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List of Genes starting with D, page 1, total results: 803
Gene Symbol Full Name
D10WSU102E Uncharacterized protein C12orf45 homolog
D11WSU47E Uncharacterized protein C17orf80 homolog
D17H6S53E Uncharacterized protein C6orf47 homolog
D1PAS1 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase Pl10
D2HGDH D-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
D3ERTD751E UPF0462 protein C4orf33 homolog
D6WSU163E Protein C12orf4 homolog
D7ERTD443E (E2-independent) E3 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme FATS
D7H11ORF16 Uncharacterized protein C11orf16 homolog
D8ERTD738E Leydig cell tumor 10 kDa protein homolog
DAAM1 Disheveled-associated activator of morphogenesis 1
DAAM2 Disheveled-associated activator of morphogenesis 2
DAB1 Disabled homolog 1
DAB2 Disabled homolog 2
DAB2IP Disabled homolog 2-interacting protein
DACH1 Dachshund homolog 1
DACH2 Dachshund homolog 2
DACT1 Dapper homolog 1
DACT2 Dapper homolog 2
DACT3 Dapper homolog 3
DAD1 Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit DAD1
DAG1 Dystroglycan
DAGLA Sn1-specific diacylglycerol lipase alpha
DAGLB Sn1-specific diacylglycerol lipase beta
DALRD3 DALR anticodon-binding domain-containing protein 3
DANCR Putative uncharacterized protein DANCR
DAND5 DAN domain family member 5
DAO D-amino-acid oxidase
DAOA D-amino acid oxidase activator
DAP Death-associated protein 1
DAP3 28S ribosomal protein S29, mitochondrial
DAPK1 Death-associated protein kinase 1
DAPK2 Death-associated protein kinase 2
DAPK3 Death-associated protein kinase 3
DAPL1 Death-associated protein-like 1
DAPP1 Dual adapter for phosphotyrosine and 3-phosphotyrosine and 3-phosphoinositide
DAR Arrestin-D
DARS1 Aspartate--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic
DARS2 Aspartate--tRNA ligase, mitochondrial
DAW1 Dynein assembly factor with WDR repeat domains 1
DAXX Death domain-associated protein 6
DAZ1 Deleted in azoospermia protein 1
DAZ2 Deleted in azoospermia protein 2
DAZ3 Deleted in azoospermia protein 3
DAZ4 Deleted in azoospermia protein 4
DAZAP1 DAZ-associated protein 1
DAZAP2 DAZ-associated protein 2
DAZL Deleted in azoospermia-like
DBF4 Protein DBF4 homolog A
DBF4B Protein DBF4 homolog B
DBH Dopamine beta-hydroxylase
DBI Acyl-CoA-binding protein
DBIL5 Diazepam-binding inhibitor-like 5
DBN1 Drebrin
DBNDD1 Dysbindin domain-containing protein 1
DBNDD2 Dysbindin domain-containing protein 2
DBNL Drebrin-like protein
DBP D site-binding protein
DBR1 Lariat debranching enzyme
DBT Lipoamide acyltransferase component of branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase complex, mitochondrial
DBX1 Homeobox protein DBX1
DBX2 Homeobox protein DBX2
DCAF1 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 1
DCAF10 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 10
DCAF11 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 11
DCAF12 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 12
DCAF12L1 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 12-like protein 1
DCAF12L2 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 12-like protein 2
DCAF13 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 13
DCAF15 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 15
DCAF16 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 16
DCAF17 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 17
DCAF4 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 4
DCAF4L1 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 4-like protein 1
DCAF4L2 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 4-like protein 2
DCAF5 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 5
DCAF6 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 6
DCAF7 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 7
DCAF8 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 8
DCAF8L1 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 8-like protein 1
DCAF8L2 DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 8-like protein 2
DCAKD Dephospho-CoA kinase domain-containing protein
DCANP1 Dendritic cell nuclear protein 1
DCBLD1 Discoidin, CUB and LCCL domain-containing protein 1
DCBLD2 Discoidin, CUB and LCCL domain-containing protein 2
DCC Netrin receptor DCC
DCD Dermcidin
DCDC1 Doublecortin domain-containing protein 1
DCDC2 Doublecortin domain-containing protein 2
DCDC2B Doublecortin domain-containing protein 2B
DCDC2C Doublecortin domain-containing protein 2C
DCHS1 Protocadherin-16
DCHS2 Protocadherin-23
DCK Deoxycytidine kinase
DCLK1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase DCLK1
