Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine®

IFN-gamma ELISA kit for Human

Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine™ (96 Tests). Quantitate Human IFNG in cell culture supernatants and serum. Sensitivity: 2pg/ml. Cited in 82 publication(s). Independently reviewed in 1 review(s).

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SKU: EK0373
Size: 96 wells/kit, with removable strips.
Reactive Species: Human
Application: ELISA
Sample Types: cell culture supernatants and serum.

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Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine®

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96 wells/kit, with removable strips.

*Question: How many samples can I assay/run in this kit?


Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine™ (96 Tests). Quantitate Human IFNG in cell culture supernatants and serum. Sensitivity: 2pg/ml.

Storage & Handling

Store at 4°C for 6 months, at -20°C for 12 months. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles (Ships with gel ice, can store for up to 3 days in room temperature. Freeze upon receiving.)

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Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine® (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # EK0373)

Clonality of Antibodies

See Datasheet for details


Expression system for standard: E.coli; Immunogen sequence: Q24-Q166


<2 pg/ml

Assay Range

15.6 pg/ml - 1,000 pg/ml

Cross Reactivity

There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.

Reactive Species

EK0373 is reactive to IFNG in Human samples

Validated Sample Types

cell culture supernatants and serum.

Application Guarantee

EK0373 is guaranteed for ELISA in Human by Boster Guarantee

See how Boster Bio validate our ELISA kits: ELISA Validation Information

Background of IFN-gamma

Interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) is an inflammatory cytokine that has been implicated in the development of fibrosis in inflamed tissues. The production of IFN-gamma, which is under genetic control, can influence the development of fibrosis in lung allografts. IFN-gamma is also produced by natural killer (NK) cells and most prominently by CD8 cytotoxic T cells, and is vital for the control of microbial pathogens. Interferon gamma is believed to be crucial for host defence against many infections. Genetically determined variability in IFN-gamma and expression might be important for the development of tuberculosis. IFN-gamma activates human macrophage oxidative metabolism and antimicrobial activity. In addition to having antiviral activity, IFN-gamma has important immunoregulatory functions. IFN-gamma plays an important role in the control of neointima proliferation.

Kit Components

Catalog Number Description Quantity
EK0373-CAP Anti-Human IFNG Pre-coated 96-well strip microplate 1
EK0373-ST Human IFNG Standard 2 vials, 10 ng/tube
EK0373-DA Human IFNG Biotinylated antibody (100x) 100ul
AR1103 Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (100x) 100ul
AR1106-1 Sample Diluent 30ml
AR1106-2 Antibody Diluent 12ml
AR1106-3 Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Diluent 12ml
AR1104 Color Developing Reagent (TMB) 10ml
AR1105 Stop Solution 10ml
AR1106-5 Wash Buffer (25x) 20ml
PLA-SEA Adhesive plate sealers 4

*The kit components are not available for individual purchase.

Materials Required But Not Included In Kit

  • Microplate Reader capable of reading absorbance at 450nm.
  • Automated plate washer (optional).
  • Pipettes and pipette tips capable of precisely dispensing 0.5 µl through 1 ml volumes of aqueous solutions.
  • Multichannel pipettes are recommended for large amount of samples.
  • Deionized or distilled water.
  • 500ml graduated cylinders.
  • Test tubes for dilution.

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Validation Standard Curve O.D. At 450nm

Concentration (pg/ml)015.631.262.51252505001000

Data Example Images

Recommended Sample Dilution Ratios

According to our internal validation assays using this ELISA kit, to detect IFN-gamma, Dilution ratio of 1:1, concentration in serum is target in serum is below detection limit..

Some articles we found to cite concentrations of IFN-gamma in samples: 25722655 (Pubmed IDs).

Intra Assay Consistency & Inter Assay Consistency

We measured random samples of Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine® within the same batch/lot to ensure the consistency of the kits' performances. ELISA intra assay consistency is measured using wells from the same plate/assay kit. ELISA inter assay consistency is measured using wells from different plates from the same batch production/lot.

