodySNRPN Antibody
SOCS3 AntibodySuperoxide Dismutase 3/SOD3 AntibodyVinexin/SORBS3 AntibodyHuman Sclerostin/SOST ELISA Kit
Mouse Sclerostin/SOST ELISA KitRat Sclerostin/SOST ELISA KitSOX1 AntibodySOX10 Antibody
SOX11 AntibodySOX18 AntibodySOX3 AntibodySOX5 Antibody
SOX9 AntibodySp5 AntibodyAstrin/Deepest/SPAG5 AntibodyHuman SPARC ELISA Kit
SPARC AntibodySPARC AntibodyMouse SPARCL1 ELISA KitSPARCL1 Antibody
Human SPINK5 ELISA KitMouse SPINT1/HAI-1 ELISA KitMouse HAI-2/SPINT2 ELISA KitCD43/SPN Antibody (monoclonal, 4I3)
Human OPN / Osteopontin ELISA KitSPR AntibodySpry-2/SPRY2 AntibodySPTLC1 Antibody
SQSTM1/p62 Antibody (monoclonal, 3H11)SRCIN1 AntibodySRD5A1 AntibodySerum Response Factor/SRF Antibody
SRI AntibodySF2/SRSF1 AntibodySFRS3/SRSF3 AntibodyST7 Antibody
STAM1 AntibodySTAT1 AntibodyMouse AAT ELISA KitSTAT5b Antibody
STAT6 AntibodySTAT6 AntibodyStaufen/STAU1 AntibodyHuman Stanniocalcin 1 / STC1 / STC ELISA Kit
Human STC2 / Stanniocalcin 2 ELISA KitMouse STC2 ELISA KitRat STC2 ELISA KitSTIM1 Antibody
STIP1 AntibodyLKB1/STK11 AntibodySTK3/MST-2 AntibodySPAK/STK39 Antibody
SCG10/STMN2 AntibodySTUB1 AntibodySyntaxin 1a/STX1A AntibodyMunc18-1/STXBP1 Antibody
STXBP2 AntibodyPC4/SUB1 AntibodySULT2B1 AntibodySumo 1/SUMO1 Antibody
SYK AntibodySynapsin II/SYN2 AntibodySynaptopodin/SYNPO AntibodySynaptophysin/SYP Antibody
SYP/Synaptophysin Antibody (monoclonal, 3G12)TAB2 AntibodyTACC1 AntibodyNeurokinin 1 Receptor/TACR1 Antibody
TAGLN/Transgelin AntibodyTAP1 AntibodyTAP2 AntibodyATTY/TAT Antibody
TATA binding protein TBP AntibodyTBX4 AntibodyTBX5 AntibodyTCP1 alpha Antibody (monoclonal, 2E7)
Mouse Cripto/TDGF1 ELISA KitTDRD3 AntibodyTECTA AntibodyHuman TIE2 ELISA Kit
TIE2/TEK AntibodyTransferrin/TF AntibodymtTFA TFAM Antibody (monoclonal, 4D9)AP2 alpha/TFAP2A Antibody
TFEB AntibodyTff1 AntibodyTFF2 AntibodyHuman TFF3/Itf ELISA Kit
Rat TFF3 ELISA KitTFF3 AntibodyMouse TFPI ELISA KitTFPI Antibody
Human TFPI2 ELISA KitTFPI2 AntibodyPig porcine TGF Alpha ELISA KitRabbit TGF Alpha ELISA Kit
Bovine TGF Beta 1 ELISA KitMonkey primate TGF Beta 1 ELISA Kit NewRat PDGF-BB ELISA KitBovine TGF-Beta 2 ELISA Kit
Chicken TGF-Beta 2 ELISA KitHorse equine TGF-Beta 2 ELISA KitMonkey primate TGF-Beta 2 ELISA KitMouse TGF-Beta 2 ELISA Kit
Rat TGF-Beta 2 ELISA KitTGF beta 2/TGFB2 AntibodyDog Canine TGF-Beta 3 ELISA KitHuman TGF-Beta 3 ELISA Kit
Mouse TGF-Beta 3 ELISA KitRabbit TGF-Beta 3 ELISA KitHuman beta IG-H3/TGFBI ELISA KitMouse beta IG-H3/TGFBI ELISA Kit