DCLK2 Serine/threonine-protein kinase DCLK2
DCLK3 Serine/threonine-protein kinase DCLK3
DCLRE1A DNA cross-link repair 1A protein
DCLRE1B 5' exonuclease Apollo
DCLRE1C Protein artemis
DCN Decorin
DCP1A mRNA-decapping enzyme 1A
DCP1B mRNA-decapping enzyme 1B
DCP2 m7GpppN-mRNA hydrolase
DCPS m7GpppX diphosphatase
DCST1 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DCST1
DCST2 DC-STAMP domain-containing protein 2
DCSTAMP Dendritic cell-specific transmembrane protein
DCT L-dopachrome tautomerase
DCTD Deoxycytidylate deaminase
DCTN1 Dynactin subunit 1
DCTN2 Dynactin subunit 2
DCTN3 Dynactin subunit 3
DCTN4 Dynactin subunit 4
DCTN5 Dynactin subunit 5
DCTN6 Dynactin subunit 6
DCTPP1 dCTP pyrophosphatase 1
DCUN1D1 DCN1-like protein 1
DCUN1D2 DCN1-like protein 2
DCUN1D3 DCN1-like protein 3
DCUN1D4 DCN1-like protein 4
DCUN1D5 DCN1-like protein 5
DCX Neuronal migration protein doublecortin
DCXR L-xylulose reductase
DDA1 DET1- and DDB1-associated protein 1
DDAH1 N(G),N(G)-dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1
DDAH2 N(G),N(G)-dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 2
DDB1 DNA damage-binding protein 1
DDB2 DNA damage-binding protein 2
DDC Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase
DDHD1 Phospholipase DDHD1
DDHD2 Phospholipase DDHD2
DDI1 Protein DDI1 homolog 1
DDI2 Protein DDI1 homolog 2
DDIAS DNA damage-induced apoptosis suppressor protein
DDIT3 DDIT3 upstream open reading frame protein
DDIT3 DNA damage-inducible transcript 3 protein
DDIT4 DNA damage-inducible transcript 4 protein
DDIT4L DNA damage-inducible transcript 4-like protein
DDN Dendrin
DDO D-aspartate oxidase
DDOST Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase 48 kDa subunit
DDR1 Epithelial discoidin domain-containing receptor 1
DDR2 Discoidin domain-containing receptor 2
DDRGK1 DDRGK domain-containing protein 1
DDT D-dopachrome decarboxylase
DDTL D-dopachrome decarboxylase-like protein
DDX1 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX1
DDX10 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX10
DDX11 ATP-dependent DNA helicase DDX11
DDX11L8 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX11-like protein 8
DDX12P Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX12
DDX17 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX17
DDX18 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX18
DDX19A ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX19A
DDX19B ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX19B
DDX20 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX20
DDX21 Nucleolar RNA helicase 2
DDX23 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX23
DDX24 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX24
DDX25 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX25
DDX27 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX27
DDX28 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX28
DDX31 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX31
DDX39A ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX39A
DDX39B Spliceosome RNA helicase DDX39B
DDX3X ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX3X
DDX3Y ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX3Y
DDX4 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX4
DDX4 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX4
DDX41 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX41
DDX42 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX42
DDX43 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX43
DDX46 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX46
DDX47 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX47
DDX49 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX49
DDX5 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX5
DDX50 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX50
DDX51 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX51
DDX52 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX52
DDX53 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX53
DDX54 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX54
DDX55 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX55
DDX56 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX56
DDX58 Antiviral innate immune response receptor RIG-I
DDX59 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX59
DDX6 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX6
DDX60 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX60
DDX60L Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX60-like
DEAF1 Deformed epidermal autoregulatory factor 1 homolog
DECR1 2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase, mitochondrial