Intra-Assay PrecisionInter-Assay Precision
Mean (pg/ml)3415046933139437
Standard deviation1.738.729.541.919.7331.9
CV (%)7.3%5.8%7%5.8%7%7.3%


We ensure reproducibility by testing three samples with differing concentrations of IFN-gamma in ELISA kits from four different production batches/lots.

LotsLot 1 (pg/ml)Lot 2 (pg/ml)Lot 3 (pg/ml)Lot 4 (pg/ml)Mean (pg/ml)Standard DeviationCV (%)
Sample 134383736361.474%
Sample 21501521641661587.074.4%
Sample 34694464584684609.282%
*number of samples for each test n=16.

Gene/Protein Information For IFNG (Source: Uniprot.Org, NCBI)

Uniprot ID


Gene ID


Gene Name


Full Name

Interferon gamma




type II (or gamma) interferon family

Alternative Names

IFG; IFI; IFNG; IFNgamma; IFN-gamma; Immune interferon; interferon gamma; interferon, gamma IFNG IFG, IFI, IMD69 interferon gamma interferon gamma|IFN-gamma|immune interferon

*if product is indicated to react with multiple species, protein info is based on the gene entry specified above in "species".

For more info on IFNG, check out the IFNG Infographic

IFNG infographic

We have 30,000+ of these available, one for each gene! check them out.

In this infographic you will see the following information for IFNG: database IDs, super-family, protein function, synonyms, molecular weight, chromosomal locations, tissues of expression, subcellular locations, post translational modifications, and related diseases, research areas & pathways. If you want to see more information included, or would like to contribute to it and be acknowledged, please contact us [email protected]

EK0373 has been cited in 82 publications:

*The publications in this section are manually curated by our staff scientists. They may differ from Bioz's machine gathered results. Both are accurate. If you find a publication citing this product but is missing from this list, please let us know we will issue you a thank-you coupon.

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‘Psoriasis 1’ reduces psoriasis‑like skin inflammation by inhibiting the VDR‑mediated nuclear NF‑κB and STAT signaling pathways

γδTCR immunoglobulin constant region domain exchange in human αβTCRs improves TCR pairing without altering TCR gene-modified T cell function

Increased soluble and membrane-bound PD-L1 contributes to immune regulation and disease progression in patients with tuberculous pleural effusion

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Adenovirus-mediated delivery of interferon-γ gene inhibits the growth of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Elevated Expression of Serum Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecules in COVID-19 Patients

Linkage of Lambda Interferons in Protection Against Severe COVID-19

LncRNA MALAT1/miR-181a-5p affects the proliferation and adhesion of myeloma cells via regulation of Hippo-YAP signaling pathway

Post-therapeutic recovery of serum interleukin-35 level might predict positive response to immunosuppressive therapy in pediatric aplastic anemia

Role of Regulatory T Cells in Tubercular Uveitis

Altered gut microbiota after traumatic splenectomy is associated with endotoxemia

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus combined with HBHA-Induced IFN-γ release assay improves the accuracy of identifying tuberculosis disease status

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Species: Human
EK0373 usage in article: APP:ELISA, SAMPLE:H22 CELL, DILUTION:NA

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Species: Human,Mouse
EK0373 usage in article: APP:ELISA, SAMPLE:ERCS, DILUTION:NA

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Species: Human

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Species: Human

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1 Reviews For Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine®


Very Easy To Work With And Great Results With Least Standard Error--Akshay Jain, University of Missouri, Kansas City, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Research Assistant



Applications ELISA (Inflammatory cytokine assay from plasma)
Sample Rat plasma
Detection --

"I used this assay kit for detection of the cytokines in the plasma samples. Only 100 uL of sample yielded absolutely flawless results. Plasma samples showed variable cytokine expression among independent groups which demonstrates the accuracy of this kit. Straightforward protocol. Very easy to perform. Highly recommended product for precise cytokine assay analysis." (Customer’s Tip: "Keep working area clean. Prepare necessary dilution of the sample before starting the procedure.")

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8 Customer Q&As for Human IFN Gamma/IFNG/Interferon Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine®


Q: for how much duration can samples (cell cultures, serum, and plasma) be stored and still be stable for analysis IFN-gamma using the EK0373 Human IFN-gamma Picokine® ELISA Kit?