TGF beta Receptor I/TGFBR1 AntibodyHuman TGFBR3/Tgf Beta Riii Quick ELISA KitTyrosine Hydroxylase/TH AntibodyHuman Thrombomodulin ELISA Kit
Monkey primate Thrombomodulin ELISA KitMonkey primate THBS1/TSP1 ELISA KitThrombospondin/THBS1 AntibodyThrombospondin/THBS1 Antibody
Mouse Thrombopoietin/TPO ELISA KitThrombopoietin/THPO AntibodyThrombopoietin/THPO AntibodyThrombopoietin/Thpo Antibody
CD90/Thy1 AntibodyTIAM1 AntibodyTRIF/TICAM1 AntibodyHuman TIMP-1 Quick ELISA Kit
Mouse TIMP-1 ELISA KitTIMP1 AntibodyTIMP1 AntibodyMouse TIMP-2 ELISA Kit
Horse equine TIMP-3 ELISA KitHuman TIMP-3 ELISA KitHuman TIMP3 ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitPig porcine TIMP-3 ELISA Kit
TIMP3 AntibodyHuman TIMP-4 ELISA KitMouse TIMP-4 ELISA KitTJP1 Antibody (monoclonal, 3E12)
TJP2/ZO2 AntibodyTransketolase/TKT AntibodyTransketolase/TKT Antibody (monoclonal, 2I3)Talin 1/TLN1 Antibody
TLR1 AntibodyTLR2 AntibodyTLR3 AntibodyTLR5 Antibody
TMEM173 AntibodyTmem255b AntibodyHuman Tenascin-C/TNC ELISA KitHuman TNF Alpha ELISA Kit
Mouse TNF Alpha ELISA KitMouse TNF ALPHA ELISA Kit Quick ELISA KitTNF alpha AntibodyTNF alpha Antibody
Mouse RANK / CD265 Quick ELISA KitRANK/Tnfrsf11a AntibodyRANK/TNFRSF11A AntibodyRANK/TNFRSF11A Antibody
RANK/TNFRSF11A AntibodyRat RANK Quick ELISA KitHuman OPG (TNFRSF11B) / Osteoprotegerin ELISA KitMouse OPG (TNFRSF11B) / Osteoprotegerin Quick ELISA Kit
TACI/TNFRSF13B AntibodyBAFF Receptor/Tnfrsf13c AntibodyMouse TNFRSF13C/BAFFR ELISA KitMouse TNFRSF14/HVEM ELISA Kit
TNFRSF14 AntibodyTNFRSF14 AntibodyBCMA/Tnfrsf17 AntibodyBCMA/Tnfrsf17 Antibody
BCMA/TNFRSF17 AntibodyHuman TNFRSF17/BCMA ELISA KitMouse TNFRSF17/BCMA ELISA KitGITR/Tnfrsf18 Antibody
Human sTNFsR II ELISA KitTNF Receptor II/TNFRSF1B AntibodyDR6/TNFRSF21 AntibodyHuman TNFRSF21/DR6 ELISA Kit
Mouse TNFRSF23 ELISA KitDR3/Tnfrsf25 AntibodyCD134/OX40/TNFRSF4 AntibodyCD134/OX40/Tnfrsf4 Antibody
Mouse TNFRSF4/OX40 ELISA KitHuman DCR3/TNFRSF6B ELISA KitCD30/Tnfrsf8 AntibodyCD30/TNFRSF8 Antibody
CD137/Tnfrsf9 AntibodyHuman TNFRSF9/4-1BB ELISA KitTRAIL/Tnfsf10 AntibodyHuman TNFSF11/RANKL ELISA Kit
Human TNFSF14/LIGHT ELISA KitMouse TNFSF4/OX40L ELISA KitMouse CD30L ELISA KitTroponin I fast skeletal muscle/TNNI2 Antibody
Troponin I fast skeletal muscle/TNNI2 AntibodyCardiac Troponin T/TNNT2 AntibodyTNNT3 AntibodyHuman Tenascin-R ELISA Kit
Topoisomerase I/TOP1 AntibodyP53/TP53 AntibodyTPX2 AntibodyTCR alpha/TRAC Antibody