DECR2 Peroxisomal 2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase
DEDD Death effector domain-containing protein
DEDD2 DNA-binding death effector domain-containing protein 2
DEF6 Differentially expressed in FDCP 6
DEF6 Differentially expressed in FDCP 6 homolog
DEF8 Differentially expressed in FDCP 8
DEF8 Differentially expressed in FDCP 8 homolog
DEFA Neutrophil antibiotic peptide NP-2
DEFA-RS1 Alpha-defensin-related sequence 1
DEFA-RS10 Alpha-defensin-related sequence 10
DEFA-RS12 Alpha-defensin-related sequence 12
DEFA-RS2 Alpha-defensin-related sequence 2
DEFA-RS7 Alpha-defensin-related sequence 7
DEFA1 Neutrophil defensin 1
DEFA1 Alpha-defensin 1
DEFA10 Alpha-defensin 10
DEFA11 Alpha-defensin 11
DEFA13 Alpha-defensin 13
DEFA14 Alpha-defensin 14
DEFA15 Alpha-defensin 15
DEFA16 Alpha-defensin 16
DEFA17 Alpha-defensin 17
DEFA2 Alpha-defensin 2
DEFA20 Alpha-defensin 20
DEFA21 Alpha-defensin 21
DEFA22 Alpha-defensin 22
DEFA23 Alpha-defensin 23
DEFA24 Alpha-defensin 24
DEFA25 Alpha-defensin 25
DEFA26 Alpha-defensin 26
DEFA3 Neutrophil defensin 3
DEFA3 Alpha-defensin 3
DEFA4 Neutrophil defensin 4
DEFA4 Alpha-defensin 4
DEFA5 Defensin-5
DEFA5 Alpha-defensin 5
DEFA6 Defensin-6
DEFA6 Alpha-defensin 6/12
DEFA7 Alpha-defensin 7
DEFA8 Alpha-defensin 8
DEFA9 Alpha-defensin 9
DEFAL1 Defensin alpha-like protein 1
DEFB1 Beta-defensin 1
DEFB10 Beta-defensin 10
DEFB103A Beta-defensin 103
DEFB104A Beta-defensin 104
DEFB105A Beta-defensin 105
DEFB106A Beta-defensin 106
DEFB107A Beta-defensin 107
DEFB108A Putative beta-defensin 108A
DEFB108B Beta-defensin 108B
DEFB109B Putative beta-defensin 109B
DEFB11 Beta-defensin 11
DEFB110 Beta-defensin 110
DEFB112 Beta-defensin 112
DEFB113 Beta-defensin 113
DEFB114 Beta-defensin 114
DEFB115 Beta-defensin 115
DEFB116 Beta-defensin 116
DEFB118 Beta-defensin 118
DEFB119 Beta-defensin 119
DEFB12 Beta-defensin 12
DEFB121 Beta-defensin 121
DEFB123 Beta-defensin 123
DEFB124 Beta-defensin 124
DEFB125 Beta-defensin 125
DEFB126 Beta-defensin 126
DEFB127 Beta-defensin 127
DEFB128 Beta-defensin 128
DEFB129 Beta-defensin 129
DEFB13 Beta-defensin 13
DEFB130A Beta-defensin 130A
DEFB130B Beta-defensin 130B
DEFB131A Beta-defensin 131A
DEFB131B Beta-defensin 131B
DEFB132 Beta-defensin 132
DEFB133 Beta-defensin 133
DEFB134 Beta-defensin 134
DEFB135 Beta-defensin 135
DEFB136 Beta-defensin 136
DEFB14 Beta-defensin 14
DEFB15 Beta-defensin 15
DEFB17 Beta-defensin 17
DEFB18 Beta-defensin 18
DEFB19 Beta-defensin 19
DEFB2 Beta-defensin 2
DEFB20 Beta-defensin 20
DEFB22 Beta-defensin 22
DEFB25 Beta-defensin 25
DEFB29 Beta-defensin 29
DEFB3 Beta-defensin 3
DEFB30 Beta-defensin 30
DEFB33 Beta-defensin 33
DEFB34 Beta-defensin 34
DEFB35 Beta-defensin 35
DEFB36 Beta-defensin 36
DEFB37 Beta-defensin 37
DEFB38 Beta-defensin 38
DEFB39 Beta-defensin 39
DEFB4 Beta-defensin 4
DEFB40 Beta-defensin 40
DEFB41 Beta-defensin 41
DEFB42 Beta-defensin 42
DEFB43 Beta-defensin 43
DEFB4A Beta-defensin 4A
DEFB5 Beta-defensin 5
DEFB50 Beta-defensin 50
DEFB6 Beta-defensin 6
DEFB7 Beta-defensin 7
DEFB8 Beta-defensin 8
DEFB9 Beta-defensin 9
DEGS1 Sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase DES1
DEGS2 Sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase/C4-monooxygenase DES2
DEK Protein DEK
DELE1 DAP3-binding cell death enhancer 1
DELEC1 Deleted in esophageal cancer 1
DENND10 DENN domain-containing protein 10
DENND10P1 Putative DENN domain-containing protein 10 B
DENND11 DENN domain-containing protein 11
DENND1A DENN domain-containing protein 1A
DENND1B DENN domain-containing protein 1B
DENND1C DENN domain-containing protein 1C
DENND2A DENN domain-containing protein 2A
DENND2B DENN domain-containing protein 2B
DENND2C DENN domain-containing protein 2C
DENND2D DENN domain-containing protein 2D
DENND3 DENN domain-containing protein 3
DENND4A C-myc promoter-binding protein
DENND4B DENN domain-containing protein 4B
DENND4C DENN domain-containing protein 4C
DENND5A DENN domain-containing protein 5A
DENND5B DENN domain-containing protein 5B
DENR Density-regulated protein
DEPDC1 DEP domain-containing protein 1A
DEPDC1A DEP domain-containing protein 1A
DEPDC1B DEP domain-containing protein 1B
DEPDC4 DEP domain-containing protein 4
DEPDC5 GATOR complex protein DEPDC5
DEPDC7 DEP domain-containing protein 7
DEPP1 Protein DEPP1
DEPTOR DEP domain-containing mTOR-interacting protein
DERA Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase
DERL1 Derlin-1
DERL2 Derlin-2
DERL3 Derlin-3
DERPC Decreased expression in renal and prostate cancer protein
DES Desmin
DESI1 Desumoylating isopeptidase 1
