SKU MA1074
Size 100μg/vial
Reactivity Human
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone Number DCS-50
Host Mouse
Ig Isotype Mouse IgG1
Applications IHC, ICC, WB


Product Name Anti-p16INK4a/CDKN2 Antibody (Monoclonal, DCS-50)
SKU/Catalog Number MA1074
Storage & Handling At -20°C for one year. After reconstitution, at 4°C for one month. It can also be aliquotted and stored frozen at -20°C for a longer time.Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Size 100μg/vial
Description Mouse IgG monoclonal antibody for p16INK4a/CDKN2, cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A (CDKN2A) detection. Tested with WB, IHC-F, ICC in Human. No cross reactivity with other proteins.
Cite This Product Anti-p16INK4a/CDKN2 Antibody (Monoclonal, DCS-50) (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # MA1074)
Host Mouse
Immunogen Recombinant human p16 protein.
Reactivity Human

Assay Details

Assay Dilutions Overview

Immunocytochemistry , 1μg/ml, Human, -
Immunohistochemistry(Frozen Section), 1-2μg/ml, Human, -
Western blot, 0.5-1μg/ml, Human

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Boster recommends Enhanced Chemiluminescent Kit with anti-Mouse IgG (EK1001) for Western blot, and HRP Conjugated anti-Mouse IgG Super Vision Assay Kit (SV0001-1) for IHC(F) and ICC.

Target Info

Protein Target Info (Source:

Uniprot Id Q9R0Z3
Gene Name Cdkn2a
Protein Name Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A
Tissue Specificity Expressed in spleen, liver and lung. Not detected in kidney, colon, stomach or brain. .
Alternative Names Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A ;Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 inhibitor A;CDK4I;p16-INK4a;p16;p16-INK4;Cdkn2a ;P16ink4a ;
Subcellular Localization Cytoplasm . Nucleus .
Molecular Weight 17366 MW

*if product is indicated to react with multiple species, protein info is based on the human gene.


Protein Function Acts as a negative regulator of the proliferation of normal cells by interacting strongly with CDK4 and CDK6. This inhibits their ability to interact with cyclins D and to phosphorylate the retinoblastoma protein (By similarity). .
Background p16(INK4A), also known as cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A(CDKN2A), or multiple tumor suppressor 1(MTS1). The p16 gene(CDKN2A) was mapped to 9p21. The p16 gene encodes a negative regulator of the cell cycle. CDKN2 plays an important role during tumorigenesis or tumor progression in a significant proportion of pancreatic adenocarcinomas. Germ-line mutations in the CDKN2A tumor-suppressor gene have been linked to the development of melanoma in some families with inherited melanoma.

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Customer Q&As

Q: Is your western blot protocol provided from the website applicable for all your antibodies? Keyword: applications, WB
A: The protocol is applicable for all our antibodies in WB, the NC Membrane(0.45μm or 0.22μm) and transfer time(70 mins or 50 mins) depends on the protein molecular weight, details can be found in included protocol.
Q: Can I conjugate markers to this antibody? Can I link custom conjugates to this antibody? Keyword: conjugation
A: The antibody is stored with BSA and cannot be conjugated with markers. Carrier free antibodies are available upon request. Please contact
Q: Can you provide monoclonal antibodies carrier free?
A: We cannot.
Q: What are some alternative names that could be used to describe this product?
A: Some common names include but are not limited to p19 antibody, arf antibody, cdkn2a antibody