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Research Spotlight – March 2019

The March edition of Research Spotlight features 10 recent research discoveries from scientists whom Boster has served.

Scientists of this month’s selected research publications investigated several diseases and disorders, such as lung cancer, nasopharynx cancer, alcoholic liver disease, stroke, emphysema, and schizophrenia.

Among the studies, different cancer treatments are described including preparing chitosan oligosaccharides (COS) as oral nutritional supplements and enhancing dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines with low-dose radiation exposure.

Scroll down to learn more about these new scientific discoveries.

Potential Analysis and Preparation of Chitosan Oligosaccharides as Oral Nutritional Supplements of Cancer Adjuvant Therapy
Authors : Jiang, Z., Li, H., Qiao, J., Yang, Y., Wang, Y., Liu, W., & Han, B.
Journal : International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Cancer is considered to have an adverse influence on health around the world. Chitosan, a linear polysaccharide that contains copolymers of β-1-4 linked d-glucosamine and N-acetyl-d-glucosamine units, has been widely used in the field of…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Mouse TNF Alpha PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0527); Mouse IL-2 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0398); Mouse FAS/Cd95 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0336); Mouse FASL PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0338)
Regulatory T cells suppress excessive lipid accumulation in alcoholic liver disease
Authors : Wang, H., Wu, T., Wang, Y., Wan, X., Qi, J., Li, L., Wang, X., Luo, X...
Journal : Journal of Lipid Research
Sensitization hepatic immune cells of chronic alcoholic consumption gives rise to inflammatory accumulation which is considered as leading cause to liver damage. T regulatory cells (Tregs) are immunosuppressive cell subset that play…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) Secondary Antibody, Cy3 Conjugate (BA1031); Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) Secondary Antibody, FITC Conjugate (BA1105)
Establishment and evaluation of a simulated high altitude hypoxic brain injury model in SD rats
Authors : Hou, Y., Wang, X., Chen, X., Zhang, J., Ai, X., Liang, Y., Yu, Y., Zhang…
Journal : Molecular Medicine Reports
This study was conducted to establish a stable hypobaric hypoxia brain injury model. SD rats were randomly separated into control and model groups, and placed outside or inside of a hypobaric chamber, respectively. Subsequent to 24 h anoxic exposure…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Mammalian Tissue Protein Extraction Reagent (AR0101) ; BCA Protein Assay Kit (AR0146); SDS-PAGE Protein Loading Buffer 2X (Reducing) (AR0131); Broad Spectrum Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (EDTA free) (100x) (AR1182-1); Broad Spectrum Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (AR1183); Anti-Cytochrome C/Cycs Picoband™ Antibody (A03529)
Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation Enhanced the Antitumor Effect of a Dendritic Cell Vaccine
Authors : Wang, S., Yu, H., He, R., Song, X., Chen, S., Yu, N., Li, W., Li, F…
Journal : Dose-Response
The unsatisfactory clinical efficacy of dendritic cell (DC)-based cancer vaccines prepared by conventional methods is partly due to their insufficient capacity for migration. Our previous study showed that exposure to low-dose radiation (LDR) at a dose of 0.2 Gy...

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Mouse IFN Gamma PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0375)
Pulmonary and pleural toxicity of potassium octatitanate fibers, rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles, and MWCNT-7 in male Fischer 344 rats
Authors : Abdelgied, M., El-Gazzar, A.M., Alexander, D.B., Alexander, W.T...
Journal : Archives of Toxicology
Potassium octatitanate (K2O·8TiO2, POT) fibers are used as an alternative to asbestos. Their shape and biopersistence suggest that they are possibly carcinogenic. However, inhalation studies have shown that respired POT fibers have little carcinogenic potential...

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Rat MCP-1 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0902); Rat MIP-1Alpha/CCL3 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK1219)
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 5 increases radioresistance of lung cancer cells by enhancing the DNA damage response
Authors : Jiang, W., Jin, G., Cai, F., Chen, X., Cao, N., Zhang, X., Liu, J., Chen,...
Journal : Experimental & Molecular Medicine
Radiotherapy is a frequent mode of cancer treatment, although the development of radioresistance limits its effectiveness. Extensive investigations indicate the diversity of the mechanisms underlying radioresistance. Here, we aimed to explore…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Human VEGF PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0539)
CD200-CD200R1 inhibitory signaling prevents spontaneous bacterial infection and promotes resolution of neuroinflammation and recovery after stroke
Authors : Ritzel, R.M., Al Mamun, A., Crapser, J., Verma, R., Patel, A.R…
Journal : Journal of Neuroinflammation
Background: Ischemic stroke results in a robust inflammatory response within the central nervous system. As the immune-inhibitory CD200-CD200 receptor 1 (CD200R1) signaling axis is a known regulator of immune homeostasis, we hypothesized that it may...

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Mouse CD200 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK1185)
Eosinophil-derived IL-13 Promotes Emphysema
Authors : Doyle, A.D., Mukherjee, M., LeSuer, W.E., Bittner, T.B., Pasha, S.M…
Journal : European Respiratory Journal
The inflammatory responses in chronic airway diseases leading to emphysema are not fully defined. We hypothesised that lung eosinophilia contributes to airspace enlargement in a mouse model, and emphysema in patients with COPD. A…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Mouse MMP-12 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0996)
Effect of lurasidone vs olanzapine on neurotrophic biomarkers in unmedicated schizophrenia: A randomized controlled trial
Authors : Jena, M., Ranjan, R., Mishra, B.R., Mishra, A., Nath, S., Sahu, P...
Journal : Journal of Psychiatric Research
Neurotrophic factors like Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), Neurotrophin 3 (NT3) and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), play a role in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis contributing to the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. The objective of the…

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Cited Boster Product(s) : Human BDNF PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0307); Human Beta Nerve Growth Factor PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0469); Human Neurotrophin-3 PicoKine™ ELISA Kit (EK0472)
Zinc-finger protein YY1 suppresses tumor growth of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma by inactivating c-Myc–mediated microRNA-141 transcription
Authors : Li, M., Liu, Y., Wei, Y., Wu, C., Meng, H., Niu, W., Zhou, Y., Wang…
Journal : Journal of Biological Chemistry
YY1 (Yin Yang 1) is a zinc-finger protein that plays critical roles in various biological processes by interacting with DNA and numerous protein partners. YY1 has been reported to play dual biological functions as either an oncogene or tumor suppressor...

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Cited Boster Product(s) : ISH Detection Kit (POD) (MK1030)

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