DESI2 Deubiquitinase DESI2
DET1 DET1 homolog
DEUP1 Deuterosome assembly protein 1
DEXI Dexamethasone-induced protein
DFFA DNA fragmentation factor subunit alpha
DFFB DNA fragmentation factor subunit beta
DGAT1 Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1
DGAT2 Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 2
DGAT2L6 Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 2-like protein 6
DGAT2L7P Putative diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 2-like protein DGAT2L7P
DGCR2 Integral membrane protein DGCR2/IDD
DGCR6 Protein DGCR6
DGCR8 Microprocessor complex subunit DGCR8
DGKA Diacylglycerol kinase alpha
DGKB Diacylglycerol kinase beta
DGKD Diacylglycerol kinase delta
DGKE Diacylglycerol kinase epsilon
DGKG Diacylglycerol kinase gamma
DGKH Diacylglycerol kinase eta
DGKI Diacylglycerol kinase iota
DGKK Diacylglycerol kinase kappa
DGKQ Diacylglycerol kinase theta
DGKZ Diacylglycerol kinase zeta
DGLUCY D-glutamate cyclase, mitochondrial
DGUOK Deoxyguanosine kinase, mitochondrial
DHCR24 Delta(24)-sterol reductase
DHCR7 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase
DHDDS Dehydrodolichyl diphosphate synthase complex subunit Dhdds
DHDH Trans-1,2-dihydrobenzene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase
DHFR Dihydrofolate reductase
DHFR2 Dihydrofolate reductase 2, mitochondrial
DHH Desert hedgehog protein
DHODH Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (quinone), mitochondrial
DHPS Deoxyhypusine synthase
DHRS1 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 1
DHRS11 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 11
DHRS12 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 12
DHRS13 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 13
DHRS2 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 2, mitochondrial
DHRS3 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3
DHRS4 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 4
DHRS4-AS1 Putative uncharacterized protein DHRS4-AS1
DHRS4L1 Putative dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 4-like 1
DHRS4L2 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 4-like 2
DHRS7 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 7
DHRS7B Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 7B
DHRS7C Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 7C
DHRS9 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 9
DHRSX Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member on chromosome X
DHRSX Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member on chromosome X homolog
DHTKD1 Probable 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 component DHKTD1, mitochondrial
DHX15 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX15
DHX16 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX16
DHX29 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX29
DHX30 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX30
DHX32 Putative pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX32
DHX33 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX33
DHX34 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX34
DHX35 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX35
DHX36 ATP-dependent DNA/RNA helicase DHX36
DHX37 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX37
DHX38 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP16
DHX40 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX40
DHX57 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX57
DHX58 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX58
DHX8 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX8
DHX9 ATP-dependent RNA helicase A
DIABLO Diablo homolog, mitochondrial
DIAPH1 Protein diaphanous homolog 1
DIAPH2 Protein diaphanous homolog 2
DIAPH2-AS1 Early lymphoid activation gene protein
DIAPH3 Protein diaphanous homolog 3
DICER1 Endoribonuclease Dicer
DIDO1 Death-inducer obliterator 1
DIEXF Digestive organ expansion factor homolog
DIMT1 Probable dimethyladenosine transferase
DIO1 Type I iodothyronine deiodinase
DIO2 Type II iodothyronine deiodinase
DIO3 Thyroxine 5-deiodinase
DIP2A Disco-interacting protein 2 homolog A
DIP2B Disco-interacting protein 2 homolog B
DIP2C Disco-interacting protein 2 homolog C
DIPK1A Divergent protein kinase domain 1A
DIPK1B Divergent protein kinase domain 1B
DIPK1C Divergent protein kinase domain 1C
DIPK2A Divergent protein kinase domain 2A
DIPK2B Divergent protein kinase domain 2B
DIRAS1 GTP-binding protein Di-Ras1
DIRAS2 GTP-binding protein Di-Ras2
DIRAS3 GTP-binding protein Di-Ras3
DIRC1 Disrupted in renal carcinoma protein 1
DIS3 Exosome complex exonuclease RRP44