TRAF2 AntibodyTRAF5 AntibodyHuman TREM-1 ELISA KitTREM1 Antibody
Trem2 AntibodyHuman TREML1/Tlt 1 ELISA KitTREML1 AntibodyTREX2 Antibody
TRIB2 AntibodyTRIM24 AntibodyTRIM25/EFP AntibodyTIF1 gamma/TRIM33 Antibody
TRIM5 AntibodyMURF1/TRIM63 AntibodyTRPC3 AntibodyTRPC5 Antibody
TRPC5 AntibodyTRPM7 AntibodyTRPM8 AntibodyVRL1/TRPV2 Antibody
TRPV3 AntibodyTRPV4 AntibodyTuberin TSC2 Antibody (monoclonal, 6I3)Tuberin/TSC2 Antibody
TSG101 AntibodyMouse TSLP ELISA KitTSLP AntibodyTspan1 Antibody
TSPAN12 AntibodyTspan-8/Tspan8 AntibodyPrealbumin/TTR AntibodyPrealbumin/TTR Antibody
TUB 1 AntibodyTubulin alpha AntibodyTubulin alpha Antibody (monoclonal, 7B12)Beta Tubulin TUBB Antibody (monoclonal, 2E11)
Beta Tubulin/TUBB AntibodyThioredoxin/TRX/Txn AntibodyThioredoxin 2/TXN2 Antibody (monoclonal, 7B5)TXNIP Antibody
Ubiquitin/UBB AntibodyFAT10/UBD AntibodyUBE2Q2 AntibodyUBE3A Antibody (monoclonal, 3F13)
UBR2 AntibodyUBR2 Antibody (monoclonal, 2G10)UCP2 AntibodyUGT1A1 Antibody
UHRF1 AntibodyHuman ULBP1 ELISA KitHuman ULBP3 ELISA KitULK1 Antibody
ULK3 AntibodyHuman Uromodulin/umod ELISA KitUNG AntibodyRENT1/hUPF1 Antibody
RENT1/hUPF1 Antibody (monoclonal, 11E7)UPF3A AntibodyUSP16 AntibodyUSP21 Antibody
USP25 AntibodyHAUSP/USP7 Antibody (monoclonal, 5E2)VAMP4 AntibodyVAPB Antibody
VASP AntibodyVCAM1 AntibodyVinculin/VCL AntibodyVDAC/Porin/VDAC1 Antibody
VDAC3 AntibodyVitamin D Receptor/VDR AntibodyHuman VEGF ELISA KitMouse VEGF ELISA Kit
Rat VEGF ELISA KitVEGF/Vegfa AntibodyVEGF/Vegfa AntibodyVEGFB Antibody
Human VEGF-C ELISA KitVillin/VIL1 AntibodyVIP Receptor 1/VIPR1 AntibodyVNN1 Antibody
VPS4A AntibodyVPS4B/MIG1 AntibodyVRK1 AntibodyB7H4/VTCN1 Antibody
Vitronectin/VTN AntibodyVon Willebrand Factor/VWF AntibodyVon Willebrand Factor/VWF AntibodyWAC Antibody
WASP AntibodyN WASP/WASL AntibodyWEE1 AntibodyWEE1 Antibody
HE4/WFDC2 AntibodyHE4/Wfdc2 AntibodyRat HE4/WFDC2 ELISA KitWFS1 Antibody
Wnt1 AntibodyWnt10a AntibodyWnt2b AntibodyWnt5b Antibody
Werner's syndrome helicase WRN/WRN AntibodyXBP1 AntibodyMouse XCL1 / Lymphotactin / SCM 1 ELISA KitXIAP Antibody
XPA AntibodyXPC AntibodyCRM1/XPO1 AntibodyXRCC1 Antibody
XRCC2 AntibodyXRCC2 AntibodyKu80/XRCC5 AntibodyKu70 Antibody (monoclonal, 9B6)
YAP1 AntibodyYB1/YBX1 AntibodyYTHDF2 AntibodyYWHAE Antibody
14-3-3 zeta/delta/YWHAZ Antibody (monoclonal, 6H7)YY1 AntibodyZAP70 Antibody (monoclonal, 6F12)DAI/ZBP1 Antibody
Plzf/ZBTB16 AntibodyZBTB7A AntibodyMCPIP1/ZC3H12A AntibodyAREB6/ZEB1 Antibody
ZIC2 AntibodyZP2 Antibody