M. Liu

Verified customer

Asked: 2020-11-24


A: Boster Bio does not evaluate sample stability. Variations in sample collection, processing, and storage may alter the stabilityof samples. It is recommend to assay sample on priority basis collection when possible, or aliquot into single use volumes and store samples frozen. limit repetitive freeze-thaw cycles with the stored samples to limit protein degradation.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2020-11-24


Is EK0373 suitable for co-culture Target Cells and Effector Cells and ELISA with cell culture fluid?

Verified customer

Asked: 2020-11-12


Our lab hasn't worked on co-culture cell samples using the Human IFN Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine™ (EK0373). Please run a pilot test to see if the kits could work on the specific samples.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2020-11-16


Q: which procedure should I follow in order to thaw whole blood sample for IFN-gamma ELISA after freezing?

Y. Sunder

Verified customer

Asked: 2020-01-03


A: do not freeze and thaw whole blood. erythrocytes are fragile and, if frozen and thawed, will undergo hemolysis rendering the samples useless. To keep your blood samples to test IFN-gamma for a later time, you should let the blood clot in glass tubes and separate the serum to freeze for later analysis.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2020-01-03


What is the normal serum range of EK0373?

Verified customer

Asked: 2019-04-08


Please see the normal serum range for the Human IFN Gamma ELISA Kit PicoKine™ (EK0373) below; IFN-gamma ( catlog no. EK0373) 0-24pg/mL

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2019-04-09


Q: Are Boster Bio recombinant proteins and antibodies sterile?

Verified Customer

Verified customer

Asked: 2018-02-18


A: although the vials are bottled using aseptic techniques, heat-treated vials, and sterile stock solutions, they are not considered or guaranteed to be sterile. If sterile material is a must for an experiment, the material can be filtered through a 0.2 micron filter designed for use with biological fluids.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2018-02-18


Q: is there any online tool I can use to streamline the data analysis for my ELISA results?

B. Hill

Verified customer

Asked: 2017-05-28


A: We have a web based ELISA curve fitting (4pl) and data analysis tool. Please give it a try: You can also consult our article on ELISA data analysis:

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2017-05-28


Q: Can IFN-gamma ELISA Kits be used with tissue homogenates (or other non-validated sample types)?

T. Taylor

Verified customer

Asked: 2016-09-03


A: Unfortunately, Boster Bio has not routinely validated tissue homogenates as a sample type for ELISA kits. This does not mean that ELISA kits are not valid for other sample types than we have tested: it means further investigation is a must. One will need to perform a spike and recovery study to determine if an unvalidated sample type will work with a particular kit. To perform a spike and recovery experiment, one should divide a sample into two aliquots. In one of the aliquots, the user should spike in a known amount of the kit standard. a dilution series is performed comparing the spiked versus the unspiked sample. Generally, samples with expected recovery and linearity between 80-120% are considered acceptable. This method can be used to validate any sample type that has not been assessd by Boster Bio. for a more detailed spike and recovery protocol, please contact technical support.
Note: acceptable ranges should be determined individually by each laboratory. Additionally, technical support can help determine if a buffer component is not compatible with a given ELISA kit. please check the Citations tab on the product webpage for peer-reviewed papers utilizing a wide range of sample types. We also have an innovator's reward program where if the user validates our ELISA kits in applications or samples previously not validated by Boster Bio or other users, and share such information with us by submit a review, we will reward the user's efforts with a free antibody or ELISA kit from our catalog. will also give $20 Amazon giftcard as an additional reward, if the review is submitted there as well.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2016-09-03


Dear Support: I purchased your product EK0373, can the reconstituted standard at 25pg/ml be stored at 2-8C until the expiration and be reused? Can the PBS substituted with PBST as the wash buffer?

Verified Customer

Verified customer

Asked: 2014-06-19


We do not recommend storing reconstituted standard for these EK0373 antibody because it is not stable and it may not work after storage. Yes, the wash buffer can be substituted with PBS with 0.05% Tween.

Boster Scientific Support

Answered: 2014-06-19


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