DIS3L DIS3-like exonuclease 1
DIS3L2 DIS3-like exonuclease 2
DISC1 Disrupted in schizophrenia 1 protein
DISC1 Disrupted in schizophrenia 1 homolog
DISP1 Protein dispatched homolog 1
DISP2 Protein dispatched homolog 2
DISP3 Protein dispatched homolog 3
DIXDC1 Dixin
DKC1 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit DKC1
DKK1 Dickkopf-related protein 1
DKK2 Dickkopf-related protein 2
DKK3 Dickkopf-related protein 3
DKK4 Dickkopf-related protein 4
DKKL1 Dickkopf-like protein 1
DLAT Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue acetyltransferase component of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, mitochondrial
DLC1 Rho GTPase-activating protein 7
DLD Dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
DLEC1 Deleted in lung and esophageal cancer protein 1
DLEC1 Deleted in lung and esophageal cancer protein 1 homolog
DLEU1 Leukemia-associated protein 1
DLEU7 Leukemia-associated protein 7
DLEU7 Leukemia-associated protein 7 homolog
DLG1 Disks large homolog 1
DLG2 Disks large homolog 2
DLG3 Disks large homolog 3
DLG4 Disks large homolog 4
DLG5 Disks large homolog 5
DLGAP1 Disks large-associated protein 1
DLGAP2 Disks large-associated protein 2
DLGAP3 Disks large-associated protein 3
DLGAP4 Disks large-associated protein 4
DLGAP5 Disks large-associated protein 5
DLK1 Protein delta homolog 1
DLK2 Protein delta homolog 2
DLL1 Delta-like protein 1
DLL3 Delta-like protein 3
DLL4 Delta-like protein 4
DLST Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue succinyltransferase component of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex, mitochondrial
DLX1 Homeobox protein DLX-1
DLX2 Homeobox protein DLX-2
DLX3 Homeobox protein DLX-3
DLX4 Homeobox protein DLX-4
DLX5 Homeobox protein DLX-5
DLX6 Homeobox protein DLX-6
DMAC1 Distal membrane-arm assembly complex protein 1
DMAC2 Distal membrane-arm assembly complex protein 2
DMAC2L ATP synthase subunit s, mitochondrial
DMAP1 DNA methyltransferase 1-associated protein 1
DMBT1 Deleted in malignant brain tumors 1 protein
DMBX1 Diencephalon/mesencephalon homeobox protein 1
DMC1 Meiotic recombination protein DMC1/LIM15 homolog
DMD Dystrophin
DMGDH Dimethylglycine dehydrogenase, mitochondrial
DMKN Dermokine
DMP1 Dentin matrix acidic phosphoprotein 1
DMPK Myotonin-protein kinase
DMRT1 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 1
DMRT2 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 2
DMRT3 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 3
DMRT3 Doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 3
DMRTA1 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor A1
DMRTA2 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor A2
DMRTB1 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor B1
DMRTC1 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor C1
DMRTC2 Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor C2
DMTF1 Cyclin-D-binding Myb-like transcription factor 1
DMTN Dematin
DMWD Dystrophia myotonica WD repeat-containing protein
DMXL1 DmX-like protein 1
DMXL2 DmX-like protein 2
DNA2 DNA replication ATP-dependent helicase/nuclease DNA2
DNAAF1 Dynein assembly factor 1, axonemal
DNAAF2 Protein kintoun
DNAAF3 Dynein assembly factor 3, axonemal
DNAAF4 Dynein assembly factor 4, axonemal
DNAAF5 Dynein assembly factor 5, axonemal
DNAH1 Dynein heavy chain 1, axonemal
DNAH10 Dynein heavy chain 10, axonemal
DNAH10OS Uncharacterized protein DNAH10OS
DNAH11 Dynein heavy chain 11, axonemal
DNAH12 Dynein heavy chain 12, axonemal
DNAH14 Dynein heavy chain 14, axonemal
DNAH17 Dynein heavy chain 17, axonemal
DNAH2 Dynein heavy chain 2, axonemal
DNAH3 Dynein heavy chain 3, axonemal
DNAH5 Dynein heavy chain 5, axonemal
DNAH6 Dynein heavy chain 6, axonemal
DNAH7 Dynein heavy chain 7, axonemal
DNAH8 Dynein heavy chain 8, axonemal
DNAH9 Dynein heavy chain 9, axonemal
DNAI1 Dynein intermediate chain 1, axonemal
DNAI2 Dynein intermediate chain 2, axonemal
DNAJA1 DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 1
DNAJA2 DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 2
DNAJA3 DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 3, mitochondrial
DNAJA4 DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 4
DNAJB1 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 1
DNAJB11 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 11
DNAJB12 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 12
DNAJB13 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 13
DNAJB14 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 14
DNAJB2 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 2
DNAJB3 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 3
DNAJB4 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 4
DNAJB5 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 5
DNAJB6 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 6
DNAJB7 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 7
DNAJB8 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 8
DNAJB9 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 9
DNAJC1 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 1
DNAJC10 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 10
DNAJC11 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 11
DNAJC12 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 12
DNAJC13 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 13
DNAJC14 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 14
DNAJC15 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 15
DNAJC16 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 16
DNAJC17 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 17
DNAJC18 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 18
DNAJC19 Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit TIM14
DNAJC2 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 2
DNAJC21 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 21
DNAJC22 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 22
DNAJC24 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 24
DNAJC25 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 25
DNAJC27 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 27
DNAJC28 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 28
DNAJC3 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 3
DNAJC30 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 30, mitochondrial
DNAJC4 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 4
DNAJC5 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 5
DNAJC5B DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 5B
DNAJC5G DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 5G
DNAJC6 Putative tyrosine-protein phosphatase auxilin
DNAJC7 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 7
DNAJC8 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 8
DNAJC9 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 9
DNAJC9-AS1 Putative uncharacterized protein DNAJC9-AS1
DNAL1 Dynein light chain 1, axonemal
DNAL4 Dynein light chain 4, axonemal
DNALI1 Axonemal dynein light intermediate polypeptide 1
DNASE1 Deoxyribonuclease-1
DNASE1L1 Deoxyribonuclease-1-like 1
DNASE1L2 Deoxyribonuclease-1-like 2
DNASE1L3 Deoxyribonuclease gamma
DNASE2 Deoxyribonuclease-2-alpha
DNASE2B Deoxyribonuclease-2-beta
DND1 Dead end protein homolog 1
DNER Delta and Notch-like epidermal growth factor-related receptor
DNHD1 Dynein heavy chain domain-containing protein 1
DNLZ DNL-type zinc finger protein
DNM1 Dynamin-1
DNM1L Dynamin-1-like protein
DNM1P34 Putative GED domain-containing protein DNM1P34
DNM1P46 Putative GED domain-containing protein DNM1P46
DNM2 Dynamin-2
DNM3 Dynamin-3
DNMBP Dynamin-binding protein
DNMT1 DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1
DNMT3A DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 3A
DNMT3B DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 3B
DNMT3C DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 3C
DNMT3L DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 3-like
DNPEP Aspartyl aminopeptidase
DNPH1 2'-deoxynucleoside 5'-phosphate N-hydrolase 1
DNTT DNA nucleotidylexotransferase
DNTTIP1 Deoxynucleotidyltransferase terminal-interacting protein 1
DNTTIP2 Deoxynucleotidyltransferase terminal-interacting protein 2
DOC2A Double C2-like domain-containing protein alpha
DOC2B Double C2-like domain-containing protein beta
DOC2G Double C2-like domain-containing protein gamma
DOCK1 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 1
DOCK10 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 10
DOCK11 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 11
DOCK2 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 2
DOCK3 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 3
DOCK4 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 4
DOCK5 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 5
DOCK6 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 6
DOCK7 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 7
DOCK8 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 8
DOCK9 Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 9
DOHH Deoxyhypusine hydroxylase
DOK1 Docking protein 1
DOK2 Docking protein 2
DOK3 Docking protein 3
DOK4 Docking protein 4
DOK5 Docking protein 5
DOK6 Docking protein 6
DOK7 Protein Dok-7
DOLK Dolichol kinase
DOLPP1 Dolichyldiphosphatase 1
DONSON Protein downstream neighbor of Son
DOP1A Protein dopey-1
DOP1B Protein dopey-2
DOT1L Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-79 specific
DPAGT1 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine--dolichyl-phosphate N-acetylglucosaminephosphotransferase
DPEP1 Dipeptidase 1
DPEP2 Dipeptidase 2
DPEP2NB DPEP2 neighbor protein
DPEP3 Dipeptidase 3
DPF1 Zinc finger protein neuro-d4
DPF2 Zinc finger protein ubi-d4
DPF3 Zinc finger protein DPF3
DPH1 2-(3-amino-3-carboxypropyl)histidine synthase subunit 1
DPH2 2-(3-amino-3-carboxypropyl)histidine synthase subunit 2
DPH3 DPH3 homolog
DPH3P1 Putative DPH3 homolog B
DPH5 Diphthine methyl ester synthase
DPH6 Diphthine--ammonia ligase
DPH7 Diphthine methyltransferase
DPM1 Dolichol-phosphate mannosyltransferase subunit 1
DPM2 Dolichol phosphate-mannose biosynthesis regulatory protein
DPM3 Dolichol-phosphate mannosyltransferase subunit 3
DPP10 Inactive dipeptidyl peptidase 10
DPP3 Dipeptidyl peptidase 3
DPP4 Dipeptidyl peptidase 4
DPP6 Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase-like protein 6
DPP7 Dipeptidyl peptidase 2
DPP8 Dipeptidyl peptidase 8
DPP9 Dipeptidyl peptidase 9
DPPA2 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 2
DPPA3 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 3
DPPA4 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 4
DPPA5 Developmental pluripotency-associated 5 protein
DPPA5A Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 5A
DPPA5B Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 5B/5C
DPRX Divergent paired-related homeobox
DPT Dermatopontin
DPY19L1 Probable C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L1
DPY19L2 Probable C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L2
DPY19L2P1 Putative C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L2P1
DPY19L2P2 Putative C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L2P2
DPY19L3 Probable C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L3
DPY19L4 Probable C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L4
DPY30 Protein dpy-30 homolog
DPYD Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase [NADP(+)]
DPYS Dihydropyrimidinase
DPYSL2 Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 2
DPYSL3 Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 3
DPYSL4 Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 4
DPYSL5 Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 5
DQX1 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DQX1
DR1 Protein Dr1
DRAM1 DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator protein 1
DRAM2 DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator protein 2
DRAP1 Dr1-associated corepressor
DRC1 Dynein regulatory complex protein 1
DRC3 Dynein regulatory complex subunit 3
DRC7 Dynein regulatory complex subunit 7
DRD1 D(1A) dopamine receptor
DRD2 D(2) dopamine receptor
DRD3 D(3) dopamine receptor
DRD4 D(4) dopamine receptor
DRD5 D(1B) dopamine receptor
DRG1 Developmentally-regulated GTP-binding protein 1
DRG2 Developmentally-regulated GTP-binding protein 2
DRGX Dorsal root ganglia homeobox protein
DRICH1 Aspartate-rich protein 1
DROSHA Ribonuclease 3
DRP2 Dystrophin-related protein 2
DSC1 Desmocollin-1
DSC2 Desmocollin-2
DSC3 Desmocollin-3
DSCAM Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule
DSCAM Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule homolog
DSCAML1 Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule-like protein 1
DSCAML1 Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule-like protein 1 homolog
DSCC1 Sister chromatid cohesion protein DCC1
DSCR10 Down syndrome critical region protein 10
DSCR4 Down syndrome critical region protein 4
DSCR8 Down syndrome critical region protein 8
DSCR9 Down syndrome critical region protein 9
DSE Dermatan-sulfate epimerase
DSEL Dermatan-sulfate epimerase-like protein
DSG1 Desmoglein-1
DSG1A Desmoglein-1-alpha
DSG1B Desmoglein-1-beta
DSG1C Desmoglein-1-gamma
DSG2 Desmoglein-2
DSG3 Desmoglein-3
DSG4 Desmoglein-4
DSN1 Kinetochore-associated protein DSN1 homolog
DSP Desmoplakin
DSPP Dentin sialophosphoprotein
DST Dystonin
DSTN Destrin
DSTYK Dual serine/threonine and tyrosine protein kinase
DTD1 D-aminoacyl-tRNA deacylase 1
DTD2 D-aminoacyl-tRNA deacylase 2
DTHD1 Death domain-containing protein 1
DTL Denticleless protein homolog
DTNA Dystrobrevin alpha
DTNB Dystrobrevin beta
DTNBP1 Dysbindin
DTWD1 DTW domain-containing protein 1
DTWD2 DTW domain-containing protein 2
DTX1 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX1
DTX2 Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX2
DTX3 Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX3
DTX3L E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX3L
DTX4 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX4
DTYMK Thymidylate kinase
DUOX1 Dual oxidase 1
DUOX2 Dual oxidase 2
DUOXA1 Dual oxidase maturation factor 1
DUOXA2 Dual oxidase maturation factor 2
DUPD1 Dual specificity phosphatase DUPD1
DUS1L tRNA-dihydrouridine(16/17) synthase [NAD(P)(+)]-like
DUS2 tRNA-dihydrouridine(20) synthase [NAD(P)+]-like
DUS3L tRNA-dihydrouridine(47) synthase [NAD(P)(+)]-like
DUS4L tRNA-dihydrouridine(20a/20b) synthase [NAD(P)+]-like
DUSP1 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 1
DUSP10 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 10
DUSP11 RNA/RNP complex-1-interacting phosphatase
DUSP12 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 12
DUSP13 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 13 isoform A
DUSP13 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 13 isoform B
DUSP14 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 14
DUSP15 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 15
DUSP16 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 16
DUSP18 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 18
DUSP19 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 19
DUSP2 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 2
DUSP21 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 21
DUSP21 Dual specificity phosphatase 21
DUSP22 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 22
DUSP23 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 23
DUSP26 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 26
DUSP27 Inactive dual specificity phosphatase 27
DUSP28 Dual specificity phosphatase 28
DUSP3 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 3
DUSP4 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 4
DUSP5 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 5
DUSP6 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 6
DUSP7 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 7
DUSP8 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 8
DUSP9 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 9
DUT Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase, mitochondrial
DUT Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase
DUX1 Double homeobox protein 1
DUX3 Putative double homeobox protein 3
DUX4 Double homeobox protein 4
DUX4L2 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 2
DUX4L3 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 3
DUX4L4 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 4
DUX4L5 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 5
DUX4L6 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 6
DUX4L7 Double homeobox protein 4-like protein 7
DUX4L9 Double homeobox protein 4C
DUX5 Double homeobox protein 5
DUXA Double homeobox protein A
DVL1 Segment polarity protein dishevelled homolog DVL-1
DVL1P1 Putative segment polarity protein dishevelled homolog DVL1P1
DVL2 Segment polarity protein dishevelled homolog DVL-2
DVL3 Segment polarity protein dishevelled homolog DVL-3
DXO Decapping and exoribonuclease protein
DYDC1 DPY30 domain-containing protein 1
DYDC2 DPY30 domain-containing protein 2
DYM Dymeclin
DYNAP Dynactin-associated protein
DYNC1H1 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 heavy chain 1
DYNC1I1 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 1
DYNC1I2 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 2
DYNC1LI1 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 light intermediate chain 1
DYNC1LI2 Cytoplasmic dynein 1 light intermediate chain 2
DYNC2H1 Cytoplasmic dynein 2 heavy chain 1
DYNC2LI1 Cytoplasmic dynein 2 light intermediate chain 1
DYNLL1 Dynein light chain 1, cytoplasmic
DYNLL2 Dynein light chain 2, cytoplasmic
DYNLRB1 Dynein light chain roadblock-type 1
DYNLRB2 Dynein light chain roadblock-type 2
DYNLT1 Dynein light chain Tctex-type 1
DYNLT3 Dynein light chain Tctex-type 3
DYRK1A Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1A
DYRK1B Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1B
DYRK2 Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 2
DYRK3 Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 3
DYRK4 Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 4
DYSF Dysferlin
DYTN Dystrotelin
DZANK1 Double zinc ribbon and ankyrin repeat-containing protein 1
DZIP1 Zinc finger protein DZIP1
DZIP1L Zinc finger protein DZIP1L
DZIP3 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DZIP3